Diet taboos at all stages during pregnancy, eat healthy for your baby!

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I am pregnant. In order to allow babies in the body to absorb more nutrition, family members always try to make pregnant mothers eat better, so as to make the baby healthier after birth.

Actually, maybe you don’t know: the more nutritious, the better.Next, help your mother take you to understand the dietary taboos during pregnancy:

Early pregnancy (0-12 weeks)

Avoid spicy food

Spicy food will enter the fetus with the blood circulation of the mother, causing the pregnant woman to have sores and irritability, which is not conducive to the normal development of the fetal heart.

Avoid eating more fried food

The fritters contain a large amount of alum.15 grams of alum per 500 grams of flour.If pregnant women eat 2 fritters a day, they are equivalent to eating 3 grams of alum,

For long -term consumption, the aluminum contained in alum invades the fetal brain through the placenta, increasing the chance of the baby’s dementia.Pregnant mothers with allergies should avoid eating fish and shrimp to prevent adverse reactions.

In the middle of pregnancy (13-28 weeks)

Avoid hawthorn

Hawthorn appetizers, sour and delicious.However, hawthorn has an exciting effect on pregnant women’s uterus. If pregnant women eat a large amount of hawthorn and hawthorn food, it can stimulate the uterine contraction and cause abortion.

Especially in the past, pregnant women who have had the history of natural abortion and after pregnancy have symptoms of threatened abortion, and they should avoid hawthorn food

Avoid eating more cod liver oil

Cod liver oil can supplement the vitamins needed by the body. Eat average cod liver oil in pregnant mothers can help the baby’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

For example, excessive consumption will not only make pregnant mothers prone to symptoms such as loss of appetite, headache, and mental irritability, but also affect the intellectual development of the fetus in the body, leading to abnormal bone development of the fetus.

Avoid supplement

Ginseng belongs to the product of great vitality. Pregnant women’s long -term service prone to increase pregnancy vomiting and hypertension, and can also promote vaginal hemorrhage and cause miscarriage.

Due to the low tolerance of ginseng in the body, pregnant mothers have taken ginseng to cause dead tires.

Late pregnancy (29-40 weeks)

Avoid salty food

Pregnant women’s excessive intake of salt during pregnancy easily increase the body’s edema, causing pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

Avoid high calcium diet

Pregnant women drinking milk and taking calcium tablets are harmful to the fetus.Nutritionists believe that too many pregnant women’s intake of high calcium foods can easily cause bloating.The fetus may have hypertrophy. After the birth, the child will be closed too early, and the jaw bone will be widened and prominent, which is not good for its healthy growth and development.

Some pregnant women maintain the perfection of the body through the way of diet during pregnancy. As everyone knows, deliberate diet will affect the baby’s intellectual development.

Help mothers remind you that expectant mothers should pay special attention to nutritional balance during pregnancy.Blind diet is not only harmful to its own health, but also causes abortion and premature birth. It is also an irresponsible behavior for babies.

Of course, for the health of the baby, family members should not be rushed to achieve success, especially the elders in the family, don’t make your good intentions a bad thing.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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