Common questions during pregnancy, the answers are here

Welcome to the arrival of new life is a sweet and full -time thing.However, pregnancy has never been easy.What problems do I often encounter during pregnancy?Shen Hui, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics department of Taikangxianlin Drum Tower Hospital, answered for everyone.

Correspondent Pan Xianxian Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Cai Yunqi

How to choose a delivery hospital?

After a woman confirms her pregnancy, she needs to go to the hospital to build a card to record the examination time, inspection items, and examination of the entire pregnancy. In this way, the doctor will know more about the situation of pregnant mothers. If pregnant mothers have emergency situations, they can quickly take measures.

Choose a regular hospital with qualifications for production, and try to be as close as possible. Generally, you can choose a hospital 10 kilometers from home. If the pregnant mother’s due date is advanced, the hospital can seek medical treatment quickly.

Pregnant mothers can first check whether the environment of the alternative hospital is comfortable or have enough space for pregnant women to wait.

If pregnant mothers have high -risk factors, such as elderly maternal mothers, basic diseases such as thyroid diseases, diabetes, or complications of pregnancy complications such as prefabricated placenta, threatened abortion, etc.In this way, it can provide guarantee for the safety of pregnant mothers.

What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should especially do a good job of preventing colds, such as wearing masks to minimize in -public places and enhance their resistance.

If you have a cold, pregnant mothers should rest as possible, drink more warm water, eat light diet, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; if you want to relieve nasal congestion or uncomfortable throat, you can rinse your mouth with light saline.

If the symptoms of colds are not obvious, it is recommended to be temporarily used for medication. After three months (the risk of tears decreases), the medication can be used under the guidance of the doctor.If there are high fever, pregnant mothers need to seek medical treatment in time.

What should I do if I have indigestion during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are affected by hormone levels in the body, and there will be problems such as gastrointestinal dysfunction, reduced gastric acid secretion, and extension of gastric hollowing time. It may lead to digestive adverse symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

Under normal circumstances, it can be improved through a reasonable diet.It is recommended to eat less meals and eat some light, digestible foods, such as porridge, soy milk, milk and fruits.Eat less and less digestible greasy and fishy foods.

Pregnant mothers try to keep herself a pleasant mood and avoid the psychological state of nervousness or anxiety.You can also perform appropriate amounts of exercise, such as walking and yoga, and do some favorite exercises within the scope where the body can withstand, which can not only relax the body and mood, but also help digestion.

What should I do if I feel difficulty during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s bulging uterus is oppressed to the chest, and the lung volume is reduced. When lying down and rest, the uterine compression of the chest cavity is more powerful, which can easily cause breathing difficulties.

When lying down, pregnant mothers can use a few pillows to raise the upper body to reduce the compression of the uterus in the stomach. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the left lying position can be used to improve the difficulty of breathing and chest pain.Difficulty breathing may also be related to reasons such as pregnancy anemia. You can ask the doctor to check and judge during the checkup.

What to do during insomnia during pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers have the trouble of insomnia. You can try the following methods to improve: 1. Sleep less during the day and drink less water at night; 2. Drink as little tea, milk tea and coffee as much as possible; 3. Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed; 4.Use less electronic products, mobile phones and tablets before going to bed, and the light of mobile phones and tablets will inhibit the secretion of melatonin and interfere with sleep; 5. Look at a book that makes you boring.Just turn it out again; 6. Moderate exercise, the fatigue after exercise can easily let you fall asleep.

How to choose the method of childbirth?

The method of childbirth is mainly natural childbirth and caesarean section. Choosing the method of childbirth should be determined according to the physical condition of the pregnant woman and the specific condition of the fetus.

If pregnant mothers have abnormal fetal positions, internal distress of fetal palace, excessive weight of fetal weight, and scar uterus risk of rupture, etc., take surgical delivery.Before choosing the method of childbirth, doctors will also conduct relevant examinations on pregnant mothers, and give the most suitable childbirth advice based on the situation.

Author: Cai Yunqi Pan Xianxian

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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