Corn can still be eaten like this, the elderly and children love very much, the key is not much to get teeth.

“”!Welcome to Sister Dan Huidou, today I will share with you a kind of corn’s fairy eating

Corn is also called Bao Rice, Jade Shutan, which is a common coarse grain in life. I believe everyone often eats.Do you know the nutritional value of corn?

Corn is rich in various vitamins, dietary fiber, linoleic acid, glutathione, protein, nuclearin, carotene, niacin, calcium and other nutrients.Among them, the content of vitamins is 5-10 times that of rice and wheat, and the nutritional value and health effects are ranked first in various staple foods.With such good coarse grains, it is recommended that you eat more tricks.

I don’t know how everyone usually eats corn?It is estimated that it is either boiled corn or stewed soup, is it already tired?Today, Sister Dan will share with you a corn’s immortal approach. It is sweet and soft, and adults and children love to eat.Let’s take a look at the detailed approach!

It is [cornbaba]

Ingredients: 3 sweet corn

detailed steps:

1. Make this corn baba, it is recommended that you choose sweet corn. Even if you do n’t put sugar, you do n’t put sugar, sweet and delicious, and your mouth is full.First peel off the corn leaves, leave the tender corn leaves, clean it, and cut off both ends with scissors. Soak it with light saline for 15 minutes.Time arrives, remove the drained water.

2. Put the peeled corn into mud with the wire rubber. It does not need to be very delicate, and a little granular tastes more fragrant.

3.3 corn out of 500 grams of corn paste. Children like to eat sweetly and add 45 grams of sugar. If you don’t like sweetness, you can let it go. This can be based on personal preferences.Add 150 grams of glutinous rice flour and 100 grams of rice flour.You do n’t need to add water to knead into a group.

4. Brush the drained corn leaves with cooked oil to prevent sticking.

5. Then take an appropriate amount of corn dough on the corn leaves, press flat, and put 2 red dates. You can also put raisins and nuts according to your preference.Just fold the corn leaf on a corn billet.

6. Then put the prepared corn ramy into the steamer, and steam the pan for 15 minutes after the water is boiled.

7. The steamed corn is fragrant and glutinous, which is really delicious.

8. The bite is super satisfied. My family is not tired for 3 days in a row. The whole family likes it.It is worth planting grass.

Well, the above is the content I want to share with you today. Can you like it?What are the delicious methods of corn?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. If you like Sister Dan, remember to follow, like, and collect it.Because with your attention is my biggest motivation.

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