Dizziness after pregnancy?It may be these issues

Some expectant mothers are prone to symptoms of dizziness during pregnancy. What is the problem of dizziness during pregnancy? There are many reasons that cause dizziness during pregnancy. Specific mothers are best to find the cause of dizziness and treat them with symptoms to avoid accidents.

Causes of dizziness during pregnancy

1. Early pregnancy reaction

When women are pregnant, due to the formation of embryo velvet, the velvetic membrane promotes gonadotropin, which causes various discomfort reactions, such as common nausea, vomiting, chest rising, sleepy, emotional, etc., and there are othersSome pregnant women may experience dizziness, drowsiness and other symptoms.These collectively referred to as early pregnancy reactions, because individual differences between individuals have different performance and different weights.

Coping method: The early pregnancy reaction of dizziness can be relieved by resting, listening to music, and diverting attention. Generally, after three months of pregnancy, it disappears with the reaction of early pregnancy.

2. Hypotension causes insufficient blood supply to the brain

Hypotension can easily cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, and pregnant women may have dizziness when they suddenly stand or ride an elevator.Because the blood pressure decreases, the blood flow flowing to the brain will decrease, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing the brain to ischemia and hypoxia, which causes dizziness.

Coping method: If the blood pressure is low in blood pressure, the situation is generally not necessary to do special treatment. It is recommended that the hypotension. Mom. Mom. Mom. Moms should not be too fierce. When taking the elevator, it is best to hold the armrest to prevent falling.

3. Hypoglycemia

Some expectant mothers have a bad appetite during pregnancy, or they can’t eat things because of their early pregnancy reactions. This may cause dizziness due to low blood sugar, and some will also be accompanied by symptoms such as palpitations, fatigue, cold sweat.

Coping method: Moms must pay attention to the balanced diet as much as possible. Each meal does not necessarily eat too much, but it must be nutritious to supply the needs of fetal development.In addition, you must pay attention to eating less meals. Children take nutrition from the mother every minute and every second. The mother can eat three meals after eating.Nuts, etc.If you are busy with work or have other reasons, you must bring some chocolates and other temporary supplements.

4. Anemia

Anemia is also one of the main causes of dizziness in pregnant women.

Coping method: expectant mothers should pay special attention to supplementing protein foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans, etc. It is also particularly emphasized that pregnant women should pay attention to supplementing iron. This is the raw material for hematopoies.The ingredients of the wall supplement vitamin to promote iron absorption.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to the balanced nutrition, and usually pay attention to eating grains, jujube, peanuts, red beans, etc. to eat nut foods, which is good for correcting anemia.Pay attention to regular health care in the hospital, discover anemia in time, and correct them in time to avoid dizziness caused by anemia.

5. The position is wrong, compress the blood vessels

This kind of situation is generally dizzy when expectant mothers are sitting on supine or lying on the sofa watching TV.This is because the uterus increases during the third trimester, compressing the cavity veins, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, which causes dizziness.

Coping method: This type of expectant mothers should try to avoid lying on supine or half -lying position to prevent dizziness from occurring. If there is signs of dizziness, it should be changed to the left lying position immediately.

Reminder: expectant mothers shoulders the heavy responsibility of allowing the fetus to grow up healthy. Any discomfort in the body will cause abnormalities in the fetal development, especially dizziness. Often due to vascular spasm, hypoxia on the head is caused.Oxygen, early fetal hypoxia can cause deformity and developmental disorders. The hypoxia in the middle and late stages directly affects the fetal brain development and intellectual growth, so expectant mothers have always attracted attention.

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