Do children dare to use it for children?Some consumers vomit: children are allergic to acne after use

With the penetration of the entire scene of Volkswagen Media and the enhancement of parent aesthetic awareness, many children have become interested in makeup since childhood. Children’s special makeup products have also become another new choice for self -use and gifts."Edible raw materials, safe and non -toxic, special formula children’s formulas …" The publicity of the e -commerce platform.However, some consumers said that their children could not remove them after using children’s makeup products, and some were even allergic and acne.Some experts said in an interview with Nandu reporters that there are certain misunderstandings such as "edible raw materials and water -soluble formulas".","

Some scholars stated in the paper that my country’s current cosmetics standards cannot provide effective legal basis for the supervision of the children’s cosmetics market. It has not been used as a basis for supervision.Some scholars suggest that given the special and weak skin of children’s skin, the relevant ingredients of children’s cosmetics should be clearly stipulated, focusing on the prohibited additional ingredients, and children’s cosmetics raw materials should be selected from the perspective of mild and non -irritating, natural and high purity.

Interviewee confessed.

【Consumption experience】

Eye shadow cannot be removed from color nail oil

Reflect that there are acne and allergies after use

What are the number of times consumers buy special makeup products for children?What is the sense of experience?Are there some concerns?A reporter from Nandu issued a survey questionnaire to many parents.Most parents said in an interview with Nandu reporters that children will be interested in beauty products such as eye shadow and blush when they are in kindergarten. In addition to the performances of children’s adults several times a year, children will usually use children to use them.Several children use children’s makeup products."The focus is on the small red face and eyes blingBling. They feel that blush is important." Ms. Xu said that although she did not buy special children’s makeup products for her children, many children would buy them.EssenceFor the reason why she didn’t buy, she admitted that she was worried about various additives."Children may not be there when they are playing, and they do not have the concept of makeup remover." Miss Xu said that after use, they might wipe them out by themselves, and they would enter their nose and nose if they didn’t pay attention.

Ms. Ye said that she had a children’s makeup set once the year before."At that time, the baby said that classmates also played. After seeing Yongwang, it was a sign of a Korean cartoon doll. The packaging was pink and tender and cute." Ms. Ye said that I thought what the big supermarket sold should also beThere will be no big problems, and the boxes are more than a hundred, so I buy it.There is a rose red blush, pink blue purple eye shadow, a water -red lipstick lipstick, and a light blue and a pink nail polish.

"I bought it once. I won’t buy it." Miss Ye said that the use process was really speechless. Powder -like makeup such as blush and eye shadow was not colorful, and it would be clean with wet paper towels.But the lipstick really doesn’t know what to do. The texture is very cheap. It is similar to Cryptic."The most outrageous is nail polish, isn’t it claimed to be washed and can be removed and unloaded, and the skin cannot be removed at all. I have used all the water unloading water, and I still can’t wash it."Nail polish is stained with the skin, and you can only fall off for a few days.Miss Ye said that after that experience, if the baby needs to perform or participate in the event, she would rather let her use her makeup products to use that kind of children’s makeup products.

After applying nail polish, "sticking" on his hand.Interviewee confessed.

【E -commerce evaluation】

Many children’s color makeup e -commerce stores

Many users evaluate "the materials are not good"

Nandu reporters inquired about the evaluation records of many high -selling children’s makeup products on Taobao and other e -commerce platforms. Many consumers reflected the quality of the product.For example, a "Children’s Cosmetics toy Set Princess Birthday Gift Makeup Box" product of "Children’s Cosmetics and Toys Set", some users have commented that "cubs have used a lot after using it."

"Taobao" screenshot.

In a product "Disney Children’s Cosmetics Set Frozen Snow Toys" comment area in a product of "Yinuo Maternal and Baby Specialty Store", the reporter found that users have evaluated the product allergic phenomenon."Allergies, I have eye shadow and blush on my birthday, and I am allergic in the afternoon. I dare not use it anymore."

"Taobao" screenshot.

Similarly, when a reporter from Nandu searched for children’s makeup on the online shopping platform, one product with the highest sales volume was "Disney toy girls, children’s cosmetics, makeup box ice and snow princess to peel nails, red girls’ birthday festivals, magic makeup boxes", their shopsIn the comment area of the name "Children’s Makeup BOE BOE Zone", there are many comments below: "Children have several acne on their faces" "The materials are not good, not suitable for children" "Allergies, a pimple "pungent" "nail oil smell" and other problems.

The above are screenshots of the "Jingdong" platform.

【Parent Suggestions】

Hope to have enough safe products

Can make children complete the first lesson of Aesthetic Education

Parent Ms. Li said that her children had to imitate their mother and want to grow up and become beautiful. They have tried to buy products such as makeup sets and lipsticks once or twice.Why buy special makeup products for children?Ms. Li admits that it is mainly to satisfy the children’s curiosity."Huang Lei’s daughter’s daughter has made makeup in her ten -year -old makeup that has aroused heated discussion among mothers. But in essence, parents are generally more open now. I hope to cultivate children from the perspective of aesthetic education.. Children in the United States will also learn makeup when adolescents start. "Ms. Li said that if children’s cosmetics are safe enough, I believe that more mothers will choose to buy and let children complete this lesson.

Ms. Li also expressed concerns about children’s makeup products.The first is that children’s makeup products are not like adult brands, and brands with different gradients are available, and there are not even leading brands; or many parents have blind spots on this knowledge, so they will worry about when buying.In addition, because children’s cosmetics are directly exposed to the skin, they are more worried about whether there are various additives to hurt the children’s delicate skin.

Music teacher Teacher Li said that he also performs some makeup for children daily. It is a product used by adults. Conditional units will buy according to the brand available by the teacher provided by the teacher."Also, please makeup artists, and the makeup artist basically does not know what it is. You can’t see the brand … There is a hidden safety hazard." Teacher Li admits that he does not know much about children’s makeup products.There are children’s professional makeup products to choose from.

【expert’s point】

my country’s current cosmetics standard

Can not provide effective legal basis for the supervision of the children’s cosmetics market

Deng Yong, a Chinese University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said on the thesis of "Strengthening Children’s Cosmetics Supervision" published on the Internet that the current specifications of children’s current specifications need to be improved. Children’s skin quality is essentially different from adults.Specialized children’s cosmetics are necessary for children’s healthy growth.Special products require special standards to regulate.At present, my country’s standardized documents on the quality and safety standards of children’s cosmetics include "Cosmetics Sanitation Standards" and "Guide to Children’s Cosmetics Declaration and Review".Among them, the "Cosmetics Sanitation Standard" formulated in 1987 is only mentioned in Chapter 2 "Cosmetics Sanitation Standard" Children’s cosmetics: The total number of cosmetics bacteria for babies and children must not be greater than 500/ml or 500/g; 2015In the "Technical Specifications for Cosmetics Safety" annual, although safety tips are specifically targeted at children, there are fewer content related to children’s cosmetics.

Deng Yong checked that in the part of the iodine glycol -butyl aminate, the "Technical Specification of Cosmetics Safety" (2015 version) clearly stipulates that it is not used in retention cosmetics. "In the product, it is prohibited from products for lip, and body cream and body milk. "In October 2012, the" Guide to Children’s Cosmetics Declaration and Review "released by the former National Food and Drug Administration was more special.During the application and review stage of children’s cosmetics, a clear threshold for children’s cosmetics access was proposed. As the industry’s internal documents, it was widely used, but it was not used as a basis for supervision.Deng Yong believes that my country’s current cosmetics standards cannot provide effective legal basis for the supervision of the children’s cosmetics market.

And another article published on’s "The Development of Children’s Makeup Products is in the New Trouge Test Standard Urgently Need to Publication" shows that the "Organization" document of the health supervision department on cosmetics testing is the "cosmetics" promulgated by the Ministry of Health in January 2003 by the Ministry of Health.Sanitary Standards.This specification is not much different from adult cosmetics, but it is not much different from adult cosmetics, but there are more stringent regulations in the total number of bacterial colonies, and the requirements for lead, arsenic, mercury, and methanol are the same as adults.

【Expert Suggestions】

Clarify the relevant components of children’s cosmetics

Focus on highlighting the ingredients that are prohibited

Deng Yong suggested in the dissertation that the formulation of special standards for children’s cosmetics needs attention. It cannot be limited to the industry’s internal standards. Instead, it should formulate it as a regulatory basis and give force.Secondly, the relevant ingredients of children’s cosmetics are clearly stipulated, focusing on the prohibited added ingredients, and limiting the ingredients need to be clear about its safety value.Third, improve the requirements of children’s cosmetics manufacturers and production environment.Finally, pay attention to the connection with other current laws and regulations, and at the same time improve the feasibility of the standards to achieve true good law and good governance.

Deng Yong believes that the strict implementation of relevant laws and regulations, as well as the governance of the governments, society, and parents, is essential for effective supervision of children’s cosmetics.First of all, in order to regulate children’s cosmetics publicity advertisements, the relevant provisions of the "Advertising Law", "Product Quality Law" and "Regulations on the Supervision of Cosmetics" must be strictly implemented.In addition, because children’s physical and mental development has not yet been improved, the release of children’s beauty endorsements and beauty videos should also be subject to the constraints of the Advertising Law and other related laws and regulations -prohibiting children’s beauty endorsements from excessive rendering and emphasizing the modification and beautification of cosmetics for people’s modification and beautification of peopleFunction, correctly guide children to use cosmetics.The correct guidance of parents and society is also indispensable.As a child’s guardian, parents assume corresponding legal responsibilities to children’s safety.Therefore, parents should convey the concept of science to children and guide children to understand and use cosmetics correctly.

From the perspective of mild and irritating, natural, high -purity

Come to choose children’s cosmetics raw materials

How is the raw materials of children’s cosmetics safe and effective?Some experts mentioned in a paper on children’s cosmetics raw materials that the sensitive and fragile of children’s skin should have higher quality assurance itself, and there are more products for product performance and other aspectsRequire.Generally speaking, the preparation of children’s skin care products should have at least the following requirements: ① The product should have specific effective functions; ② the product needs to strictly meet the safety standards; ③ the product should be made of the purest raw material;Low stimulus preservatives; ⑤ Some safe packaging that are not fragile and avoid children’s inhalation.All in all, children’s cosmetics raw materials should be selected from the perspective of gentle and non -irritating, natural and high purity.

The article also shows that there are many commonly used cosmetic oil -based raw materials, but the types suitable for children are only part of it, such as olive oil, almond oil, etc. in plant -based oils, etc.EssenceIn addition, ordinary preservatives often stimulate the skin.In view of the special and weak skin of children’s skin, there are more requirements for preservatives, and it is necessary to reduce the stimulation and damage to the skin, eyes, and body as much as possible.Choose preservatives added to children’s products more cautious.

"Children’s Makeup Product Development is in a new blank test standard to be introduced urgently", the author suggested that the skin of infant and young children is obviously different from the skin of adults.The standard is too extensive and simple.Therefore, with the rapid growth and development of the market, the detection standards for cosmetics should be refined to increase more required projects.


1. Can the water -soluble formula really be washed off directly with water?

During the investigation, a reporter from Nandu found that some nail polish claimed to be a water -soluble formula, but the facts were to use water to be washed off, or they had to use some makeup remover products to remove them.Ye Jianqing, a doctor of Science, School of Science at Sun Yat -sen University, said in an interview with Nandu reporters that many times these phenomena have something to do with the announcement of the manufacturers, such as the formula of water -soluble, which is not necessarily the kind of water that I understand in life.This is because some manufacturers try to use the method of rubbing the ball to achieve marketing.

2. Some cosmetics claim that kiwi fruits can be eaten for raw materials, so can it be really edible?

Ye Jianqing said that the edible products promoted by merchants may actually be only available in some ingredients, and the products in the product also include the ingredients that cannot be eaten.Because the products that are completely consumed from edible ingredients do not exist, it is necessary to consider whether the product can be put into the market, such as how to save.

3. What should I do if children are easy to eat cosmetics by mistake?

Ye Jianqing suggested that when producing children’s cosmetics products, manufacturers pay attention to the taste of products, such as avoiding spices such as fruits.Secondly, you can also consciously add a bit of bitter agent, and also avoid adopting cute patterns, such as fruits and the like.

4.How to buy and use children’s makeup products more securely?

Ye Jianqing said that when buying children’s makeup products and other cosmetics, do not blindly go to the grass. Whether it is advertising or those Internet celebrity bloggers, "everything is too good, it sounds like the sky is messy, and often cannot be a reality."

In addition, learn to identify some basic ingredients, including the knowledge of information search.For example, the State Drug Administration has an APP called the "Cosmetics Supervision". If the product and some of its ingredients cannot be found in it, it means that the origin of the product may have a problem.Then consumers should avoid choosing this product.In addition, consumers should pay attention to information such as production enterprises, the name of the manufacturer, license number, production date and other information on the product.If the product does not have this information, there is no regular manufacturer on behalf of the product.

How to use cosmetics more safely?Ye Jianqing believes that as a parent, he should have a basic sense of safety risk.The easiest safety of children’s makeup products is to avoid three high -risk parts, the eyes of the eyes and lips.Use safety first, as much as possible, remove makeup in time at night.

(Note: The children’s makeup series reports a total of four articles in consumer experience, market visits, expert views, and supervision. The remaining three can continue to read on the Nandu "Nandu Appraisal".)

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