Do pregnant women have to eat as long as they are hungry?

After pregnancy, it is really easy to be hungry. I believe that most Baoma will feel the same as me. I often feel hungry at any time and anywhere.The anxiety of scratching.

Because of this, the doctor was specially consulted during the checkup. Why did he soon be hungry soon after he had eaten it.

The doctor said this:

It is easy to be hungry when you are pregnant. This is very normal.

Because the fetus needs more nutrients during the growth process, it will absorb the nutrients in the mother’s body.Before pregnancy, I ate a person’s nutrition. After pregnancy, I ate the nutrition of two people.

If you just feel hungry and have no other symptoms, it is normal physiological needs, and you can supplement nutrients in time.

Therefore, pregnant women must bring some snacks with them, such as: small biscuits, dried fruit walnuts, happy fruits, cashews, etc., or fruit that is easy to carry, such as bananas, apples, orange, virgin fruit, etc., and some independent independenceThe packaged beef jerky and pork are very good snacks.When you are hungry, you must remember to replenish energy in time so that your baby can have sufficient nutrition to absorb.

However, the doctor also emphasized with me,

If you have hunger, there are other symptoms, such as the body is weak, more weak, eats more, and drinks much, and this situation is more. Then you need to consider whether there is a performance of higher blood sugar.

Once the blood sugar is found to rise, you must control your diet, and you must eat less meals.If the blood glucose control is not timely and gestational diabetes occurs, commonly known as "sugar high", then "sugar control" in strict accordance with the doctor’s instructions.The most important point of "sugar control" is to eat less meals and more exercise. If the effect of sugar control is not obvious, you must also be admitted to the hospital.

Pregnancy diabetes is really a very troublesome and high -risk disease, which will not only affect the health of the pregnant woman’s body, but also patients with premature birth, premature fetal membrane, excessive amniotic fluid, and postpartum bleeding in patients with diabetes during pregnancy.Essence

Most of the gestational diabetes are caused by pregnant women during pregnancy and do not pay attention to controlling diet.

Ran Ran’s mother is also one of the patients with gestational diabetes. After giving birth, she returned to the delivery room because of the hemorrhage and weak contraction. Only with the rescue of the doctor, it returned to normal, very difficult and painful.

Moms who are pregnant must pay attention!

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