Dear expectant mothers, how long it is for pregnancy is not suitable for work, do you know?

Knowing that he is pregnant, the unit leaders, colleagues, and family members will take care of themselves, but there are always some or so discomfort during pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers will have such confusion. When they are pregnant, it is better to not go to work.The following are the arrangements for stopping the work time after pregnancy. I don’t know which one is suitable for you.

Pregnant belly

Xiaoning: The body is the most important, let’s go to work temporarily!

I was pregnant in the first year of my marriage. When I went to the toilet in the evening, I found that it was red and the child did not keep it.Later, he couldn’t conceive his child, and his body was fine.At the end of the year, I was pregnant, confirmed that I was pregnant, and I resigned, and my family would not let me go to work. I was afraid there was any loss.At that time, I was also very contradictory. If I resigned, all the children’s fees had to be borne by myself, but the children were too easy to come. I resigned when I gritted my teeth. Now my baby is born safely, and the stones in my heart have landed.

Xiaohui: If you can go up, spend more time with your baby!

I do financial work in the office, and I usually have little work intensity.What I considered at the time was to use more time to accompany the baby.Our unit can take maternity leave for half a year. I think that as long as the body is allowed, it will be a little later.And my home is not far from the unit. I go to the unit every day, and I am also tired at home.It may be that the whole pregnancy is very regular, there are many activities, and I have a good child.Now that the baby is almost a hundred days, I think my decision was right at the time.

The pregnant mother participated in the work

Xiaoqi: After being pregnant, he was transferred to post, very unhappy!

My job needs to be traveling frequently, but since I was pregnant, the leader has changed my position. Of course, my salary has also been adjusted.I was really unaccustomed to work in logistics, but I was helpless to get pregnant, and I didn’t pick it up. I was still a little lost in my heart.So I am not happy to work, and I also want to have a little economic pressure, and it has been up to the first month before the due date.After giving birth to a child, I did n’t want to go back to work after giving birth to a child. I am going to think about taking my baby to one year old. Anyway, the baby is the most important.

Xiao Wei: After pregnancy, my family does not support work, but I persist at the end!

The place where I work is far away from my house, and I drive to get off work every day.It is really dangerous in the third trimester. My family does not support continuing to work, but I think the journey is a bit inconvenient, but I still like my working environment very much, and together with my colleagues, I unknowingly passed.So in the end, I discussed with my husband. My husband got up early every day. He sent me to the unit first, and then he went to work. In this way, he took a vacation until the week before the due date. It felt better to go to work and was too boring at home.

Mom who continues to work during pregnancy

Xiaolin: If you choose again, I will choose to continue to work.

I resigned when I was pregnant. My husband went to work during the day. I was at home. I was too lazy to do it every day.I often do n’t eat breakfast, because it ’s too late. It is either brushed or brushed mobile phones every day. This is also afraid of radiation, but you ca n’t control yourself.In 8 months, my mother came to take care of me, and my life was more regular.At that time, I was afraid that I was tired, but I was really boring at home, and my mood was sometimes bad.

The above is the arrangement of several expectant mothers during pregnancy.How long to be pregnant is not suitable for work, depending on your physical condition, wishes and working conditions.If your work is not the kind of high -intensity work, and the physical condition is relatively good, theoretically you can work to be born.But if you are tired and your heart is more stressful, and it is inconvenient to go to work, you can rest earlier.The body is his own, the baby is his own, and the work is temporary. Choosing according to the actual situation is the best choice.

Work during pregnancy

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