Congratulations: These major signs of women’s bodies suggest that the baby is going to come!

In the first month of conception, pregnant women could not feel the beginning of a new life.However, there are some important signs that will constantly remind women who may be pregnant.So, what is a signal that a woman is pregnant?Let’s take a look.

1. Edema, spasm and back pain

Many women may mistake these symptoms as the symptoms of pre -syndrome, but in fact, this is due to the changes in hormones and the natural response of the human body caused by the growth of the uterus. Of course, there is no harm.

2. Symptoms similar to colds

In the early stages of pregnancy, the reason why pregnant women’s body temperature increased was caused by the secretion of progesterone in the body. At this time, pregnant women may feel similar to colds: headache, nasal congestion, body weakness, etc.

3. Menstruation stop

This is the key point to determine whether you are pregnant.If the previous menstrual cycle is normal, then if the menstruation stops for more than 10 days and has no reliable contraceptive measures before, it is likely to get pregnant.

4, nausea

The feeling of sensitive and nausea and vomiting is the symptoms that most pregnant women can experience.Early pregnancy nausea may occur at any time of the day.This is mainly due to the decrease in gastric acid secretion caused by the increased gonadotropin in the choric membrane. As the gastric acid decreases, the activity of the enzyme has also been suppressed, which eventually leads to poor digestive function.At this time, pregnant women will have symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

5. Fatigue

A few weeks before pregnancy, your body will work 24 hours a day to support pregnancy, and fatigue becomes a physical response.The progesterone after pregnancy will increase your basic body temperature, so you will lack physical strength.And the higher your heart rate, the more oxygen is provided for the uterus, so you will feel tired.

6. Breast swelling

One or two weeks after conception, the breasts became particularly soft.Because the body produces many estrogen and progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy, the gland of the breasts begins to grow.These hormones make breasts easier to store more breast milk, so the breasts are more inflated and painful than before, and they are more sensitive than early syndrome.

7, flatulence

During pregnancy, due to the weakening of gastrointestinal activity, intestinal qi often accumulates and cause unpleasant abdominal distension, and does not require special treatment.These measures are designed to help pregnant women identify flatulence foods, guide choices that are easy to digest, avoid excessive satisfaction, and meet the physical needs in a small number of meals.It is recommended that pregnant women develop the habit of timing defecation.Proper exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent and relieve abdominal distension.If necessary, use laxatives or soft stools according to the doctor’s instructions to keep the feces unblocked and help reduce the symptoms.

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