Dare to eat "crab" first

Original title: Dare to eat "crab" for the first time

The shell is hard, the shape is peculiar, and the behavior is fierce. It is necessary to talk about the value. Crab is definitely not what you can eat.Dare to eat it? "For the new journey, in the new era, there are many" Lou Shanguan "and" Lakkoukou "that need to be conquered and overcome. These difficulties and challenges are like a" crab ".It is a must -answer in front of party members and cadres.

Dare to dare to eat.With dreams, there is a direction of moving forward, and the motivation to struggle; dare to do it to succeed.The successful experience of the first batch of special economic zones such as Xiamen, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Shantou shows that it has been promoting high -quality development in all aspects.Chong, I was struggling in hard work, facing difficulties in adversity, and moving forward in the wind and rain, so that the "stumbling block" turned "stepping stone", in order to open a new pattern of work and develop the new world.

You have to surpass the re -inventory.Ask a few more why it is not only the need for growth and progress, but also a steady forward.To implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and promote high -quality development, party members and cadres must adhere to summing up and reciprocating, be good at learning experience from success, and reflect on lessons from failure.Intelligent, breaking the cocoon into a butterfly in the thick accumulation, running out of the "acceleration".

If you want to forge ahead, you must stick to it.For party members and cadres, ideals and beliefs are the "calcium" of spiritual spirit. With a firm ideals and beliefs, we can adhere to the correct political direction and adhere to various risks and tests.We must diligent in self -examination, self -analysis, compare the party constitution and party discipline, often reflect on the gap between positions, quality, ability, will, etc., consciously clean up the "dust" in thought, and often do "disconnecting away from departure from the thoughts.With the sense of responsibility of "rest assured", it has promoted Yunnan’s high -quality leapfrog development.(Chen Sisi)

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