Congratulations!Xiang Xiangtai suspected Guo Biting to be pregnant?Because the long -term martial arts renal function is only 70 years old

Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting have always been well -known loving couples since they got married last year.Although the love in the early years was once regarded by the outside world as a combination of "beauties and beasts", at the end, the two still overcome difficulties and came together.

After marriage, whether it is Xiang Zuo’s mother, or the husband and wife are actually very eager for having children.

Last year, Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo participated in a variety show in the Mainland, and made a very clear answer to the children in the show.

Xiang Zuo said in the show that he and Guo Biting were born in 1984, so they were both mice. Therefore, he was very eager to get pregnant and have children in 2020, just to make a family.

But thinking about it, Xiang Zuo, who had always been strong on the screen at the time, also rarely blushed his eyes, revealing that his physical condition seemed very unsatisfactory.

Because he often practiced martial arts in his early years, he often took painkillers and caused more serious damage to his renal function.Although he is currently only in his 30s, his kidney function is like an elderly person in his 70s.

At the same time, in addition to the unsatisfactory renal function, his hands, feet, knees, and shoulders were injured, so he was also afraid that his disease would inherit his next generation.

It is also regrettable that not only is Xiang Zuo’s physical health unsatisfactory, but Guo Biting’s physical condition is also not optimistic.

It is reported that in the show, Guo Biting revealed that in addition to heart disease, she also had symptoms such as arthritis and rheumatism.Coupled with long -term filming and advertising, she still has some anxiety.She is very afraid of being inherited to future children.

At that time, the physical condition of the two was always optimistic.But for these faces, they feel that they can be controlled, so she also encourages the two not to be discouraged, and don’t worry, children will always have it.

However, today, Xiang Zuo suddenly posted a picture through social media, and left a message saying: New members reported.

This simple graphic and text caused a lot of heated discussion on the Internet.This picture is the three trees shot Xiang Zuo.

Many netizens left a message saying that the three trees Xiang Zuo were not as simple as the three trees.Instead, the three trees are used as three mice.It seems to be implying that his wife Guo Biting has been successful!Regarding various speculations on the Internet, neither the husband and wife have made any response.

In fact, in the heart of Xiaobian, although Xiang Zuo is the second generation of the star and the second generation of the rich, he has his own side. He has no rich second generation. Instead, with his own efforts, he has become his own step by step.It is also a very admirable person.

In the early years, he stepped into the entertainment industry and did not be recognized by his father.However, he was strong in his heart, but he swear in his heart that he must make a famous hall in the entertainment industry.So he started his crazy life since then.

He got up at less than 5 o’clock in his early years to practice martial arts. After his crazy practice, he finally was recognized by his father.

Anyway, the pictures and messages from Zuo Zuo are indeed worthy of investigation.

As for Guo Biting really pregnant?Maybe only time can we tell us the answer!

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