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Different from the albums shown in the documentary "The Gate". As a obstetrician, the moment of life and death, Cui Qing, director of the third department of Yantai Yuzhong Hospital, had no time to take care of others. Her eyes were only maternal and children.From the moment of opening the abdomen of the maternal to picking up the child smoothly, it seems that there is only a few minutes of effort, but it can often determine the fate of multiple families.

Despite the work of joy and vitality, Cui Qing and colleagues are not easy.With the liberalization of the second child policy, the proportion of pregnancy and the proportion of older pregnant women after cesarean section has risen. Baby and endless critical situations that may be born at any time make it harder to "welcome the new".As those who guard the "Gate", the burden on their shoulders is heavy.

High risks and high responsibilities, this time Cui Qing, who had just transferred from gynecology to obstetrics, doubted her choice.However, with professional ability, she led the team to safely welcome the arrival of new lives from the danger, and made her feel that all her hard work and efforts were worth it.Since the transfer of obstetrics in 2010, Cui Qing can no longer remember the birth of how many babies have been "supported", but with her superb medical skills and noble medical ethics, she has become the "first choice of the first choice of many novice parents in Yantai."" ".

Guarding the whole journey, and the "Palace Palace" for patients with multi -disciplinary disciplines

As a "invisible killer" on the road of production, in recent years, as the proportion of re -pregnancy after cesarean section has increased, the incidence of placental implantation has also increased significantly.

Providing nutritional placenta for the fetus, if you "run" the wrong position, may bring fatal consequences.Light causes maternal bleeding and shock. In severe cases, factor perforation and secondary infection can cause death.Therefore, the treatment of such patients tests the technical level of doctors.With years of experience accumulated in clinical practice, Cui Qing has long practiced a pair of "fire eyes and golden eyes", but even so, she will not leave the danger to the mother for a moment.Starting from the outpatient clinic, the patient escorted the number of mothers through the number of encryption checks and improved the inspection method. She successfully "circled" the dangerous "circle" within the controllable range.

During a 37 -year -old check -ups, 37 -year -old Li Qi (a pseudonym) was informed by the doctor that the risk of completely prevalent placenta implantation needs to be performed regularly every two weeks.Although careful throughout pregnancy, there was a problem when it was 33 weeks of pregnancy+6 days.Ultrasonic examination shows that her placental velvet is quietly close to infringing the uterine muscle layer, which has accumulated the upper end of the uterine and the lower end of the uterine body and the right back wall. The placenta implantation score is 8 points.Through the uterus, "rampant" in the abdominal cavity.At that time, her uterus was likely to be unable to keep it.

After the relevant inspection was improved, Director Cui Qing initiated a multidisciplinary consultation in the hospital, and analyzed and carefully evaluated the condition with detailed analysis and carefully evaluating the condition.Because Ms. Chen is implanted with penetrating placenta, if she continues to be pregnant, severe consequences such as uterine rupture, major bleeding, and blood loss shock will occur at any time, endangering pregnant women and fetal lives.After obtaining the consent of his family members, Cui Qing decided to adopt a cesarean section surgery.At the same time, the Department of Anesthesiology has also prepared autologous blood backward equipment in advance.

Despite psychological expectations, after opening Ms. Chen’s abdominal cavity, the scene in front of her was surprised by Cui Qing and the team.The rough and pedantic vascular clutter is entangled in the lower section of the anterior wall of the uterus, with a thick blood vessels of 0.5-1.0cm. The lower part of the anterior wall of the uterus is purple and blue near the cervix.Some forms.Cui Qing decisively chose the right position in the lower section of the uterus to cut the uterine and take out the fetus.At this time, the pediatric team on the side quickly took over and took the premature baby boy to take care of the ward.

But at the moment when the child’s ion was separated, the accident occurred. Although the fetus was taken for a temporary ligament of the uterine arteries after taking out the fetus, the autologous blood returning equipment had been connected.The amount of blood loss is nearly 5000 ml.At a critical moment, the anesthesiologist used autologous blood backward devices. Many anesthesiars were losing back and lost, and the purified 3000 ml of blood quickly returned to Ms. Li’s body.It took more than an hour, and Yantai Yuyu Ding Hospital’s multi -disciplinary cooperation, which not only successfully preserved the uterus for Ms. Chen, but also helped her to turn danger.

This is just a scene that Cui Qing stepped into the obstetrics, using professional skills to rescue the unusual scene of critical illness. It is accustomed to thinking more about patients and will make many plans in advance. With her professional level, Cui Qing has become a lot of people.The well -deserved "Dinghai God Needle" in my heart.

Dare to take responsibility, while "welcome the new", while Qiaoqing’s palace cavity "blocking road tiger"

The crowded uterus not only "lives" a large moon, but also hidden in the uterine fibroids of the goose eggs in the cervix in the lower part of the uterine. Have you ever seen this scene?A few days ago, the third department of Yantai Yuyu Ding Hospital had been admitted to such cases.Dare to be responsible for being willing to fight for the mother. While Cui Qingqiao used a wonderful hand to go out of the baby smoothly, he also stripped the cervical uterine fibroids for the novice mother.

Ms. Wang, 44, has been on the way to Qiuzi for many years. It was difficult to successfully conceive through the auxiliary reproductive methods. However, she was not happy for too long.tumor.The largest fibroids are close to 7-8 cm diameter, located near the cervix in the lower part of the anterior wall of the uterus.Ms. Wang, who was originally careful, therefore had more "fibroids" heart disease, fearing that the child would lose, and worried that fibroids could not be peeled during cesarean section. She could not sleep at night.Repeatedly begged Director Cui Qing to take out the uterine fibroids when he had a laparotomy.

"Not all fibroids are suitable for taking out during production. It is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the physical condition of the maternity, the position of the fibroids, and the relationship with the surrounding tissue." Director Cui Qing saidThe most common benign tumor. During pregnancy, fibroid pain syndrome is the most common complications of pregnancy and uterine fibroids, including red degeneration of fibroids, sterile necrosis or even evil changes.However, most of the pregnancy combined with uterine fibroids as long as the fibroid position does not prevent the fetal head from falling, and the fetal size is appropriate. It is not a indicator of cesarean section.

Considering that Ms. Wang is older and the position of uterine fibroids may block the "channel" of the baby’s out of the baby. After obtaining the consent of her family members, at 37 weeks+3 days, Cui Qing decided to perform a cesarean section for Ms. Wang. ForThis high -risk pregnancy is also a multi -disciplinary consultation before surgery. The anesthesiology department is ready to return the equipment.For example, the conditioning of the uterine fibroids is allowed to be performed simultaneously.Cui Qing’s idea is simple: even if he takes a little danger, as long as he can make the patient not be "sinned", it is worth it.

However, in the actual operation process, it is necessary to ensure the smooth delivery of the fetus, but also to ensure that the placental adhesion after childbirth or the postpartum hemorrhage caused by poor contraction.EssenceDuring the operation, Cui Qing led the team of two deputy chief physicians to come to power. The incision was selected in the lower part of Ms. Wang’s uterine, closely attached to the position of the fibroids, and at the same time, the method of mitigation was used to help the delivery.infant.In the process of waiting for the placenta to fall off, she was not idle. After clamping the uterus with the team, Cui Qing quickly stripped the uterine fibroids.However, the placenta has been sticking to the right corner of the uterus and cannot be delivered smoothly. In order to ensure the safety of the maternal life, Cui Qing was able to remove the placenta by hand and complete the wound sewing quickly with the close cooperation of the team.Due to proper operation, the bleeding during the operation was only about 1,000 ml, and the autologous blood was used to use 600 ml. After the operation, Ms. Wang quickly recovered and took the child to go home happily.

As if sailing in the storm, Cui Qinghe’s most commonly did is to "grab" the mother from the stormy waves and escort them to safely finish production.On the occasion of the maternal wandering on the edge of life and death, and the time to be born, the operating room will not leave any time for hesitation and hovering.At this time, she can rely on excellent technical and united tacit teams."Any operation is the result of the team’s efforts." Because of the technology and dare to be responsible, many people came from the name of Cui Qing, but she was never arrogant.

Cui Qing has long been accustomed to bitterness, dirty, and tired.But even so, she never gave up the "self -cultivation" and improvement of herself and the team."There are counting in your heart, so you can not panic." In Cui Qing’s view, the obstetrics of the obstetrics often have to grab the time with the death. Only by fully evaluating the situation of the maternity before giving birth."Some targeted" to better protect the safety of mother and baby.

For love, help the maternal in the early stage of eclampsia "thunder" to get a new life

"Gold Eye Department, Silver Surgery, and exhausting the obstetrics and gynecology department." The smooth spread of this industry is also the daily life of Cui Qinghe team.The seemingly warm and joyful obstetrics are "crisis in crisis" for doctors. If they are a little careless, they may regret it for life.During the 35 years of nursing, Cui Qinghe could not remember how many mothers who had accompanied him through the "Ghost Gate".A loud cry and a sentence "The second child is still looking for you" is their best medal.

Eclaness is one of the critical condition of obstetrics and is also known as "obstetric killer", which will seriously endanger the health of mother and baby.It is often a "accompaniment" for hypertension during pregnancy. Its hypertension during pregnancy includes hypertension during pregnancy, preliminary eclampsia, chronic hypertension concurrent eclampsida, and eclampsia.Among them, the early period of eclampsia refers to the increase in blood pressure and proteinuria after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and accompanied by symptoms such as headache, dazzling, nausea, vomiting, upper abdomen discomfort, and the development of hypertension during pregnancy to the worst stage.If it is not treated in time, it may seriously affect the health of mother and baby.

During pregnancy, she didn’t hold her mouth. Ms. Lin, 30, was more than 60 pounds. When she admitted to the hospital at 38 weeks of pregnancy, her weight had reached 240 pounds.What’s more serious is that the hypertension during pregnancy brought her a series of troubles: dizziness, nausea, and uncomfortable stomach. These discomforts dilute her joy of her mother.After improving the relevant inspection, Cui Qing suggested that her cesarean section surgery was required to consider the risk of signs of epilepsy.During the operation, the anesthesiology department strictly controlled blood pressure for it, while Cui Qing and the team stopped the child’s bleeding at the same time as the child, and finally the mother and baby were safe.

Since working in obstetrics, Cui Qing has experienced various production risks with the team, and she feels "like walking on the tip of the knife every day."How to simplify complex surgery and ingeniously help the most of the real work.From the incision, suture to the hemostasis and postpartum recovery, each link is crucial. In Cui Qing’s view, "surgery is painted", in fact, there are internal rules, which test technology and ingenuity.But as long as she can protect Wanjia happiness, she thinks how much dedication is worth it.

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Cui Qing, chief physician, professor, and director of the Third Department of Industry of Yantai Yuzhong Hospital.

He has abundant obstetric acute severe rescue, obstetric infectious diseases of pregnancy diabetes treatment experience, is good at pregnancy with uterine fibroids, pregnancy with ovarian tumors, dangerous front placenta, and placenta implanted surgical treatment.

The Executive Member of the First Perinium Medicine and Maternal and Child Health Professional Committee of the Shandong Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society, member of the Shandong Provincial Causes of the Shandong Province, and deputy chairman of Yantai City Perinters Medical Branch.Published 4 SCI papers, more than 10 national and provincial papers, and 4 discussions.3 municipal scientific research projects.

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