Do I need a marriage certificate to get a marriage certificate?

1. No need, no marriage check for marriage certificate now

my country has now canceled the mandatory marriage checkup in China, and can go directly to the marriage registration office to register and receive a certificate.However, in some areas or situations, when men and women apply for marriage registration, the staff will first let the parties go to a simple inspection. Of course, the inspection at this time is often free.

The benefits of marriage inspection

1. Test the disease and treat it early

The newcomer’s marriage check before marriage can detect the hidden diseases of the origin, and achieve early diagnosis and early treatment. Not only will the newcomer have the guarantee of marriage, but also the next generation of health.

2. Eugenics

In the project before marriage, doctors will make genetic diagnosis based on the diseases of the newcomers and the family, as well as the results of the examination results.Children born because of genetic diseases.

3. Understand pregnancy and contraception knowledge

Doctors will popularize pregnancy and contraception knowledge to newcomers. According to the physical condition of both sides, prepare the most reasonable pregnancy methods and time, or contraception knowledge for newcomers, which can reduce accidental pregnancy and reduce harm to women’s bodies.

Third, precautions for marriage inspection

1. Newcomers with free marriage checks need to bring their ID cards, hukou books, their respective one -inch documents, free marriage check registration card

2. Blood examination needs

3. A marriage checkup needs to avoid the female physiological cycle, otherwise it will affect the results of the inspection

4. Have good habits before marriage inspection, do not smoke and drink

5. Newcomers with sexual life need to avoid sexual behavior before marriage inspection

6. It is best to be separated from the marriage time from the marriage time, so that even if the disease is found, there can be enough time to treat

Although there are many regular medical examinations at the moment, there are great differences between the conventional medical examination and marriage inspection items. The marriage inspection is a inspection in the direction of eugenics and eugenics.Life provides guarantee.

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