Do n’t raise dogs when you are pregnant, can you infected toxoplasma?Dog: I don’t carry this pot

Borui is a beautiful big golden retriever,

The owner has raised it for six years.

It’s like a family,

It is another child in the family.

During the pregnancy, Jenny, during pregnancy,

Bo Rui always accompanies her silently,

Gently leaning his head on Jenny’s stomach.

Originally naughty and love,

It is always very gentle around Jenny,

It seems that even walking becomes soft and soft,


Everyone in the family go to work,

Bo Rui was inseparable from Jenny,

Always lying on her feet,

Staring at her without blinking, staring at her,

It is to protect your Ma Ma.

They go out and bend together,

It is sensible like a child.

Never stay away from Jenny,

Walking slowly behind Jenny.

Waiting for children to be born

When I saw Jenny in the yard,

Bo Rui has no careful concerns before,

Maybe it was too long to suppress the nature,

It flew over right away,

I ran a lot in the yard ashamed as crazy.

Seeing my sister, it licks her sister’s forehead gently.

Everyone is eating,

Bo Rui stayed by the baby car,

Look at the sleeping sister.

The quiet and warm atmosphere makes people feel like.

In fact, pregnant dogs have always been a very controversial topic,

The one we hear the most is:

Are you pregnant?

Do you still have dogs?

Give away it!

Some people will say secretly:

You are pregnant to raise pets,

Waiting for the child to have a problem,

You cry.

Therefore, a large number of poor hairy children were abandoned,

Become a stray cat and dog,

There were even cats and dogs to death during pregnancy.

The question that everyone cares about most is during pregnancy

Will cats and dogs affect children,

What ways are infected by bowworms.

Let’s talk about dogs first,

Dogs are the middle hosts of Toxoplasma infection,

Gow -shaped worms can only be asexual in the middle of the main body.

Can’t spread directly.

As long as you don’t eat dog meat and raw meat containing bow -shaped eggs,

It will not be directly infected.

The cat is the final host of the bowworm,

Cats infection of Toxoplasma may be eaten raw meat containing bow -shaped eggs and unlicensed meat.

Once the cat is infected with a hormone, the way to the infection is

After you directly contact the cats excreted by cats, you can eat without washing your hands without washing your hands.

In fact, cats that are infected for the first time will spread the worm eggs within the first two weeks of infection, and

The ovation in cat feces is infectious for one day.

Of course, many hospitals will also conduct TORCH screening on pregnant women in the early pregnancy.

Therefore, expectant mothers only need to do a good job of hygienic cleaning,

Washing your hands before meals,

Do not eat raw meat and unscurable meat that may contain bow -shaped eggs,

Do not directly contact the stool of cats containing bow -shaped eggs.

You can raise cats and dogs.

Of course, we usually need to do a good job of deworming and vaccine and cleaning the cats and dogs.

In addition, studies have shown that when children are childhood, dogs are raised,

It is conducive to perfecting personality defects, and avoiding the generation of adverse personality such as loneliness and selfishness.

Greatly reduce psychological diseases such as autism,

And contacting cats and dogs as soon as possible will make children come into contact with the source of allergies as soon as possible.

Reduce the incidence of asthma and enhance the resistance of the skin and respiratory tract.

Of course, if your dog is irritable and huge,

It is not recommended to raise.

If you are very resistant to pets during pregnancy,

Please don’t raise them.

Or find a good place for the hairy children,

Because the world of stray cats and dogs is more tragic than you think.

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