Damn after giving birth

In reality, we often encounter students asking, "Whoever is thin and thin, and the belly is thinner. Why is my belly obviously thin?"

Generally, we will answer this way, "If you practice the pelvis, you can lose weight."

This sentence has a deep underlying logic, now I analyze it!

After childbirth, the belly is large, and there are three reasons:

First, postpartum rectus abdominis is separated and pelvic foundation relaxation.

The abdominal rectus is separated, and the sienality of the lower abdomen becomes larger. This is a good understanding.

The pelvic bottom muscle is relaxed, and the pelvic cavity cannot be held.

In this case, the effect of the shape will be very obvious. As long as the relaxed basin bottom muscle practice is tightened, and the separated abdominal straight muscle practice will be closed.

We have special small classes, and we specialize in the training of this sector. The movements are simple and effective, and it is not easy to rebound.

Second, fat.

Fast, it is about the fat attached to the organs organs.

Fat, saying that subcutaneous fat.

Excessive fat, big belly, this is easy to understand.

But this time is not so fast.

If we want to eliminate the "fat" and "fat" of the abdomen, we have to understand how it comes.

The origin of fat, everyone can think of it because of too much intake of fertilizer oil, which is also the reason, but not fundamental.

We have received many cases. They pay attention to diet and do not eat too much greasy food, but their fat content is also very high.

Through conversation and observation, most of the following commonality:

Irregular work and rest, staying up late; I irregularly meals, hungry for a meal; I like to eat ice, fruits, iced milk tea, iced beer, iced cold dishes.

The root cause is the fundamental reason that the digestive system is not good.

People who have not digested well, high -oil and high -calorie foods that they eat cannot be discharged.

People with poor digestion are cold and low temperature.In fact, it should be on the other hand, the cold temperature of the belly is low, the digestive function degenerates, and the deterioration is worse.

Because the digestion of the internal organs requires a warm environment.For example, the digestive enzyme is very important in the digestive system. The digestive enzyme is extremely sensitive to temperature, and the catalytic effect of the temperature is low.

In addition, the temperature in the abdomen is low, and the human body will spontaneously think that it needs to keep warm and warm up. The most direct way is to hoard fat and cover it like a quilt.

Therefore, this kind of person, she needs to change her diet first and not eat ice food.Then improve your physique and warmer your abdomen.Finally, go to fat.

Many people did not realize this, and they were directly exhausted to get high -intensity fat burning. Although it was effective in the early stage, it was easy to rebound back.Because the cold physique in the abdomen has not improved, the body still grows fat back to keep warm.

Some people go to take diet pills and weight loss tea. This hurts the body will make the body colder, the belly is colder, and the rebound will be more serious.People with cold people eat these are more likely to cause side effects, dizziness and weakness, abound.

There are even more, go directly to the medical beauty, move the knife on yourself, pull out the fat, this hurts the body more.Anyone who moves with a knife will become weak, otherwise there will be no "postoperative recuperation" saying.

Third, the sacrum is upturned and the lumbar spine is bump.

This is a problem of structural. It is manifested as a large waist, and the forward is more obvious, and some even have obvious deep waistpot.From the side, she felt that her belly was pushed out.

This reason will be relatively complicated to deal with. It needs to correct the overall skeleton structure of the person, and it must also restore the body function of the body, such as ankle, pelvic, spine, chest cavity, and hands.

Go to the overall correction training, extend the spine flexibly, and correct the excessive waist structure, and the stomach will naturally be retracted.

Under normal circumstances, the belly caused by this reason will be accompanied by the symptoms of back pain. We generally suggest that members provide one -on -one private teaching guidance training and control the details.solve.

The above three reasons.Most people with large belly sacs are basically occupied by three reasons.

The correct approach is:

Improve your physique first, fill the stock of qi and blood in the body, smooth flow, and warm the abdomen of the ice.

Corrected the structure of the skeleton and the development of strengthening the body function. In the process, in addition to correction structure and enhanced function, it can also improve the physique well, excrete the wet and cold in the body, and also burn fat.

Basically it is a complementary closed loop.

This is the fundamental core of postpartum repair. What we do is:

At the same time, you can have a good body while you have a good body.

Easy to use and beautiful body

Easy to use and beautiful body

Good -looking and easy -to -use body

Now, I will share with you some simple actions that improve physical fitness. These actions are simple and efficient and non -damaged, suitable for men, women, and children to practice.

As for the correction structure and development function, the surfaces involved are relatively wide, and at the same time, we must have strong pertinence. We have to see the real person’s evaluation in order to have targeted ideas.

If you have a need, you can contact it privately, and it is available online and offline!

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