Director Liangshan Children "Selling Miseration" Video: No one should be a prop prop

Author: Ren Ren Ran

Recently, a man released the incident of "selling miserable" children’s false videos of children in Liangshan.On October 23, the short video blogger "Mr. Lu Liangshan Xing" released a video of "I can’t think of dreams, children want chemical fertilizer".In the video, a child of Meagu County, Liangshan stood in front of the dilapidated house, saying that he had no father and mother, and he was too poor. He could only help his neighbors to work and take care of his sister and brother.In a short period of time, the video was reposted and liked 100,000+, and the number of comments was 56,000+.According to the latest news, Lu, who released the false and unreal video on the Internet, has been summoned in accordance with the law, asking him to immediately delete the false and unreal video and apologize publicly.

Consumption and even cheating people’s sympathy and goodwill in exchange for traffic, this phenomenon is not uncommon in the field of short video.Similar videos related to Liangshan are not the first time.For example, the five departments of Liangshan Prefecture have recently carried out false agricultural rectification of the online market, emphasizing that it has severely cracking down on "selling tragedy goods".The videos that have been widely spread this time have been deleted and the publishers have also been summoned. However, such a phenomenon has repeatedly appeared, which should still attract more attention from all parties.

First of all, you cannot underestimate the harm of such false videos. It is not only a deception to netizens, but also a distortion of local poverty alleviation results.After verification by the local government, although the children in the video are poor, they have been rescued by the local government. The real situation and the "tragic" situation presented by the video is completely different.Behind this change is actually the huge efforts of the country and local poverty alleviation work, and should not be discredited by a false video at will.

Secondly, whether it is selling miserable marketing or false shooting, in the final analysis, local fruit farmers or children are regarded as traffic materials and props. This is not only disrespectful to the local people, but it is also easy to strengthen an illusion.It is mistaken for "poverty" to be displayed, and only the sympathy of the outside world can be changed. In fact, there is just the original meaning of "poverty alleviation".In particular, minor children are also treated as fake videos, and they are induced to lie in front of the camera, which cannot be underestimated to the harm of their young hearts and values.

Therefore, the local government verifies and rumors to verify and rumors of such tragedy and videos in a timely manner, and strengthen the governance of related violations. It is actually necessary.It is not only about presenting a true and objective Liangshan for the outside world, but also helps the local people to truly confidently and equally talk to the outside world, rather than getting used to being sympathetic.From this perspective, in order to prevent similar situations, local governments or public welfare organizations can also consider helping local people to increase their awareness of the complexity of Internet communication according to local conditions, and can more consciously improve their vigilance and alert to similar false videos.

Of course, similar false videos have been repeatedly "copied" and even become a traffic mode. It is mainly some people know that the word "Liangshan" itself has its own traffic, which can easily stimulate the sympathy and love of society.In response to this situation, everyone needs to be more aware of such videos when watching such videos. At the same time, the relevant platforms should strengthen the control and do not help such false traffic.

It is undeniable that although Liangshan has changed greatly today, it still needs the attention and help from the outside world.However, it needs truthful, normal, without prejudice and filter attention.Any twisting presentation will eventually only create the "wolf coming" effect, which is no benefit for the real Liangshan development.It is hoped that the correction of the case can bring warnings to all parties and let more people see a more real Liangshan.(Ren Ran)

Source: Review Channel

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