Cough, sneezing during pregnancy, will it break the water if you do not master the strength?Come to get the correct posture

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The expectant mothers who have experienced constipation during pregnancy should know what the pain that wants to "uh" but dare not work hard.

Most maternal worries will be during the stool during pregnancy: Will I come out when I work hard?

In fact, because if you are working hard, the abdomen is required, and the abdominal pressure increases, which will be squeezed to the baby.If you are too strong in the third trimester, you will not rule out the risk of breaking water.

In fact, if the abdominal pressure increases, the cough and sneezing will increase the abdominal pressure when the abdominal pressure increases.

If the expectant mother pays attention, the belly will feel tight when coughing or sneezing. This is due to the strong contraction of the belly that increases the abdominal pressure.

To say the impact, it may be a scared baby.Such a baby who is easily scared by sound indicates that his voice is more sensitive to the outside world, and even some expectant mothers can scare the fetal treasure, especially cute.

However, this kind of frightening is not tight, and the baby is used to it in the stomach to stay quietly or freely for a while.

There are not many people who have miscarriage due to sneezing or cough in real life. Maybe from the perspective of our ordinary people, the fetus stays in such a narrow environment.When a cough and sneezing, the baby is pushed again, it must be uncomfortable.

In fact, the fetal treasure is very comfortable in the uterus.The feeling of tightly wrapped them was warm and safe. The amniotic fluid was wrapped in amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid could cushion the small vibration brought by the outside. Therefore, the effect of cough and sneezing was not great.Amniotic fluid is very leisurely.

However, it should be noted that if the number of sneezing or cough is frequent and strong, it is still dangerous for pregnant mothers.Especially for quasi -mothers with habitual abortion or pre -placental and placenta, the possibility of danger is more likely.

Therefore, if the expectant mothers sneeze or cough, they still have to pay attention.

① It doesn’t matter if you sneeze and cough occasionally

Sometimes the nose suddenly itchy, or his throat suddenly itchy. It doesn’t matter if he sneezes and coughs. The expectant mother should not be too panic.

② Frequent sneezing or cough should be treated in time

Frequent sneezing must be found out first, whether it is a cold or rhinitis. It has to be inflamed or what happened to the cough. Go to the hospital for treatment in time to ease frequent sneezing and cough.

③ Pay attention to the correct posture

Although occasionally sneezing and cough are not a big deal, just in case, pay attention to the posture.

When you cough, cover your mouth with your hands or elbows. There are no special requirements, mainly because of the correct posture of sneezing.

● Press the nose with a paper towel or handkerchief with one hand. Do not pinch your nose or cover your mouth.

Some people feel that the sound of sneezing is impolite, so they will deliberately pinch their noses or cover their mouths so that their sounds are smaller, but in fact, this will increase intracranial pressure.Sometimes I feel that the eardrums are bulging, but they are not good for myself.

Put the palm of the hand with a paper towel to hold the mouth and nose with a hollow palm of the hand, and leave some space for the gas to discharge the bacterial virus. Otherwise, it may enter the middle ear drum chamber, causing some unnecessary diseases.

● Take a sitting or squatting position, put one hand on the back or thigh.

Some people are habitually bent forward and bowed their heads.This action is a bit dangerous for pregnant women.

Because this instant movement may cause damage to the intervertebral disc due to the sudden lumbar muscle twist and contraction of the lumbar muscles uncoordinated, and the expectant mothers may squeeze the stomach if they sneeze and bend over, causing the baby’s severe fetal movement.

Therefore, when sneezing, one hand is placed behind the back or on the thigh to support the body and protect the spine.If you have no time to sit down, you can take a squat posture in time in the early pregnancy, and you can also reduce the pressure of the chest and abdomen, which is also the probability of reducing the risk.

● If you want to sneeze, when your nose suddenly feels sour and itchy, you can use the index finger of both hands to compress the nose wings on both sides, which can inhibit sneezing. You can also try to press the person to suppress the sneezing.

The above is the answer to whether sneezing and cough will affect the fetus during pregnancy.

Maybe you read a lot of knowledge during pregnancy, but many knowledge do not pay attention to details.Careful in the early stages of pregnancy, so many expectant mothers will have a lot of doubts, like this seemingly rare and ordinary move actually contains some skills.

Be careful and cautious during pregnancy is not bad. Pay more attention so that you can spend a stable and healthy stage.

I am an orange mother, and I am happy to give you the popular mother and baby knowledge ~ This is the end today.See there any questions about the comment area ~

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