Determine 2 examinations that must be done after pregnancy, don’t be sloppy for pregnant women

In the year of marriage, in order to give birth to a "horse", I embarked on the road to preparing for pregnancy early.Perhaps because I was too anxious, I have encountered several "fake pregnancy" -Cathery delayed seven or eight days, chest pain, abdominal pain, dizziness … and even once, the early pregnancy test strip appeared weakly positive.Unfortunately, less than three days, menstruation came with abdominal pain.

After the number of times, I started to doubt, what is the performance of pregnancy?Is it really necessary to vomit the sky?

After a few months of tossing, I decided to give up and wait for the child for a few years. Who knew that "TA" came.

It was a Friday evening. I went to the store to buy vinegar. There was a pharmacy next to me. I suddenly wanted to buy a test strip to try. Who knew it was strong.I was stunned directly, the first feeling was "fake".Early the next morning, I used morning urine to measure 3 times in a row, and I went to the hospital for examination. This was determined that I was really pregnant.

Many people like to take some changes in the body as a basis for pregnancy. Here I want to say that human physical changes and emotional goodness, the environment, and sleep conditions have a lot to do. The more stress, the more obvious the change.Can’t be accurate at all.If you really want to confirm whether you are pregnant, you have to use a scientific method to judge.

Why do I have to go to the hospital for a test paper to test the test paper?Let’s talk about 2 examinations that need to be done after pregnancy.

Menstruation is delayed for three or five days. Women can test with early pregnancy test strips. If they are strong positive, they are mostly pregnant.However, early pregnancy test strips are not 100 % accurate. If you use errors, the time is extended or the test strip expires, the error results will occur.In order to confirm whether you are really pregnant, you can go to the hospital for blood testing.

Blood drawing is mainly through HCG and progesterone values to further confirm whether pregnancy is pregnant.

1. HCG value: As early as the receiving. Egg. At the moment of bed, the HCG value has begun to increase, and the value of value in the first 8 weeks after pregnancy is very fast; after 8 weeks, it will gradually decrease until the balance.

In this regard, we can follow the table below:

After confirming that after pregnancy, the HCG value is usually doubled within 48 hours. If your HCG value doubles normal, it means that the embryo is very good; on the contrary, if the HCG value is far from the form data of the form, it means that there is a problem with the development of the embryo, it may be possibleIt is a fetal stop or ectopic pregnancy, and you need to go to the doctor in time.

2. Welon value: progesterone is also a kind of progesterone. Before 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, it was secreted by nourishing cells and luteum, and was secreted by placenta after 8-10 weeks.Unlike the HCG value, the progesterone value will gradually increase during the whole pregnancy, the early pregnancy is slow, the speed of the middle of pregnancy is accelerated, and the full moon pregnancy reaches the peak.

Periation value is one of the indicators to measure the normal luteal function and the development of the placenta. If the level of progesterone is insufficient, it is likely to affect the health of the fetus.The following table is the safe range of progesterone values. After the pregnant woman is checked, you can take a report to see if it is normal (L is a new unit, ML is an old unit).

PS: To determine pregnancy and ensure the health of the fetus, both HCG and progesterone values must be paid attention to, combined with judgment, not just one type.

After confirmation, further examination is required to confirm internal pregnancy pregnancy, eliminate ectopic pregnancy, fetal stopping, and so on.The most effective way to confirm is the B -ultrasound (if time is too early and suspects that there are problems with pregnancy, you can also do yin super examination).

Generally speaking, you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound for 6 weeks of pregnancy. We can clearly see the pregnancy sac through B -ultrasound to determine that the intrauterine pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.If it is an internal pregnancy, the pregnancy sac is clearly visible in the palace; if it is an ectopic pregnancy, most of the pregnancy sac will appear in the attachment area or elsewhere outside the palace.

The B -ultrasound check here usually refers to the abdomen super, that is, the bladder is checked by the bladder as a sound window, so women must urinate; if the time is early, the abdomen is super clear, and you can also do it.Put it in the yin road to check. In this way, the instrument is closer to the pelvis and the inspection is clearer.

PS: It is not enough to confirm that the pregnancy sac is not good, and you need to check the condition of the fetal buds and fetal hearts.

Under normal circumstances, the fetal buds are formed around 40-50 days of pregnancy, and fetal hearts are formed around 50-60 days of pregnancy, and adults will gradually develop.In other words, around 8-9 weeks of pregnancy, both fetal buds and fetal hearts will appear. If the ultrasound can be clearly visible, the embryo can be healthy, and pregnant women can rest assured.

After that, build files as required.

The file must be built in the early pregnancy, and the time varies from the region. Our side is a small county. There are not many pregnant women. Generally, you can go to the hospital for inspection to build files in 12 weeks of pregnancy. In some big cities, there are many pregnant women.7-8 weeks), pregnant women are best implemented early to build files early, so as not to affect the later inspection and delivery.

When building files, pregnant women need to bring their documents together, such as ID cards, household registration books, medical insurance cards, all inspection reports, in addition to tailoring height, weight, blood pressure measurement, blood routine, B -ultrasound, pregnant women also need to answer doctors who also need to answer doctors from doctors’.The problem, if there have been a history of miscarriage, history of childbirth, history, and genetic history, do not conceal or deceive.

In short, it is to follow the doctor’s order, check regularly, and answer it in a real!

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