Crazy top -flowing female celebrities are pregnant and have children.

At the end of the year, all kinds of melons are endless.On December 29th, there were gourds on the Internet!

Netizens broke the news that there will be a top actress Xuan Shengzi next year, and 85 flowers will be excluded by the way.

Following the clue of "Except 85", Dili Reba was immediately suspected as a top actress.

Di Lierba has not appeared for a long time, and the red carpets at the end of the year have not participated, and Reba Studio has not been in the schedule for a long time.

The recent photos from Christmas also cleverly avoided the lower body, causing netizens to speculate.

Seeing the fermentation of public opinion, Dili Reba himself appeared in the abdominal muscles.

In the photo, Dili Reba was welcomed and her abdomen was flat.There was no shape, and he broke the rumor.

In fact, Di Lierba caused her pregnancy controversy this time because she almost did not show up in the second half of 2022, especially the large red carpets at the end of the year. In the past, Reba must have a place on the red carpet.But in 2022, there were few Dili Reba. Guan Xiaotong almost became the most female artist who walked the red carpet in 2022.

And according to netizens, Di Lierba has not been in the group for a long time, and fans do not know what she is doing. She can only urge her to enter the group to make a movie, which makes her feel a little crisis.After Yang Mi came out of Jiaxing, Dili Reba should be regarded as "a sister status" in Jiaxing, but there was no improvement in resources.

And at the time of Nianzhuan’s festivals, he was exposed to a large melon with a arrears of 100 million yuan. Many netizens are guessing whether Dili Reba will also run because of this.

After excluding Reba on the pregnancy, netizens pointed their fingers to Yang Zi. After all, there are few small flowers in the top flow. Netizens can only guess random now.However, Yang Zi has always been very active and participated in the recording of the Spring Festival Gala. It is almost all over the year.

At this time, some netizens came out to solve the confusion. Will this child melon refer to Ma Sichun, one of the winners after the Golden Horse Awards?

After all, Ma Sichun had been exposed before and had received a certificate, and went abroad to have children and feed.Netizens broke the news that many times encountered pictures can also see her belly bulge, suspected to be pregnant.Although it was exposed to selfies several times, it did not dispel the doubts of netizens.Even netizens speculated that she returned to China because she wanted to come back after giving birth.

At the end of the GQ ceremony at the end of the year, Ma Sichun returned to the red carpet and did not recover well. The whole person still looked very swollen.

But like this, netizens also guess a picture of the picture.As for who it is, it can be settled until the final exposure.It can only be said that you hope that your circle will dare to do it, and don’t have a set in person.

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