Do n’t say that you have n’t experienced every pregnant woman!

"Face" is very important for every woman. Good makeup can not only be happy, but also a respect for others.For those women who do not make up and go out, there is always a problem. Do you have such questions?The proof of doubt is a woman who loves beauty and loves themselves.

Can a woman be pregnant?That’s right, this is what every woman who loves her wants to know the most after pregnancy.Many women are not very active in pregnancy. A large part of the reason is that not only will she look like after pregnancy, but also the skin will become very bad, making women crazy.

In fact, the relationship between pregnancy and beauty can be balanced, as long as the correct way to open.I am pregnant, can I dye my hair?Can you make up?Can you be a manicure … In fact, it is okay to pay attention, you can be a beautiful fashion pregnant mother.

Let’s talk about the problem of makeup during pregnancy. Deep makeup during pregnancy must not be painted. It is best to use products that do not contain namaic acid and salicylic acid ingredients.Skin care products ensure that the ingredients are natural and do not contain chemical hormones. The amount should be controlled as much as possible, and it should not be too much.It is best not to wipe lipstick, because most of the lipstick contains chemical ingredients. When pregnant mothers drink water and eat, they will enter the body, affecting the health of the fetus in the abdomen.When you encounter redness, you must wipe the lipstick. After you wipe it, it is best to wipe off your lipstick if you want to eat.

Skin care products with wrinkles, whitening, and freckle removal must be used carefully. It is best to use it after "unloading".Because most of these products contain vitaminic acid and salicylic acid, these two substances have a great impact on the health of pregnancy during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers can also be applied to women’s most important sunscreen.Sunscreen can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin!The ingredients of sunscreen are entering the body of the pregnant mother through the skin. The content is extremely low, and the harm that can be caused by pregnant mothers can almost ignore it.If you are not assured, pregnant mothers can choose physical sunscreens that are not easy to penetrate into the skin in the skin such as zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide.

As for whether you can dye your hair during pregnancy!It is recommended that pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy must not be dyed and perm. The fetus at this stage is also very unstable and easily affected.The pregnant mother who really wants to dye hair can be chosen after 3 months of pregnancy.Choose the way to pick up dyeing to avoid contact with the skin and scalp.Hair -dye also chooses a gentle and small pure plant dyeing agent to dye hair in a ventilated environment to allow harmful gases to spread as soon as possible to avoid inhalation of the body.

Many women love to be nails, and they cannot give up after pregnancy.But it is best to give up!Because nail polish contains a large amount of chemical ingredients such as phthalate, it is usually exciting, not to mention the special pregnant woman.These harmful ingredients will penetrate into pregnant women through the nails, which will have a very bad impact on the development of the fetus, which may cause malformations or threatened abortion.

If you must do your nails, it is best to choose nail polish and nail polishes without phthalate and apply it in a wide ventilated environment.With the hand of nail polish, it is best not to contact the food of the inlet, so as not to enter the body and affect the fetus.Of course, the best response is to not apply nail polish.

In fact, pregnant mothers want to keep themselves beautiful, and they can use themselves without these external factors.Keeping in a happy mood, cheerful and optimistic, both mentally beautiful or the whole person’s state of the whole person is very shining.The maternal glory emitted during pregnancy is the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life. It does not require any modification of cosmetics. It is noticeable from the inside out!

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