De Fei gave birth to 6 babies in 10 years, and was also specially approved at the age of 50.

The eunuch brought up the green card, and the 60 -year -old Kangxi fancy De Fei at a glance and asked her to sleep.After the eunuch retired, he whispered: "The concubine mother is really blessed, and she can sleep in her 50s. This is to be replaced by others. After 30 years of age, there is no chance to sleep."

Kangxi is not an indulgent person. All the sleeping sleeps are for the birth of a child. Only De Fei is an exception.

In her 50s, she has no fertility for more than 20 years, but Kangxi likes her.I like to go to her house, and I want to share with her without any troubles.

As soon as he arrived in De Fei’s birthday, Kangxi not only prepared a gift in advance, but also deliberately instructed the four brothers and fourteen brothers to celebrate the birthday of De Fei.

Such a concubine felt a rare happiness in the harem.

But such happiness was completely disappeared at the moment of Kangxi’s death.

He was forced to become the queen mother’s De Fei, and witnessed the self -killing of her son …

A few months after Kangxi’s death, De Fei was lying on the bed and dying. Her brother who held his hands on the throne with both hands: "Please, let go of fourteen, he is your brother."

Yongzheng’s stiff face moved slightly, holding De Fei’s trembling hand with both hands, and said a word for a long time: "Elderly, rest assured."

With Defei’s understanding of Yongzheng, this sentence "assured" is only to save lives.

De Fei pulled back his hands on his hands and paralyzed on the bed.She knew that everything was too late, and the matter of "boiling beans and beans" would eventually happen.

She stared at Fang Liang and fell into the vortex of memories: she had no desire and silent in her life, why did she end up with such an ending?Do you have to go through the sons’ self -killing?

When she first entered the palace, De Fei was just an inconspicuous little palace girl.

Her grandfather once worked as a dining room manager, equivalent to the clothing slave of the internal affairs government.After continuing the Defei generation, he can only enter the palace as a maid.

(Later, Yongzheng ascended the throne, raised the flag and rewarded the mother’s family, and Defei’s family was a bit better. But these are all post -words.)

After entering the palace, De Fei thought of "honestly and doing things", and did not plan to love at all.But by chance, at the age of 17, she was fortunate to be Kangxi.

Kangxi didn’t see her face clearly, but she just swallowed her jujube that she was fortunate to have a palace girl last night.

"Wu" is taken from the surname of De Fei, that is, "Wuya", and later generations often call De Fei as Wu Ya.

After this time, Kangxi completely forgot Wu Ya’s cleanliness.

And Wu Ya himself is also happy. It is often better than being a palace girl, at least there is no need to serve people often.

Two years later, in Wuya, when she would live a lifetime in her often position, Kangxi suddenly met her again.Wu Ya was loved again, and this time, she was pregnant with her child.

At that time, Kangxi was 24 years old and had only 3 princes. He urgently needed to open branches and leaves.As a result, when Wu Ya was pregnant, he was blocked for Wugui.

In 1678, she gave birth to Si Ge, was registered as Desen, and moved to Yonghe Palace.

This was her first child, but Wu Ya’s is too low to support him. She could only watch that Si Ge was sent to the concubine.

It is probably the sadness of a mother to be born but not to be raised.

It was also from this time that Wu Ya’s mind flashed a little bit of "fighting", but it was only an instant.

Soon, she calmed down.

I ca n’t raise Si Ge because she was just a noble when she gave birth to the four elder brother. She was registered as a concubine for several months. At this time, the child had been sent away.

Well, it is her current position, and it is also the lowest point that can raise children.As long as she strives to have children, there are always a few that can stay with herself.

So from this year, she opened frequent fertility.

In 1680, Wu Ya regenerated his son, Liu Ge.

In the second year, Kangxi registered the four concubines, and Wu Ya was also among them, "De Fei".

The sudden Feng Fei was unexpected.She thought that it was difficult to seal the concubine with her life. Now she is only 21 years old, and she is actually directly registered.

You know, the other three of the other three people "Hui, Yi Yan, and Rongye" are all the houses of the high door. Only she is a coat slave.

At this time, De Fei began to realize that she was actually loved by Kangxi.

As for the reasons for being favored, after several years of contact with Kangxi, she probably also figured out that beautiful and gentleness are secondary, and the most important thing is the "indisputable and indifferent" temperament.

Regardless of whether it is always, or a nobleman, or a concubine, De Fei has almost no jealousy.

The adoptive mother of the biological son Si Ge, the concubine, was the concubine as soon as she entered the palace, and the concubine was not jealous; the daughter of Bituron, shortly after entering the palace, also from the concubine to the position of the queen. She was not jealous and always humble and polite …

In the palace, such women are really rare.

It is for this reason that if he encounters some difficult problems, Kangxi is always willing to discuss with De Fei.

With the increase in love, De Fei also began to get pregnant and give birth successively.By 1688, she gave birth to her younger son fourteen brother.

According to statistics before and after, De Fei has a total of 6 children in the past 10 years.

Perhaps because of frequent fertility, the child of De Fei is very high, and only half of the adults have grown up.The youngest brother is her heart treasure.

In the 28th year of Kangxi, Emperor Jiajia was seriously ill. Kangxi seal her as the queen in order to rush to the queen. In less than a day, the concubine of Wu Jia died.

Since then, Kangxi has never established a queen, and all the harem matters have basically began to hand in the hands of De Fei.

Kangxi trusted her, and she was enough.

De Fei was not jealous and jealous, emotional stability, naturally more stable acting, add more carefulness, deal with things meticulous, and won the hearts of the harem.

Doing what the queen should do, holding the rights that the queen should have, she never thought of a higher position, and she never thought of the throne.

For her, the current life is already very good. She is happy in the harem, and the child can grow up happily.Now that the concubine of Wu Jia has died, and the fourth brother also returned to herself.

It is precisely because of this incompetence that Kangxi has repeatedly made an exception. The concubine could not sleep at the age of 30, but De Fei was still sleeping until he was in his 50s.

However, such a silent De Fei, the birth of the son was not an indisputable generation, was involved in the vortex of Kowloon.

Kangxi personally raised the prince without virtue.

There are records of wild history, and he even fought against Kangxi’s concubine.

In 1708, Kangxi patrolled Xingtai.At that time, Eighteen Brother was seriously ill. Instead of being uncomfortable, the prince was indulgent. After being reprimanded by Kangxi, he ran to Kangxi’s sneaky outside of Kangxi’s account and was caught.

Kangxi was immediately furious and directly abolished the prince.

This is the famous "A Prince" in history.

In this incident, De Fei’s two sons inevitably rolled in.

Si Ge was responsible for the prince, but was implicated because the big brother cursed the abolished prince and was detained for a while.

The fourteenth brother was almost cut to death by Kangxi.

At that time, Kangxi accused Eight Brother of murdering princes. As a result, the fourteen brother was unconvinced, desperately went to speak, and dared to use his own life for guarantee.Kangxi, who was on his head, raised his knife and almost chopped down.

Fortunately, a group of princes quickly kneeling around and hugging Kangxi’s feet, which saved the fourteen brother’s life.


At this time, De Fei began to realize that the position of Chu Jun was unstable, and her two sons must not be peaceful.

The most worrying thing is that in the seizure, her two sons stood different camps.

In the long run, something will happen in the future.

As a result, De Fei can only call the two sons over often, and he talks with them, hoping to promote the feelings of the brothers.

But De Fei also knew that the growth of this brother was very different, and his personality was very different.

The four elder brother is a stuffy gourd, who is unwilling. He has been raised beside the concubine of Wu Jia since he was a child, and he is not close to herself.The fourteen brother is cheerful, but his bones are not easy to speak. Every time De Fei said, he interrupted.

But she can do my best to do her best.

In the last year of Kangxi, the 14th Brother was registered as the general of the general, sent him to the northwest. At the ceremony, he also deliberately used the flag and clothing that the emperor could use …

Seeing these things, De Fei was not excited.

Others see the fourteenth Brother’s future, but what she sees is dangerous.

What makes her most uncomfortable is that at the same time, Si Ge also stepped up the conspiracy of Chu Jun. He used Hongli to show his desire for the throne.

In this way, her two sons are likely to go to kill each other.

In December 1722, this day finally came.

Kangxi died, and the four brothers ascended the throne, and De Fei also became famous for his queen queen.

But she became the queen mother, and she couldn’t be happy.

Because, as a victor, Yongzheng launched a "comprehensive encirclement" for the 14th Brother:

The fourteenth brother has not returned to the DPRK, Yongzheng designed to seize his military power and jung position;

After the burial of Kangxi’s spirit, Yongzheng put him under house arrest in Tangshan again;

Since then, Yongzheng also found an excuse to stop the fourteenth brother’s Lulu …

The power behind the 14th Brother and his family have been hit to varying degrees.

De Fei didn’t want to see the scene of "how to fried", but Yongzheng did not listen to persuasion, but she did not have any way, she could only resist with fierce means.

De Fei is in trouble; to be buried; he does not give Yongzheng face in public, and he is unwilling to be the queen mother, and he is unwilling to move away from Yonghe Palace …

Among them, De Fei said a classic words, often used as an iron certificate that "De Fei does not recognize Yongzheng’s succession": "I ordered my son to inherit the Dadong, but it is not my dream."

But I feel that the opposite is the opposite.

The meaning of this sentence is: the emperor ordered my son to inherit the throne, (this matter) I never dreamed.

Brother Si is her son, and the fourteenth brother is also her son.The negation of this sentence has never been pointing to the Si Ge alone.

At that time, everyone thought that the fourth brother ascending the throne was an accident, and the fourteen brother’s successor was Kangxi’s intention.

But De Fei said: It’s not at all. I never heard that Kangxi said that my son was going to succeed.

In a word to negate the two people, instead stirred the water, so that those who supported the fourteen brothers obediently closed their mouths.

In this way, Brother could not threaten the throne, and Yongzheng did not need to set up fourteen brothers to death.

Therefore, rather than, De Fei’s last behavior is to resist Yongzheng ascending the throne. It is better to say that she is resisting the brothers.

As a mother, she didn’t want to go to the political position, she just hoped that the children were good.

I think that if the fourteenth is the same, he uses the same means to the fourth, and De Fei should also resist fiercely.

However, no matter how Defei resists, it is difficult to play a practical role in the end.

The cruelty of politics will never bow to the relationship.

The fourteenth brother later lost his freedom for more than ten years.

And De Fei, fortunately did not watch his son’s pain for more than ten years.

In April 1723, in the fifth month of Kangxi’s death, De Fei let go of the world, and did not leave Kangxi’s Yonghe Palace by death.

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