Do not stir -fry onion. Try this new method. Even those who pick eaters love to eat, crispy and fragrant

The country is based on the people, and the people take food as the heavens. Hello everyone!Onion is also called round green onion. It is a common side dish. It has high nutrition, especially for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, and has a certain anti -cancer effect.The onions are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, etc., which can remove intestinal garbage in the body. Eating onions often is very good for the body and can lose weight.There are many benefits to onions. Today, I am going to teach you the crispy onion circle. Children must like to eat, and take a look with me!

【Crispy onion Circle】

[Basic ingredients] One complete onion, two eggs, 10 grams of sugar, edible oil, tomato sauce

【The basic steps】

1. Peel off the most dry layer of skin outside the onion bought, then cut off the dry onion head with a knife, and cut off the roots.Prepare a basin, pour in a sufficient amount of water, put the edible salt in the water, and wash the onions with saline, so that you can remove the spicy smell of the onion.After washing, pour the dirty water and remove the onion on the chopping board.

2. Then, place the washed onion on the chopping board, hold it with hand, and cut the onion with a knife with the other hand. Cut the width of the width is the width of the chopstick.The onions are separated by a circle, and the solid part of the middle is not used.After finishing the onion, wash your hands quickly

3. Prepare a bowl, make two eggs in the bowl, add 10 grams of sugar, stir the eggs with chopsticks, stir the eggs and sugar evenly, and the eggs are also foam.After stirring well, add 50 grams of starch, and continue to stir with chopsticks until the egg liquid becomes a paste, and the starch can not be seen, and the egg paste is ready.Prepare a large plate and pour some yellow bread bran in the plate for use.

4. Now make onion circles.First bring a disposable glove, then take out a onion ring. The chopsticks are sandwiched into the egg paste, and the onion rings in the egg paste are flipped with the chopsticks, and the egg paste is evenly dipped in the onion circle and the outside.Then clamp it out, and control it slightly above the bowl. When the onion ring no longer drops the egg paste, you can put it into the bread bran.

5. Put the onion ring with egg paste into the bread bran, gently press the onion with your hands, stick to the bread bran on one side, turn over, change the other side to the other side of the bread bran. Remember, you must stick to the circle.Bread bran on the top, grab a little bread bran by hand, see where there is less.Be sure to be full to be delicious!According to the 4th and 5th, all the onions are wrapped in egg paste and bread bran, and the preparations are ready!

6. Take out a sip of the pot and add a sufficient amount of edible oil to it. Open medium heat. When the oil temperature in the pot rises to 50 % hot, put the wrapped onion ring into the pot and fry it with medium heat.After the frying until it is fixed, use the chopsticks to turn the onion circle to make it heated evenly to prevent the fried coke.About 4 minutes, frying over medium heat until the onion circle becomes golden yellow, and they can be removed with chopsticks in turn, and the oil is controlled on a colander.

7. After controlling the oil, put it in the plate, and the delicious crispy shallots are ready.If you squeeze a little tomato sauce on it, it will be more delicious.You can get on the table now!It tastes crispy, delicious, delicious and beautiful.The 18 copies I bought outside, the cost of making it is about 5 yuan. Hurry up and make this food for your family to share it!

[Love Tips] When fried onion circles, the edible oils poured into the pot must be more. After the onion is fried, you can cool the remaining oil in the pot, then pour it into the bowl.It was used.Do not waste!Don’t be high in oil temperature, control it on the medium heat, the oil in the pot is 50 % hot!

Today’s food is shared here. Pay attention to the author and share a common food for everyone every day. Thank you for watching. Friends who like it for help, forward, follow!Thanks!

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