Daughter -in -law was 8 months pregnant, superstitious mother -in -law forced her daughter -in -law to have a cesarean section, and finally killed her grandson

In a small village, there is an elderly mother -in -law named Zhang Xiulan.She is a superstition expert in the village, and the villagers all treat her as a god stick.Her son Li Ming married a young daughter -in -law named Xiaoli.

Xiaoli is a very kind and hard -working girl, and is also very popular.She has been married to Li Ming for two years, and they are very happy.However, Xiaoli accidentally received Zhang Xiulan’s superstition after eight months of pregnancy.

The mother -in -law repeatedly forced Xiaoli to have a cesarean section in advance.She firmly believes that production will have great benefits to her family and children at this time.Xiaoli was very reluctant to have a cesarean section because she knew that it might be very dangerous to the child.However, her mother -in -law was lonely, and she murmured once a day: "It’s almost time, caesarean section is the safest way."

Li Ming did not dare to offend his mother, and has always moved to his mother.Finally, that day was here.Xiaoli was forced to come to the hospital with her mother -in -law. The mother -in -law also asked Xiaoli to say that her stomach hurts. She felt like she was about to deceive the doctor. Originally, Xiaoli was very fat.They.

When Xiaoli was pushed the operating room the next day, the doctor opened Xiaoli’s belly and was stunned by the scene in front of him.The crying sound was weak, and it could only make a slight groan.

The obstetrician immediately sent the baby to the neonatal department for rescue, because the baby’s tire lung development occurred in immature neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, causing the functional failure of the whole body, and the child died due to premature birth.

Xiaoli is hearty.She watched the nagging herself in the mirror vaguely, full of pain and regret in her heart, and she felt that she had lost everything.However, Xiaoli felt more and more angry about her mother -in -law.She scolded Zhang Xiulan as a murderer. She thought that without Zhang Xiulan’s superstition, the child might be able to be born peacefully.

She even quarreled with her mother -in -law, and she felt that her mother -in -law was not for the safety of her children, but for her superstition.Xiaoli felt that she was not just a child, but also her dignity and freedom.

Over time, Xiaoli gradually came out of grief and pain.She began to have her own life and future outlook.She gained a new job and made new friends.She began to recognize and discover the true meaning of her life.

Although she always has regrets and sadness in her heart, she knows that she is going in a good direction.She decided to live strongly, for herself, for the child who left her.This incident also made Li Ming start to reflect. He felt that he should think more about his wife and think about his family, instead of blindly accommodating his mother’s superstition.

Time has passed, and Xiaoli regains her life again, and she also understands the value of life more.She is no longer about Zhang Xiulan’s superstition, and she has become more mature and strong.She knows that in the road of life, she always encounters all kinds of difficulties and setbacks.However, in any case, she will be bravely faced and moves towards the future she has always wanted.

Through this story, Rui Rui has something to say that although her mother -in -law has a major responsibility in this matter, as Xiaoli herself and her husband, there are also certain faults.To stop it, you can completely avoid the occurrence of this tragedy. So what are the harm of premature babies?Do you know?

Premature birth will cause slow brain development, which will cause his low IQ and poor social ability.Because the brain is immature, it may also cause cerebral palsy and affect IQ. This is a relatively common sequelae of premature birth.

It is also prone to diseases related to the lungs, and some diseases cannot even get rid of their lives.In addition, his breathing will also have problems, such as suddenly stopping breathing during infants, which is the most common sequelae of premature birth.If it is immature, it is vulnerable to bacterial infection.The bacteria growing in the intestine can cause the intestinal rupture, and then the bacteria will run into other parts of the baby’s body, which may cause the baby to leave the world.

The eyes will also have a big problem, forming cataract, redness and swelling of the skin, ulcers, and less problems.There are many sequelae of premature birth, and the damage to premature babies is very huge. Babies born from the 28th to 33rd weeks have fewer opportunities for the above -mentioned sequelae of premature birth.

Then, if it is a baby born in the 34th weeks or later, there will be fewer questions.The body temperature is poorly adjusted, the body surface area is relatively large, the skin is thin, the blood vessels are rich, the blood vessels are rich, and it is easy to heat dissipation. The amount of brown fat is small.

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