Congratulations!36 -year -old Taiwanese actress Xiaotian was pregnant, rumored to have been engaged, and he was single for 6 years.

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Those friends who love to watch the well -known variety show "Kangxi are here" in those years should be very open -minded to the show, bringing a lot of laughter and sweet Zhang Kexuan.

Over the years, Xiao Tian’s feelings have not been smooth. She has been single for 6 years, and she finally reports good news in love early this year.Recently, according to Taiwan media reports, Xiaotian has already been happy and is ready to be a mother.

Earlier this year, Xiaotian was photographed by the media that she kissed a boy wearing glasses on the street.At that time, the boy carefully helped her put on a helmet. The two looked at each other affectionately and rode a locomotive together. They looked very sweet.

Later, the two also went to the convenience store to buy ice cream, and then fed each other on the roadside. In the end, they couldn’t help but kiss the sweetness. They looked full of love.

Xiao Tian Tian admitted that he really fell in love with the media at the time. The other party was younger than her, but her thoughts were mature.And Xiaotian feels that the other person really likes himself. In addition to being willing to share life for himself, he is also willing to suffer.

It is understood that Xiao Tian’s boyfriend is an outsider. She recently revealed that her boyfriend is younger than her, but she is also over 30 years old and is an office worker.Although it is a friend’s introduction, her boyfriend takes the initiative to pursue himself.

The 36 -year -old Xiaotian, after graduating from high school, won the championship because of participating in the "TV joke champion" program, and often appeared in front of the TV screen in funny forms.

Later, Xiaotian became a fixed guest of well -known variety shows such as "Entertainment 100 %" and "Star Games".Xiaotian also pretended to attract the audience in the show hosted by Cai Kangyong.She performed well in "Kangxi is Coming" and left a deep impression on mainland audiences.

Xiaotian always appeared in front of everyone in the image of fat at the earliest, but she later worked hard to lose weight. After successfully losing weight, she also published a book called "101 Methods of Fatty".

In 2012, Xiao Tian successfully lost his weight back to elementary school, and changed from a big round face to a sharp chin.After falling in love this year, Xiaotian’s figure seemed to have restored her roundness. I don’t know if she was happy or pregnant. Many people said that she was fat again.

Today, the Taiwanese media claims that Xiaotian is pregnant. As for the Taiwan media, she has revealed that she has obtained her mother’s manual (it is understood that pregnant women in Taiwan usually get the mother’s manual at the clinic at 12 weeks).And Xiaotian’s private social platform status is also displayed as engaged.

Taiwan Media asked, Xiao Tian’s boss B2, who revealed that she had seen Xiaotian two weeks ago, and felt that she did get a lot of weight.But because her figure is often fatter and thin, she did not notice whether she was really pregnant.

B2 said that as the owner of a brokerage company, she would not ask her. If she was really pregnant, she would say.

It is understood that Xiaotian’s current work trip this year is full, and the notice is as usual, and the workload is not adjusted because of suspected pregnancy.

The agent said that Xiaotian’s work continued to be in progress, and good news would tell you.As for whether it cannot be announced for three months, the agent said with reservation: "Thank you for your concern. If you have a happy event, you will announce it to everyone."

And Xiaotian’s agent said that she went to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, saying that Xiaotian would go to a fixed examination.Ask Xiaotian why Xiaotian will lead his mother’s manual.She finally said, "If you have certain, it will be officially disclosed again. After all, this is not a bad thing, but I want to ask her again." It is also equivalent to indirectly recognizing happy news.

In fact, looking back at Xiaotian’s emotional history, it has always been smooth.She once had a relationship with Taiwanese artist Zhang Fengqi. The two broke up after falling in love. After breaking up, they complained to each other to violence.

Xiao Tian once publicly stated that Zhang Fengqi was his first love after he grew up.After the two broke up in 2014, Xiaotian rumored that Xiaotian repeatedly threatened each other with light life.Xiaotian even ran to the parking lot and scratched the man’s car.

Xiao Tian later explained the scraping incident in the show. She emphasized that she could not accept that she was called "horror lover" by her ex -boyfriend.And Cai Kangyong stated on the spot: "You are not a horrible lover, you are terrible."

Xiaotian admits that he will become very humble when he loves, and he is afraid that the other party will leave himself.When the other party had left the door and left, he would kneel and asked the other party not to leave.For the violence of her boyfriend, Xiao Tian said that she was also an endurance type.

But the humbleness of love is not necessarily a good thing. Too much tolerance will only be exchanged for the other party’s non -cherishment.Xiao Tian Tian also mentioned a past thing in the show in the first two weeks. I do n’t know if it was a matter of falling in love with Zhang Fengqi.

Xiao Tian said that her boyfriend wanted to break up with him, but her grandmother didn’t like her dream. She said grievancely that this was the worst breakup experience in her life.

Speaking of Xiaotian’s life, it can be said to be very pitiful.She was abandoned by her biological parents and had an unhappy childhood.Xiaotian was born in Changhua, Taiwan Province. When her parents were born, she was relatively young and ignorant. She threw him to his grandparents and grandmother. Until the grandfather’s death, his parents did not return.

Xiaotian once mentioned his biological parents in the show, saying that they were not humans, they were waste, not only do not want their children, but their biological parents did not support them.

Her grandparents have died for many years. So far, Xiaotian still does not know the whereabouts of her parents. She admits that she has no parents since she was a child, so she didn’t feel at all.

Xiaotian also mentioned that the case of his parents can directly overthrow the concept of "raising children and preventing the elderly" in today’s society.

Since the exposure of the new relationship, Xiaotian has kept his boyfriend closed.Every time a media asked the relationship between the relationship, she always kept silent.It is understood that Xiaotian wants to protect her new relationship. It seems that Xiao Tian cherishes this difficult new relationship.

Xiaotian’s new boyfriend surnames Song and is engaged in the insurance industry.The two were engaged on social platforms, and they did not know if they were really engaged quietly.Whether it is true or not, it can be seen that the little couple determined each other’s firm attitude.

Some time ago, Xiaotian went out to play, and said on the social platform that he said: "Looking at the marriage of your friends to get married, the pregnancy of pregnancy is really happy for them."

She said that as long as he believes that he does not give up, he believes that he can also love herself fiercely, and one day he will get his own unique happiness.

Now that Xiaotian has been in love with her boyfriend for almost a year. If you are really happy, I believe everyone will be happy for her.

Xiaobian thinks that Xiao Tian is worth having a person who is good for her. Bless Xiaotian to harvest her own happiness, and hope she loves sweetness.If pregnancy is true, congratulations to Xiaotian, I wish the baby to be born smoothly.


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