Do girls in their 20s still get pregnant without menstruation?

Girls in their 20s, never come to menstruation. When the family sees this situation, she is very nervous. The daughter is at this age. She is not menstruation. The boyfriend dare not talk about it.Menstruation, dare not marry her. In our ordinary people, it is impossible to give birth to menstruation without menstruation.

Women who do not come to menstruation may also be pregnant, as follows:

1. Adolescent women and women’s menstrual periods: Due to irregular scarcity ovulation and no ovulation, menstrual disorders and menopause are caused.If no safe and reliable contraceptive measures are taken and accidentally ovulation occurs, accidental pregnancy may occur in this case;

2. Breastfeeding women: After delivery, due to breastfeeding stimulation, a longer ovarian ovulation function suppression will occur.The occurrence of physiological disconteria at this stage is a normal manifestation.

Ovulation is usually about 2 weeks before menstruation, so contraception cannot be ignored.Ovulation during ovulation or during sexual life may still occur.

Menstruation is still delayed, what’s going on?

Most female friends’ "big aunt" is very peaceful. Generally, it will be reported on time. About 28 days of interval, occasionally playing with a small temper, it is normal for a week in advance or pushing in advance.EssenceThis is because we have a "commander" called "Hulkin-pituitary-ovarian axis" (H-P-O axis).Most of the time this "commander" is reliable, but occasionally when there is a stupid crime, it will lead to the "big aunt" into a "headless fly" and lose the direction of action.


The H-P-O axis "Chief Commander" is sensitive and delicate, and is often stimulated by the outside world to play a small nature.Excessive mental stress, emotional fluctuations, irregular daily life, weather changes, strange environments, dissatisfaction with soil and soil, excessive diet or rapid weight loss, etc., can lead to stimulation of the hypothalamus, leading to command, causing delayed menstruation.

Because the hills have both the positions of the brain and body, and other endocrine organs such as thyroid and adrenal glands are also managed at the same time, they are often affected by other organic functions to issue wrong instructions.Thyroid dysfunction, abnormal adrenal dysfunction, and oral oral drugs (including gastric hypertrophopine, drugs that treat hyperthyroidism, Chinese medicine thunderbolt vines, etc.) can cause extension of the menstrual cycle.


The pituitary "convey the official" as an instruction, and occasionally there are busy errors, such as pituitary lesions such as pituitary micronoma, which may cause hypercultin lesions, and therefore, symptoms of menstrual disorders and extension of cycle.


Ovarian is a "low -level commander" in the sex gonad axis system. If you cannot correctly understand the opinions of superiors, the ovulation does not ovulate during ovulation.Symptoms, in severe cases, need to rely on drugs to regulate menstruation.


Under the leadership of the three "commanders", there is another executor, our uterus.Under the intelligent regulation of upper source hormones, the endometrium proliferates and translates periodically, and finally falls off to form a menstrual tide. If there is a history of uterine cavity, it may cause endometrial damage.Menstruation cannot be tide on time.

Menstruation may not come by these 5 reasons:

1. Side effects of drugs: If oral emergency contraceptives, endocrine disorders are caused after weight loss, and menstruation can also be delayed.

2. Caused by surgery: If the uterine cavity surgery causes cervical adhesions and causes blood stasis, it delayed menstruation.

3. Gynecological inflammation infection: such as pelvic inflammatory disease, attachmentitis, endometritis, and ovarian inflammation.

Due to the long -term stimulation of inflammation, it affects the excusance, regeneration and repair of endometrium, and the contraction of the uterine vascular, which leads to irregular menstrual cycle, excessive menstrual flow, extended menstrual bleeding time or irregular vaginal bleeding.

4. Gynecological tumor: such as polycystic ovary syndrome. This mainly refers to the situation where young and middle -aged women have second menstrual amenorrhea, and menstruation is often rare or too little before the amenorrhea, and occasionally there will be frequent menstruation or excessive excessive menstruation or excessive too much.At this time, women should pay attention to whether this is polycystic ovary.

5. Others: such as mental tension, stress, environmental changes and other psychological factors, some diseases that affect endocrine.The above reasons can cause delay of menstruation.

If only 1-2 times of menstruation is delayed for 10 days and no other accompaniment symptoms are not belonged to the category of menstrual diseases.

Those who have a length of more than 35 days during the menstrual week call menstruation scarce and menstrual periods of more than 3 menstrual periods are called amenorrhea.If menstruation is delayed and irregular, it is necessary to check and treat, and timely discover the cause of menstruation delayed in time, and conduct targeted treatment!

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