Congratulations to Weng Fan, she lives as the most enviable woman

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Yang Zhenning’s eldest son Yang Guangnuo once commented:

"Weng Fan is a rare woman."

Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan joined hands with each other for 19 years, and the rumors kept loving.

Weng Fan used the fact that his choice was wrong.

In 2004, after the news of the marriage between Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning’s marriage, the two have been controversial.

Some people say that Weng Fan is a "gold worship".

Some people say that Yang Zhenning "does not respect for the old."

It turns out that public opinion has not stopped, and the relationship between the two seems to have never changed.

But now watching the two again, netizens are another sigh: Congratulations to Weng Fan, she lives as the most enviable woman.

Why are netizens "inverted" today?

Aside from the prejudice, we can find out that the relationship between the two may find the answer.

Yang Zhenning, a famous scientist in my country, is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He was born in Shuxiangmen, and his great -grandfather was the court official, and his father was a PhD in mathematics at the University of Chicago.

He himself is even more blue than blue.

From a young age, when I was a child, I could recognize the full thousand characters when I was four years old.

When he was in the second year of high school, he was admitted to the Southwest University of China.

When he was studying in the Southwest United University, he studied from Zhu Ziqing, Wen Yiduo, Wu Dazhen and other famous masters.

This makes his literary accomplishments very deep.

After graduating from the Southwest United University, he entered the Tsinghua Research Institute to study again, and then he went to the United States to study in the United States.

In 1957, he won the Nobel Prize, and he was only 35 that year.

In 1971, he visited China. As the first well -known Chinese scholar visiting China, he promoted Sino -US exchanges.

His behavior was praised by Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai.

Yang Zhenning’s resume must be amazed.

A small achievement in his life is the ideal that others are out of reach.

Compared with Yang Zhenning’s wonderful life, Weng Fan’s life is much more plain.

Weng Fan was born in Chaoshan, Guangdong. She has a lively and cheerful personality and is very good -looking.

Although her personality is a bit public, she is very intelligent.

In 1994, she was successfully admitted to Shantou University.

Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan are not at a level, so how do they know each other?

In 1995, Yang Zhenning and his wife Du Zhili went to Shantou University to attend the meeting.

Because many scientists attending the meeting are old, Shantou University has selected students to receive scientists.

Weng Fan, who performed well in the school, was cheerful, and carefully done, was selected by the school and went to receive scientists.

And she was responsible for receiving the Yang Zhenning couple.

Looking at the lively and cheerful girl in front of her, Du Zhili liked it very much.

Du Zhili felt that Weng Fan was as loved as his little daughter.

"Classmate Weng Fan, thank you for looking at the two of us. This is my address. We can contact."

Du Zhili looked at the little girl in front of her, rubbing her head with a smile.

"Okay! Teacher."

Weng Fan suppressed his inner ecstasy and reached out to pick up the letter with the address.

Since then, Weng Fan has often communicated with Du Zhi Ji Shu.

Du Zhili will answer doubts for Weng Fan, and Weng Fan will also tell Du Zhili a lot of interesting things.

Gradually the two became forgotten the year.

Weng Fan will tell Du Zhili in his heart. When Weng Fan Xiang Du Zhili told Du Zhili that she wanted to take the postgraduate entrance examination, Du Zhili also suggested that she go to the United States to study in the United States.

But Weng Fan didn’t go, she fell in love.

After graduating, Weng Fan met her ex -husband, and both thought that when they met true love, they quickly got married.

But after getting married, Weng Fan was not happy. She felt her life in full -time at home.

When she married her husband, she was too ideal. When facing reality, their love was difficult to support.

The marriage between the two went to the end, and Weng Fan divorced his ex -husband.

Weng Fan decided to continue her ideal, and she was admitted to the graduate student of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Weng Fan and Teacher Du Zhili still contacted. Until the day in 2003, Weng Fan heard a bad news.

One day in October 2003, Mr. Du Zhili died unfortunately due to illness.

When hearing this bad news, Weng Fan was very sad.

When he was sad, Weng Fan suddenly thought that someone must be more sad than her, that was Yang Zhenning.

Yang Zhenning and his wife Du Zhili joined hands for 53 years. They met each other and accompanied each other for nearly half of the years.

The sudden death of his wife made Yang Zhenning very painful.

His wife, who accompanied for decades, suddenly left, leaving him alone.

He felt unprecedented loneliness and pain.

When Yang Zhenning didn’t know how to get rid of the pain, Weng Fan appeared in Yang Zhenning’s world.

After hearing the bad news of Du Zhili’s death, Weng Fan wrote a letter of condolences to Yang Zhenning.

Seeing the painful teacher, Weng Fan was very worried, so he often sent a letter to Yang Zhenning.

The long -term letter exchanges made the relationship between Yang Zhenyu and Weng Fan gradually became familiar.

Weng Fan was convinced of Yang Zhenning’s talent.

Yang Zhenning, who was born in Shuxiangmen, and rich life experience, can help Weng Fan answer many doubts in life.

In 2004, Yang Zhenning invited Weng Fan to meet. It has been almost ten years since the two of them met last time.

After meeting each other, the conversation was very pleasant.

Yang Zhenning looked at the lively and cheerful in front of him, and was a bit similar to his ex -wife. He was very happy.

After his wife Du Zhili died, Yang Zhenning often sat in front of his wife’s photo.

There is only him in the family. He feels that this family’s unprecedented quietness is like a pool of dead water.

The arrival of Weng Fan allowed him to temporarily escape the lonely life.

So Yang Zhenning called Weng Fan when he was free.

In the long run, the relationship between the two was one step closer.

Frequent connections give Weng Fan an illusion of love.

She and Yang Zhenning will call the other party as soon as they have time. After hanging up the phone, she is looking forward to the next call.

This made Weng Fan overwhelmed, and she did not know how to face her choosing to travel.

Even if you travel, Weng Fan still wants Yang Zhenning in his heart, thinking of the appearance of him talked, very excited.

And Yang Zhenning also missed Weng Fan very much, and he missed the girl who teased his happiness.

The two people who missed each other did not make an invitation invitation to the same tour.

During the 11th holiday in 2004, Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning agreed to travel to Beihai, Guangxi.

Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning confirmed each other’s minds in this trip.

During this trip, the two were like a normal little couple, riding the same bicycle together and playing on the road.

He also raised his hand naturally.

After this trip, the relationship between the two had changed significantly.

On December 22, 2004, Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning got married.

Before the two got married, Yang Zhenning went to Weng Fan’s house.

He and Weng Fan’s parents understood the situation of each other.

After receiving the consent of Weng Fan’s parents, Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning got married quickly.

But after the news of the marriage of the two broke out, it attracted the discussion of netizens.

The huge age difference between the two made netizens very unbelievable.

Some people say that Weng Fan is for Yang Zhenning’s money. Yang Zhenning is young because of Weng Fan.

Some people say that Yang Zhenning is "Wanwan Classic", because Weng Fan and Du Zhili are a bit similar.

In the face of these bad remarks, Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning did not ignore it.

Especially Weng Fan, she did not let Yang Zhenning see a vicious comment, and she did her best to maintain Yang Zhenning.

Yang Zhenning once said that his love with Weng Fan will become a Roman history in the future.

In order to be more worthy of Yang Zhenning, Weng Fan decided to study.

In 2022, Weng Fan entered the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University for a PhD.

She hopes that her vision can be more open and have more topics with Yang Zhenning.

Even if the two are very low -key daily, there are still many rumors of two people.

The news of Weng Fan’s pregnancy was reported on the Internet. American reporters who learned that the news also called Yang Zhenning.

"Professor Yang, congratulations, you are happy."

Hearing such greetings, Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan couldn’t laugh and laughed. Weng Fan was not pregnant at all.

There are still many such oolong incidents.

On September 22, 2021, Tsinghua University held Yang Zhenning’s 100th birthday.

At this meeting, Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan appeared in hand on the venue.

Weng Fan is more beautiful than before.

She was wearing a red skirt, dignified and beautiful.

The theme of this meeting is very meaningful. At the beginning, I hope that people will last long and a thousand miles together.

Those who attended this meeting were very happy.

But after all, Yang Zhenning was already old, and the boat and car made his spirit very bad.

It is reported that after this meeting, Yang Zhenning had to be hospitalized due to excessive labor.

After the news of Yang Zhenning’s hospitalization came out, Yang Zhenning began to appear on the Internet.

In the face of such news, Yang Zhenning’s husband and wife ignored it.

However, Weng Fan was more attentive when taking care of Yang Zhenning. After all, Yang Zhenning was already a centenarians, and his physical fitness could not be compared with before.

Yang Zhenning had a high fever to 41 degrees, and this situation frightened Weng Fan.

But under Weng Fan’s careful care, Yang Zhenning gradually recovered vitality.

On April 3, the media broke out that well -known scientists Yang Zhenning and Lin Qingxia and others received honorary doctorates from the University of Hong Kong.

At the same time, there is also the gratitude video of Mr. Yang Zhenning.

The appearance of the video gradually dissipated the rumors on the Internet.

The love between Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan gradually made netizens no longer resist the two.

Some people start to bless the two.

In 2006, Yang Zhenning said in the show that after his death, he agreed to marry Weng Fan.

Yang Zhenning knew that he would not be able to accompany Weng Fan for too long, after all, he was already a centenarians.

He was very clear about his physical condition.

In order not to let Weng Fan regret it and make herself feel at ease, Yang Zhenning asked Weng Fan to freeze the egg.

"Fanfan, I hope you can have your own child."

"I won’t be too long when I accompany you, I don’t want you to be alone in this world."

"If you regret it, you can find happiness again."

But my love for you will not change.

Yang Zhenning’s love for Weng Fan for decades for decades.

When Weng Fangang and Yang Zhenning were together, the two of them were completely opposite.

Weng Fan is youthful and vibrant young people. She likes to stay up late to chase the drama, does not like to get up early, and she doesn’t like breakfast.

But Yang Zhenning is accustomed to living early and getting up early.

In order not to affect Weng Fan’s rest, Yang Zhenning would hide in the toilet to read the newspaper when he got up early, and did not affect Weng Fan.

Weng Fan, who was with Yang Zhenning, really felt loved.

She didn’t want Yang Zhenning to be so hard, so she took the initiative to adjust her schedule.

Start to go to bed early and get up early, accompany Yang Zhenning to exercise, and accompany Yang Zhenning as much as possible.

Weng Fan once said in the show: "Her life is like the ivory tower in the ivory tower."

Weng Fan likes to live with Yang Zhenning very much. She feels very peaceful in her heart.

The combination of the two is the result of deep thought.Yang Zhenning is well -informed and admired Weng Fan very much.Yang Zhenning led Weng Fan into the field that Weng Fan had never touched before.

Make Weng Fan’s life more exciting, raised Weng Fan’s horizon, and made Weng Fan better.Being able to marry love and is loved by people who like it, this is what many women expect, and Weng Fan owns.

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