Depression "prefer" people, pay attention to discover the dangerous signals of depression!

Ji Mu Journalist Zheng Jingjing

On the evening of July 5, the singer Li Yan’s family announced through social media that Li Yan was born lightly at home on July 2, and he was coma after being sent to the hospital. He finally died on July 5.The family said that Li Yan suffered from depression a few years ago and had a long struggle with the illness. Unfortunately, his condition has turned sharply recently.

According to a national survey of psychiatric disorders, the number of depression patients exceeded 95 million.About half of patients with high -income countries have not been diagnosed or treated; while in low -income countries, this ratio has reached 80%to 90%.

So, which groups of depression prefer?What are the "killers" for depression?How to help depression patients?In response, the psychotherapist of Wuhan Mental Health Center (Wuhan Psychological Hospital) was introduced.

Depressed "preference" crowd

1. People with a family history, if the parents have depression, their children’s depression is about 25%.

2. The prevalence of female depression is about 2 times that of men. Special stages such as pregnancy, abortion, post -child delivery, and menopause are the high incidence of depression.

3. People in adolescence, menopause, and seniles.

4. People in high pressure and fierce competition.

5. Facing people who are in a state of stress, such as the death of loved ones, divorce, emergencies, natural disasters and human disasters, etc.

6. People who are abused and dependent on alcohol and drugs.

7. People with severe physical diseases.

Pay attention to the danger signal of depression

1. Emotional low

I am always unhappy and I can’t afford to be interested in anything.

2. Long -term insomnia

Can’t fall asleep for a long time; it’s easy to fall asleep, sleep light or always dream; wake up early in the morning.

3. Physical discomfort

Pain, dizziness, fatigue, poor appetite, always snoring, chest tightness, heart panic, and uncomfortable cause of unknown cause.

4. Cognitive disorder

The main manifestation is that memory is decreased, and the ability to focus on work and study is not as good as before, and the flexibility and coordination of movement are also affected.

5. Self -injury tendency

There may be self -injury behavior or thoughts, and even the impulse of lightness.

The "killer" of depression

1. Try to conduct regular physical exercise, participate in social and entertainment activities, improve the dopamine content in the body, secrete more endorphins, and make your mood happy.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin B in daily diet, effectively convert sugar in the body into energy, thereby alleviating depression.

3. Set a simple goal for yourself, refuse the task that cannot be assumed, and no longer ask yourself to make a big bag on everything.

4. Write out feelings or talk to someone, find negative inertia thinking, and try to get rid of them.

5. Seeking professional help in time, because the treatment of depression is no different from the treatment of other diseases.

How to help depression patients

1. Don’t judge or criticize him (her), don’t despise the pain of him or her.

2. To understand the dilemma of depression -related knowledge and his or her, listen to his or her needs, and let him (her) feel that you are trying to understand him or her.

3. To drive him or her, take him or her to go out, walk, and do moderately under the premise of him or her willingness.

4. To help him (her) rebuild a sense of value, express him or her in a timely manner, "You are important for me", let him (she) see his value.

5. Encourage him or her to seek professional help, such as going to a psychiatric department or receiving professional psychological counseling.

(Source: Polar News)

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