College students have forbidden fruit for the first time, and they are opposed to their parents. Is it stupid to defend love with death?

College student Guo Bao and Yan met each other on the campus, studied together, and said that they worked hard for the future … All kinds of plans were stolen for the forbidden fruit to disrupt.The parents of both sides knew this, and both adopted an excessive way to make this incident a tragedy -莜莜 莜莜 双 双 双 双 双, leaving Guo Bao to bear the weight of love …

Talkman: Guo Bao, 22 years old, student

I am just an ordinary college student, and I talked about an ordinary love.However, this love destroyed the happiness of the two people, and I also lost the only and favorite girl.To this day, I don’t know who should blame anyone, maybe the most hate is myself.

Knowing 次 was in an environmental lecture. She and a group of girls sat in the front row in front of me. The middle of the notes, she dropped the ball bead pen and pushed back my arm. "Can you pick me up?" I like it.Her eyes were so bright that she wanted to dodge, and her smile was simple and beautiful.After class, I sent her back to the bedroom.

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We probably have a little fate. We were sent to her downstairs. We both found that our bedroom actually only separated the path, that is, to find out from my room and call her name, she can be able to call her name, she can be able to call her name.Smile with me to talk to me.

The love in the school is like pure water, very simple and sweet.I went to study with myself, singing, and dating, and my life was very moist and romantic.

Our university is one of the best schools in Wuhan. We say that it is okay. We must read the name of the name to be worthy of the parents’ raising.My cousin finished the doctor and stayed directly to teach.My parents are very envious of a son who is so angry and always ask me to learn from him.

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I have always kept them reassuring. However, in love, I did not listen to them.The dating does occupy the time of self -study, but it is the treasure in my hand, and I can’t bear to put it.

Compared to my home in the countryside, the environment at home is much better."In his hometown of Xi’an, Dad has two factories, and we live in the most beautiful villas in the city …" She was rich and rich, but she was simple and pure, and she was not coquettish at all. On the contrary, with me, I especially knew how to save.There are too many things I love on her. I really hope that she will always hold hands with her to graduate, forever.

With a girlfriend, I tried to ask my mother a few words. Without finishing the words, she was furious: "Never! Can you read the book in love?"Your cousin is aligned. If you are behind, you will lose our face! "Mom firmly opposed my love.

When I returned to school that night, I was very depressed. I pulled my cricket and rushed to the small restaurant outside the school to drink stuffy.She also accompanied me to drink. Looking at me, she knew everything.

At 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, the bedroom was closed, and none of us went back.The grass field is so empty, the stars are shining, just like her tears."Otherwise, let’s break up, I don’t delay you …" "No, I can’t do without you!" I hugged her and kissed her, not allowed her to say a bitch.

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That night, I shouldn’t drink too much, let alone watched a limited -level movie with my buddies in the bedroom in the past few hours. I couldn’t control myself.Forbidden fruit …

After half a month, I suddenly refused to see me, the phone was not answered, and the text message did not return.I was in a hurry, went to her classroom to find her, pulled her hand, and asked her what happened.Her face rose flushed, and when she was gone, she cried, "I didn’t come … I’m afraid it was, I’m pregnant!"

I was embarrassed, I couldn’t believe it, and if I accidentally had a problem, I had a problem.I comforted her and waited, and for a while, she agreed.

After another month, she told me palely that she listened to the radio of the midnight gear, "There is a way to tell others how to judge pregnancy … Guo Bao, I’m really pregnant."No matter what happened, I am with you. "

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I went to call carefully and asked about a private hospital. After looking for a weekend, I took a cricket and ran to Hankou’s H hospital.

I was so anxious outside of the ward and worried about it.Fortunately, the operation was smooth. In less than an hour, she came out weakly. I stepped forward to help her. As soon as she wanted to leave, I heard a familiar voice, "Hey, Guo Bao, what are you doing here?" Looking backAt first glance, my heart sank, the daughter of the third aunt, my cousin.I heard that she was a nurse in the hospital, but I didn’t expect it to be so coincidentally. It was actually at the H hospital!

She looked at it and laughed, "Oh, your boy! You want to know, don’t pick up your skin!"

I was shivering. My mother thought I would break up with my cricket. If my cousin told it, my mother had trouble when I was in school … I was afraid of all the time.All agreed. "" Okay, give me 5,000 yuan! "

I took all the living expenses of the whole semester to her, and then left the H hospital with a fled.

I thought it was over, but my cousin didn’t let me go.Half a month later, she called and continued to find me for money. This was obviously ransom, but we couldn’t hear it.

She wants more than 10,000, 20,000, and finally 150,000.I have no money, I can only rely on my home.Her parents were all businessmen, and they were willing to her, and money came over and gave all her cousin.

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In those days, we lived hard.没有 I need nutrition, but I have no ability to give her some good.When we bought the steamed buns in the cafeteria, half of her, half of me, swallowed it in boiled water -we had to save money and seal the cousin’s mouth.

One week later, I avoided me again, and I felt that the situation was not good.

I stood downstairs in her bedroom and waited from the early morning to late at night.I finally went downstairs. She rushed to cry in my arms. "Your mother came to our class, scolded me shameless, seduced you, and couldn’t read it well …" My blood rushed straight into my head.

This incident shocked the counselor and the family who was far away in Xi’an.Two days later, her parents came to school.That was the first time I saw her dad. The tall man walked straight towards me. Before I came back, I had two slaps on his face.

Nothing was concealed, and it was even worse than expected.

I always remember that crazy afternoon, and the door of the teaching building made a mess.All teachers and students are around us.She was crying, her father took a few big men, drove a black car, and pulled her up.I rushed to stop, and his fist fell on my body … I and I was a teacher who was optimistic about Baoyan, and both cadres.Now let everyone know our shame.

The dad of the puppet shouted, "Transfer, never go back to Wuhan again!" The car drove away. I chased behind and cried while running. I seemed to be able to hear the voice of 莜莜. She was calling my name.I don’t want to leave her.

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I ca n’t stay in the school. When I return home, my hate most is my mother.If she doesn’t go to such a noisy, the school will not set off these waves. "I want to be with her, wherever she is, I will find it."

In the night, I bought a ticket to Xi’an. According to the address I said to me, I found the villa area.I rushed forward and knocked on the door. The door opened. It was her father. He titted his face and pushed me out.

I don’t blame him, really, these are my fault.I hate my books that have been read for so many years, but I have been hurting my favorite girl.

I stood at the door, from dawn to darkness.The dew wet my hair and clothes. I looked at the window on the second floor and wanted to see it.

Wake up in a confused, with a bowl of noodles and a coat.It was her mother distressed me and sent it secretly.I was sober at once, don’t want anything, I just want to see her, crazy want to see her!I screamed her name exhausted, again and again.

She really revealed her head, pale, helpless, embarrassed."Forget me, our family will not agree with us together. Dad said, I lost my family’s face … You can read a good job, you have to go back." She cried and persuaded me, finished those who finished those who finished those who finished those those who finished those who finished those who finished.Then she disappeared.I continued to wait, I was iron -hearted, and let her parents move.

After standing for two days and two nights, I was so weak that I was so weak.On the night of the third day, her door was suddenly opened. Several people came out with one person. I couldn’t see her face. I only saw the blood of Didi, and flowed along the steps.

What’s going on here?I caught up and the car had gone.I know, it was a cricket, the darkness was dark, and I was dizzy.

Once again, I was in the hospital, the woman around me, my eyes were covered with blood, and tears continued to slip.That’s a cricket’s mother. My heart was cold and sat up all at once, "What about her? She?" She took me to a cold room, white cloth covered her body, I used to hugPut the person.

"She really loves you, we are wrong." Her mother cried. "She tried a lot of methods to commit suicide, took medicine and opened gas, she just wanted to die …" Her mother was in pain.

My heart has a knife.I hope that the one who is lying under the white cloth is me.I hate myself, and I hurt her, all of my fault … The dad of the puppet rushed over, if it weren’t for her mother, he would strangle me.

Her mother sent me to leave Xi’an. The ticket was bought by her for me. At the same time, she also brought the last relics. One was written to me: you have to study hard and fight for anger.I love you.

It’s just a few words, and I feel broken."Child, if you really love her, you must have a chance. Every Qingming, go to see our family, hear it?" Her mother hugged me and cried, I deeply buried her head, so painful to stopbreathe.

We once said yes, studying together, buying a house by the sea, picking up our parents.I still remember her beautiful eyes that she could speak, clean and beautiful face.I can’t think of it, I will suffocate when I think about it.

After returning to Wuhan, I had no intention of returning to school and temporarily rest for two days.Time was too late to flatten the pain, and someone broke into my house, and it was his dad.

He said what to do, my daughter died, and your family had to pay."How much money?" I asked timidly, "How much? You can’t afford it! One million!"

But our family is not rich, and we can only sell two tile houses.The price of the two rooms is 180,000, and the price of Dad’s father is much worse.

When he came to debt again, my father was very angry, "Why do you just blame my son? Your daughter has no responsibility? Maybe she seduce my son!" This sentence made his father irritating, he rushedI stepped forward, hit my father, and smashed my family.

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Later, the fish pond that my family lived was also destroyed.All the fry was poisoned by them and died.

I started my dad who was nervous, and dreamed of the cricket at night, and he came to my house murmured and asked our family to pay for his life.

Home is no longer our home, we moved to the third aunt’s house.She was guilty to the cousin’s ransom, so she took my parents.

The family was poor at all of a sudden. I wanted to study, so I could only work for tuition for my own work.I did n’t go home during the New Year. I recruited promoters over the Guangbutun. I went without asking for salary.This is my current state. While I was afraid of the dad who was afraid of the trouble, I came to trouble again, and told myself that I had to be strong and to fight for anger.

But I often stunned, and I couldn’t concentrate.People in the school are talking about me, my grades have declined.

In many nights, I saw her, she waved to me, her head was bleeding.I want to hold her, but I can’t help it … I miss her very much and feel deeply guilty.All regrets and pains are in my heart, I’m going crazy.

The entire story reflects the dilemma faced by many young people in real society.Young love is often easily distorted by external factors, resulting in a series of unfortunate chain reactions.Family influence, social pressure, and future confusion make it difficult for young people to find the right direction in their feelings.In the case, the choice they made is often the combination of helplessness and impulse, which eventually leads to a deeper mud.

In real life, everyone has experienced various emotional struggles more or less.We need to cherish the people around us, care for them, and learn to face the difficulties and setbacks of life.Love is a sacred and wonderful emotion, but it also requires us to face it with a mature and rational attitude.Only in this way can we get out of confusion and move towards real happiness.

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