Do not simmer for pregnant women to make chicken soup!Add this step, and the whole building of the pot is fragrant

When I went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables today, I passed a stall selling chickens, and at the corner of the door of the market.It stands to reason that there are more stalls in the vegetable market, and there is nothing a lot of fuss, but the old grandmother who sees the chicken curled up on the side of the road.Easy.The wife who was pregnant during pregnancy also had to drink chicken soup anyway. Although she has been resisting since pregnancy, she still has to "force" her food ingredients.

So, I stepped forward to negotiate with my grandmother, and learned that her chicken was raised in the countryside. The old hens hatched the chicken and kept breeding strange food to waste food.Money.Suddenly I think I made it!Because you all know that the ingredients of chicken, duck, and fish you buy now are feed or even artificially ripened, and it is difficult to encounter authentic farm chicken.So I picked a 3 -pound old hen. The grandmother counted me 30 yuan a pound. I gave her 100 yuan and said that she didn’t have to find it.She had a bag of ginger and garlic, and she was planted by herself.After thanking each other, I quickly went to buy the food and came back.

After returning, naturally I started to get this "chicken from the countryside"!I won’t kill chickens, so I can only call my mother to help.Naturally, the chicken is used to stew chicken soup, otherwise it is a storm!The practice of the chicken soup is not what you usually think. Cut it directly and go to the pot and simmer.It is better to stir fry before stewing, it would be better if there is rice wine.The chicken finished with rice wine, and then go to stewed soup, the whole building where the fragrance will really float!And when pregnant women are confinement, chicken soup is to stir -fry with rice wine and then stew, which not only helps recovery after delivery, but also milk!Remember, this is all knowledge points.

Preparation of ingredients: one native chicken, right amount of rice wine, salt (decide according to personal taste, try not to put as much as possible), water in water

Step1: After the live chicken is killed, the chicken repeatedly operates several times in the hot hot water with soaking and then raised.Then pull the chicken hair clean.When necessary, the short hair that is not unable to use the tadar pinching nails.

Step2: Then clean the chicken.Then use scissors to open the chicken belly.People with experience in killing chicken should be seen that high -quality native chickens and breeding chickens have obvious differences. Many oils can be seen in the internal organs that have accumulated naturally, and they can see a lot of oil in the internal organs, and the color is more rosy.I don’t know if you recognize it in this way, but it is really different.

Step3: Then separate the internal organs and chicken.Cut the chicken into pieces, and keep the chicken’s internal organs.Like chickens, chicken intestines, and chicken liver can be eaten.

Step4: Then take a bite of stir -fry. A drop of oil in the pot is not put.After the pot is hot, pour the cut chicken in the pot and stir fry.

Step5: After frying until the chicken is white, pour the right amount of rice wine and continue stir -fry for a while to turn off the heat.Rice wine is naturally self -brew. The more pure, the better.

Step6: Then pour the fried chicken into the casserole and pour in two -thirds of the water without all chicken.It can be eaten for about 2 hours.Chicken soup is best stewed slowly, and the kind of casserole or stewed pot with soup is not burned.If you are too late, you can only use a high -pressure cooker, but not so fragrant.

After about two hours of stewing, the fragrant chicken soup was done.At the moment of opening the lid, the whole kitchen and even upstairs and downstairs were scattered with a strong fragrance of chicken soup.Pregnant women or people who are in confinement after giving birth, chicken soup must be done in this way.If your family happens to have a pregnant woman, this method must be written down.Although my wife resisted chicken soup and chicken, but out of her nutrition, I still had to force her to eat, otherwise the nutrition could not keep up, and it was not good for her and her baby.Fortunately, my wife was eating this pot of chicken soup this time, and she did not show resistance. She also exaggerated very fragrant. It made me happy!

【Museum Chief Crushing】:

1. When making chicken soup, try not to put salt!Chicken soup is authentic.If the people who eat it really feel that the taste is too light and difficult to swallow, then you can only season the salt, but don’t put it too much.

2. Do not throw the chickens after the chicken bore the belly, because those edible internal organs can be fried into a delicious meal or wine.I don’t like chicken, but I love chicken miscellaneous!

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