Destroyed three outlooks!Male college students "derailed" 10 girls during their girlfriends!The school notice is here

Male college students "derailed" 10 girls during their girlfriends!On December 8th, Wuhan, Hubei, a sanction notice issued a sanction in the Central South Ethnic Law, and a serious warning and punishment for the male students involved.

The reason was that a girl posted a post to accuse the school’s boy Dou’s scumbag, and pointed out in the post of girls that Dou had established a love relationship with herself and made himself pregnant unexpectedly while traveling.

However, Dou said that the academic pressure is relatively high and it is not suitable for children. It is hoped that girls can kill their children, and girls also expressed their understanding. Although boys say their future marriage plans, boys have always evaded corresponding responsibilities.

Moreover, girls also found that boys have been derailed during their pregnancy, and even retain a lot of chat screenshots. Such a blow made the girl emotional collapse, so the pain and pain decided to unveil the boy’s "scum man" behavior.

The incident caused public opinion that the School of Biological Engineering, Central and South China University of Ethnology conducted investigations, confirming that it was later that Dou’s behavior seriously violated the "Regulations on the Management of Student Student Students of the Central South Ethnic University" and severely warned it.

Many people feel that a warning punishment is too light. Although the group is angry, in the final analysis, the mistakes of Dou Dou belong to the moral level, and have not yet reached the point of firing. The school’s punishment has also shown an attitude and position.From a legal perspective, Dou Mou is still studying at school. There is no marriage relationship with his girlfriend. Even if his girlfriend is pregnant, he can only be determined to be pregnant together.Therefore, the derailment here cannot be defined as the "derailment" of the "Civil Code" about marriage and family relationships.

Therefore, Dou Mou has a relationship with others. As long as there is no means of using illegal means, at most, it can only be a moral condemnation, and it cannot rise to the legal level of illegal law.

First of all, the crazy bride, finished her makeup on the eve of the wedding, and had a dating of grooms and artillery friends. She did not take any contraceptive measures.

In order to show off his brilliant "record", he sent a chat record with the bride into the group, which caused a stir in the local area;

Later, the Warriors who loved to charge over the railings into the school only for his wife.

The man’s wife, studying the college in the school,

The man worked outside to make money, and his monthly salary did living expenses and tuition for his wife, and he only left very little living expenses.

But the girl did not study hard, talked about a boyfriend in school, and talked about 10 months.

In the China Happiness Marriage Family Survey Report, the first expectation of the spouse was an increase of 86.3%of the respondents. I hope that the spouse will be loyal to themselves, and there will be a long -term security marriage relationship.Marriage is serious and sacred. The couple becomes one, and they have the loyalty to each other. They are the cornerstones of maintaining the happiness of marriage.I have never seen open emotions that can bring happiness. It is nothing more than an excuse for missing desires. On the contrary, there are different hidden dangers such families.

Li Yinan, a psychologist of marriage, explained the importance of loyalty to marriage in a reason to marry a reason to be loyal to marriage.The worldview, the outlook on life and the moral system are very clear and firm. They know how to cherish themselves, cherish friends, cherish marriage and family, and cherish the peace and peace of life.Use loyalty to realize the oath when you get married.To cultivate a loyal child, we must first start with their loyal marriage.

If love is clean and loves love to love.This is Dante’s poem, I personally like it very much.For our family responsibilities, please be awe of loyalty as faith and respect our marriage and love.

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