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Ghost fetus 03.

The doctor said that I was two weeks pregnant, but my boyfriend died for a month.Holding the progesterone value in my hand, my hands kept trembling at the slightly bulging belly, thinking that my boyfriend was always warm with me in the dream.For a moment I was shocked: Is it a ghost?I screamed and opened my eyes fiercely.The alarm of the phone next to the mobile phone sounded immediately, and it was a dream.This time I didn’t get up in a hurry, but touched the bedding beside me first.The sun shot into the room through the half -covered window, and the breeze blows into the house to sweep the depressed atmosphere. The air has a faint fragrance. The continuous ghostly pressing bed dreams makes me feel physically and mentally, and slowly sitting up to feel the body and feel that my body is more physical.There is a soreness.

The bedding is dry and the floor has no footprints.I am convinced that I am not dreaming now. Maybe I really love Ang Heng to make his soul reluctant. I always come to me in the middle of the night, but I was touched on the single.I feel very puzzled.When the mobile phone was caught when he was contemporary.When is Lin Ranran, do you still come to work?A girlfriend came from the phone.Xiaomei had a hurry and anxious voice.Isn’t Xiaomei more than eight o’clock now?What?It’s almost 11 o’clock now. I was frightened to get the phone in front of me. It did show that it was more than 11 o’clock, but I clearly remembered that before going to bed last night, I transferred the alarm to 8 o’clock in the morning.I have always got up very on time, and I don’t have to take a lot of effort to wash it.I ran to the company to sit in front of the computer, and I also worked without thought, and all the pictures of Angren flashed in my mind.Xiaomei on the side handed a cup of hot tea: Ran Ran.Aheng and I are also a good friend. I really don’t know how to comfort you. I can only say that the festival has changed smoothly.Thank you Xiaomei, but I just think … I feel that Ang Heng has not left him and still beside me.

As soon as Xiaomei held my hand, she had a worried look, and life had to pass.I believe Ang Heng doesn’t want you either. He has been immersed in the pain that lost him, and he is with me every night.And he seems to have any secrets to tell me, the more I said, the more excite the colleagues, the unbelievable eyes of the colleagues around.Are you OK?I looked up as Ang Heng’s best buddies Chen Ming.Ran Ran said that Aheng came back to see her.Xiaomei whispered: At this time, she was sweating with my palms, and it may be scared by my words.Aheng loves Xiao Ran so much, of course, he is reluctant, but Ran Ran, I think you still have to rest well, I really didn’t lie to you.

Before Chen Ming’s birth, the four of us were the best friends and colleagues of Shigawa Island. That trip was also a group building that we initiated in the company.Not a dream.In the middle of the night, he would walk out of the bathroom as usual as usual, and his footprints on the ground.He had used my toothbrush to drink my cup. This could not be fake. It must be that Aheng came back to me.Both looked at me very worried.Suddenly Xiaomei flashed, right, maybe we can ask someone to ask.Chen Ming and I asked with each other: Yes, it is similar to asking Mi to jump the gods, and ask the late dead soul to ask.Is it really possible?I really have the right to speak.

A few years ago, my grandma died, and he told all my grandma and the little things I knew.Xiaomei, can you invite him to me?There should be no problem.But the goddess was a little weird. I always thought that the goddess in Xiaomei’s mouth was a woman, but I didn’t expect to be a man who was quite old.On the day of the meeting, the goddess did not rush to my house, but instead said that he would find a place to live.In his words, it is to say hello to the underworld ruler of the city first.I guess he wanted to find the information before Angkang.Chen Ming did not have a low voice after the goddess left, and he whispered in my ear that I didn’t think so much, I just wanted to communicate with Ang Heng quickly, see if there is anything else he is gone.idea.

I glanced at Chen Ming: I knew that there were only things and I Hengzhi tomorrow night.When I came home that night, I felt a lot of relaxation, and I had a small expectation in my heart.After all, for more than a month, I did not really see A Heng with what I said on the Internet. I was lying on the bed and thinking about the bit of our love.From the encounter of just work, Ang Heng is open to the sun.He is the team leader of our group. His ability to work is very strong and is treated by his boss.He was like a dazzling sun, surrounded by countless flowers, but he looked at the unknown meal.Our love story is sweeter than honey, but we can only use life and death.The tears dropped on my photo with Aheng, and the sound of water dripping next to my ears became louder.

In front of the frosted glass in the bathroom, his eyes shouted at the bathroom: Are you looking at me again?I didn’t dare to turn on the lights, afraid to scare A Heng’s soul.He got up in the dark, pushed the door of the bathroom lightly with his hands, and the bathroom was dark. There was any figure, but there was still a pool of water on the ground of the washbasin.The vague shadow coincides.Aheng, do you have any wishes?Xiaomei found the goddess tomorrow, and the goddess will be here tomorrow. What do you want to tell me?However, this night Ango did not show up again, and I slept very well.

I couldn’t wait to contact Xiaomei early in the morning, but when I picked up the phone, there was a knock on the door outside the door.There are not many friends, and it is impossible for anyone to say that.I asked cautiously: Who, the knock on the door stopped at the door.When I thought it was a naughty child, the rapid knocking came again: who!I walked directly to the door through the cat’s eyes and saw the goddess wearing a loose black.He stood straight outside the door and repeatedly knocked on the door. If it wasn’t for the day, I was scared to death.The moment I opened the door, the goddess stared at me straight, and the eyes were as sharp as eagle eyes. Didn’t you say that he came over at night?

Why did I come early in the morning? The eyes of the goddess looked directly from me and looked directly into the room.He was holding a compass in his hand, and he thought of his words in his mouth. He was so rich. I am afraid that your boyfriend died of injustice, and it seemed that there was still a major mind.After he heard it, I stunned, in fact, I also kept a doubt about Aheng’s death.Angmeng has grown up with water at the sea since he was a child. The reason for the death of falling water is indeed a bit forcibly. However, the facts of the police investigation are. No, I haven’t told you that the people in the house are, how do you know that it is my boyfriend.Speaking of my heart, I felt even more incredible and panic.The goddess has passed by me directly to the room. How do you know that the person I am looking for is my boyfriend?Did Xiaomei tell you?At this time, I didn’t stop it around the goddess, but I saw his hand pushing it on the side. It seemed that there was something to block him.

The weird move of the goddess surprised me. I stepped forward and asked again: Does my boyfriend have always been in this room, and the goddess did not face my question.If Xiaomei told me in advance, the goddess was a bit weird. I think I had called the police at this time. I saw that he had a compass and looked at it in the corner until he came to the bathroom.His expression was very dignified. Is this often wet?I was shocked, and naturally he heard the meaning of the goddess wanting to express.In the middle of the night, I often have a pool of water here. Did Ang Heng come to me?

The goddess stayed in front of the mirror, and his eyes stared straight at the mirror, and his appearance gradually looked a little blurred.At this moment, the goddess pulled out a piece of rune paper from his pocket to throw it in the air, and immediately burned. The person in the mirror turned back clearly. How could this be?The goddess of the day stared at me with the eagle eyes, but it became softer: Do you have a ghostly bed at night?In the past few weeks, I have often dreamed of it. Most of them are still dreams, and ghost beds are even more commonplace.Your boyfriend is a bit fierce. I think your spirit is poor, and you can take time to check your body.What do I mean by my wife?But I did have some recent physical condition.

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