Diagnosis and treatment: What should I do if I have vitiligo disease during pregnancy?

We know that vitiligo disease is a common skin disease, and the age of the onset of vitiligo diseases is not specific to the disease. No matter what stage of life is in life, there is a possibility of vitiligo.There are also many patients with vitiligo patients in clinical diagnosis and treatment. So since they have suffered from vitiligo, what are the correct practices during pregnancy?Look down!

1. Keep communication with doctors and reasonably choose the treatment plan

Many patients with vitiligo have suffered from vitiligo during pregnancy. They were afraid that drugs would cause damage to children and interrupted treatment, but I need to emphasize that this approach is incorrect.Instead, the endocrine of the female body during pregnancy is in a state of disorders. During this period, it is easy to cause the crazy spread of white spots without treatment.Some treatment methods suitable for pregnant women, such as 308 standard laser treatment to control the condition, and take further treatment plan after the end of pregnancy!

2. Pregnant women with vitiligo are recommended to give birth

Pregnant women suffer from vitiligo diseases. Under all conditions, we recommend that the way of giving birth during production. We know that vitiligo disease has a lot to do with trauma. Trauma is also one of the causes of vitiligo disease. Patients with vitiligo are suffering from sufferingOnce the skin trauma occurs during the disease, it is easy to erupt the same reaction of vitiligo diseases, and the pregnant woman is easily aggravated due to the large wound during a cesarean section. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a smooth delivery if conditions permit!

3. Pay attention to supplementing nutrition and fitness

For patients with vitiligo in pregnant women, a person’s eating should bear the nutritional supplement of two people. Therefore, we recommend that patients pay attention to their diet during pregnancy. In addition to the normal diet, try to supplement the trace elements as much as possible to promote the production of melanin cells. In additionElements are also very good for the health of the fetus. In addition, during pregnancy and vitiligo patients, it is still necessary to avoid the mouth. Many taboo foods can find other foods to replace them!

Fourth, keep your emotions comfortable

Women’s endocrine during pregnancy is easy to disorders, and the pressure of the disease can easily lead to emotional outdoor control. Therefore, we must maintain a positive attitude during pregnancy.The comfort of maintaining emotions is not only good for the recovery of vitiligo diseases, but also good for the growth of the baby.

During the pregnancy stage, you should pay attention to communicating with doctors. Do not suddenly interrupt the treatment. Tell your attending physician to the actual situation. Later treatment can give the doctor opinion, so as to control the development of the disease.

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