Do not soak the fungus directly with water, add 1 more, soak hair in 3 minutes, crispy and refreshing


Fungus is also called mulberry ear, which is the most important edible fungus in my country. The fungus we see is artificially reproduced and naturally formed.The fungus is soft, delicate, delicious, and special. It is rich in protein, fat, sugar, iron and various vitamins.

There are many ways to eat fungus. The simplest and most delicious one is cold mixing, can also be fried, soup, stuffing, etc. The fungus is a common ingredient in the home. However, the fungus we usually buy is dry.Before eating, you must soak it with water to eat.

Usually, before we eat fungus, we directly use the water to soak the fungus one or two hours in advance. The temperature is high in summer, the bubble time is faster, and the winter is not allowed to soak in the temperature for several hours.

Some people feel that the temperature is low and the cold water is soaked, so it is soaked in hot water, but there is a disadvantage of hot water soaking. Although the foaming time is fast, the mouth of the foaming fungus is not crispy and tender, soft, and the nutrition will be seriously lost.

Some people say that it is not enough to soak. The first night began to be soaked, and the next day it naturally bubbles. This is also not possible. The longer the soaking time, the more likely the fungus will breed bacteria. Eating it will cause harm to the body.

Is there a good way to quickly soak hair fungus?Can it ensure that its nutrition does not lose?I will share with you a method. When you soak the fungus, you can add one more, and you can soak the hair as soon as 3 minutes. It is fast and clean. You do n’t lose nutrition. Those who like to eat fungus can learn quickly!

[Bubble hair fungus] Puchang the same -sugar

Prepare a sealing glass, add 40 degrees of warm water after adding the fungus, too hot water, the hot fungus is easy to lose nutrition, add a spoonful of sugar, and cover the lid to seal.

Hold the glass with both hands and shake the strength of the nine cows and two tigers for 3 minutes, and the fungus is soaked. Is it amazing?Do you believe it?Hurry up and try it!

In a closed space, shaking hard can make water molecules move faster, increase its contact area, sugar can increase the osmotic pressure, and also enhance the ability of the fungus to absorb the fungus and make the fungus quickly expand, so it can be in three minutes in three minutes.Quickly soak.

One of the advantages of this method is that the time of soaking is fast. One disadvantage is that it needs to be cleaned again.Those who like to eat fungus can try it!Don’t waste a lot of fungus. I will share the methods of 4 kinds of fungus for everyone, delicious, delicious and healthy.

1. Recommended recipes: [Cold fungus]

1. Prepare a small handle of the fungus, soak it in warm water in advance for later use, two green peppers, cut into small slices, Xiaomi spicy 4 cut into thin circles, a few grains of garlic, cut into garlic minced, put them into the pot together into the potspare.

2. Boil water and add a little vegetable oil to increase the brightness of the ingredients. After the water is boiled, add the fungus, simmer for 2 minutes, pour the colander to control the water, and then use the cold water to set aside.

3. Prepare a vegetable basin, pour minced garlic and pepper, add 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of sugar, 1 gram of monosodium glutamate, 3 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of green onion, 5 grams of raw soy sauce, 10 grams of vinegar, spicy spicy, spicy spicy, spicy5 grams of freshly dew, 3 grams of red oil, stir with chopsticks to turn on seasoning.

4. Pour in the fungus, stir with chopsticks, mix well, make the fungus and seasonings blend together, mix well, and then put it on the table to eat.

1. Prepare a small leisure for a small fungus in advance. It is best to use small fungus in the fungus. The small fungus is hailed as the 荤 1, and the nutritional value is higher.

2. Three carrots, first remove the head, cut a knife from the side, then cut into a section, then cut into a diamond -shaped film, and cut it into the plate.

3. Prepare a piece of pork belly, cut into meat slices, and cut into a bowl.

4. Next, we cut a little ingredients, cut the green onions half -rooted into sections, a small piece of ginger, cut into diamond -shaped slices, cut three grains of garlic into garlic slices, and cut into half of the rhombus tablets for color matching, and onion ginger and garlicput it together.

5. Add water in the pot, boil the fire, and after the water is boiled, add the soaked fungus, roll it with a colander, simmer for about 30 seconds, pour the carrot in 30 seconds, and continue to simmer for 30 seconds.

6. After simmered, remove the water control and put it in the pot. The ingredients can not only reduce the cooking time in the pot, but also play a role in further sterilization.

7. Rest the oil again. After the oil is hot, pour the pork belly slices, stir fry a few times, fry the pork belly until the color is changed, and then pour the onion ginger, garlic and green pepper.

8. Stir -fry evenly, stir -fry the aroma, pour in carrots and fungus, stir fry a few times, cook a little cooking wine by the pot,

Add a little salt, a little sugar to raise fresh sugar, add a little pepper, season with soy sauce, stir -fry the heat evenly, and turn the seasonings inside.

9. Quickly stir -fry for a minute, add a little MSG before the pan, and then pour a little liquid oil. Simply stir -fry evenly, you can turn it off the hot pot and put it. This nutritious and delicious carrot is ready.Does it look very appetizing? Try it at home when you learn.

1. The clean celery is a small handle. First, cut the wider celery bar from the middle, cut into slices, put it in a small basin for later use, prepare half of the red pepper, and cut the growth strips for color matching.

2, prepare a small amount of fungus in advance for a small handle.

3. Cut the green onion into a diagonal piece, put it in a small basin, prepare a small pot, make 3 eggs, add a little salt into the bottom flavor, add a few drops of white vinegar to fishy, stir it with chopsticks and disperse.

4. Boil water in the pot, add a little salt into the bottom flavor, and add a few drops of vegetable oil to increase the brightness of the ingredients. After the water is boiled, add the fungus, boil the celery and red pepper again, simmer the water for 30 seconds, pour the cold water into the cold waterCold in the pot.

5. Add a little cooking oil to the pan. After the oil is hot, pour the egg liquid. After frying the eggs, pour it into the colander to control the oil.

6. Add a little edible oil to the pot and add onion slices to sauté.

7. Pour in celery, fungus and red pepper, stir fry a few times.Add salt, pepper, and chicken essence in the right amount. Cook a little raw soy sauce from the pot.

8, then pour in the fried eggs, stir fry quickly, pour a little sesame oil before the pan, you can turn it off the hot pot and put it. Okay, this nutritious celery fungus fried eggs are ready.Try it at home.

1. Prepare a bitter gourd, remove the head and end, divide it into four half, and then clean the inner crickets, cut into a sliced slice, and put it in the pot for later use.Half a red pepper to remove the seeds, cut it into a diamond -shaped tablet, and put it with bitter gourd.

After soaking with water, cut the large blocks and set aside in the pot.Several garlic was flat and cut into minced garlic, and put it in the pot for later use.

2. Boil the water and add a little vegetable oil, a spoonful of salt. After boiling the water, put the fungus and bitter gourd in the pot, simmer for about one minute, remove the water control.

3. Boil the oil in another pot, pour in the minced garlic, and then put the bitter gourd and fungus, stir fry a few times, pour a little water,

Add 2 grams of salt, 1 gram of white sugar and chicken powder, quickly stir fry until the seasoning is turned on, then hook into a little water starch, stir fry a few times, pour a little oil, simply flip, turn off the boiling plate and put the plate to install the plate to install the plate.Can be eaten.

(Xiao Zheng)

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