Do not do these housework after pregnancy!Even if you haven’t appeared yet, the fetus is not happy

For the fetus, he doesn’t care what kind of family to be born, but what he wants is to find a more stable mother.Why do you say that?Although most of the pregnant mothers will give themselves a tight curse after pregnancy, they know what should be done.However, there are a small part of the pregnant mothers who are "like a crazy rabbit" after pregnancy, and ignore the baby’s feelings in the stomach.If the fetal treasure was born into such a mother’s belly, he might worry about his life safe.

Xiao Yao is such a ghostly strange pregnant mother. When she was young, she mixed with boys all day long, saying that brothers and brothers were lectured.After Xiao Yao got married, everyone thought she could change a little, after all, she was a wife.But I have been pregnant for more than a month, Xiao Yao is still so lively.Recently, she didn’t know if she was chasing a drama too much, and she was fascinated by being a "good wife and good mother."Finding things at home all day, either wiped the windows on the stool or wipe the ground on the ground. Her husband did not dare to say her, but could only follow her buttocks all day long.

Xiao Yao is as unruly as her name, and she is also a representative of the active pregnant mothers.Although they are pregnant, they still cannot change their lively nature. Although properly doing housework can help pregnant mothers exercise, they must pay attention to one degree.Some houseworks must not be done, otherwise the baby in the stomach is not happy.Even if the stomach is not arms in the early pregnancy, it is not possible to do the following housework. Don’t think that the fetal treasure is still small. In fact, they are smart.

Housework that needs to be climbed

Just like Xiao Yao mentioned above, wipe the window with a stool, which is extremely dangerous housework.In case you didn’t stand down from the stool, the fetal treasure could suffer.Although the pregnant mothers must be strong, the pregnant mothers who are strong and strong can not stand this.Therefore, pregnant mothers must say "NO!" To the housework of climbing high.

2. Wash, dry clothes, mop the floor

We should usually see dog blood clips in the TV series. When pregnant women take a bath or laundering in the bathroom, the pregnant woman stepped on the water on the ground, and then miscarriage.Although it looks a bit exaggerated, it can’t be said to be completely unbelievable.Even if it is not a pregnant mother, we sometimes fall into a slippery place, let alone a pregnant mother who is inconvenient.

3. Swipe the toilet

Because the toilet is a relatively private space, most of the toilets are relatively closed and the air does not flow.If such hot weather, pregnant women stay inside to brush the toilet, which is likely to be hypoxic.Moreover, the detergent dedicated to the toilet has a pungent taste, which is easy to be sucked into the stomach by the pregnant mother, affecting the healthy growth of the baby.

4. Cooking

Everyone knows that there will always be oil fume. Although everyone has a range hood, not all oil fume can be sucked away.There are always some people who will be cooked in, so it is better not to cook when pregnant mothers are pregnant.

5. Lifting heavy object

Xiaobian also wrote an article before, which said that a pregnant mother was born prematurely because she moved the flower fetus.It can be seen that moving heavy objects is not friendly for pregnant women.Therefore, when pregnant mothers need to move heavy objects, they can find their "strong" husband to help.

Do n’t do these pregnant mothers in the above housework, otherwise the fetus is not happy!

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