Colds during pregnancy are not terrible, so calmly deal with these points!

Cold is a very small or even neglected problem for normal adults, but it is a big problem for the cold mother during pregnancy.Essence

Some time ago, a mother in Zhejiang had a cold and fever during the 5-6 cycle of pregnancy, and her body temperature exceeded 38 degrees, which caused her heartbeat to accelerate.There are problems with the development of neural tube.

So what should I do during pregnancy to prevent colds?

1, daily supplement of various vitamins to improve immunity

The mothers during pregnancy are lower than that of ordinary people, so they must supplement various vitamins in daily pregnancy, increase the body’s immunity, reduce the chance of colds, such as citrus, apples, strawberries and other rich and vitamin C fruits, or eat them, or eatSome light supplements like bird’s nest, or drinking more chicken soup, these are the dietary methods to help Baoma enhance immunity during pregnancy.

2. Appropriate exercise to enhance your physique

This is also to enhance the immunity of Baoma. Ordinary people still need to enhance their physical fitness through exercise. Of course, Baoma is no exception. It is not an exception. However, it should not be strenuous exercise in the choice of exercise.Continue to persist, do some aerobic exercise such as pregnant women yoga, or insist on walking every day for 30 minutes to help the health of Baoma and the baby. Remember not to sit for a long time or lie down.Only to avoid colds!

3. A glass of lemonade every day to prevent colds

Lemonade is rich in vitamin C, which has multiple effects such as antibacterial, improving immunity, and assisting bone collagen production. It is known as a natural "cold medicine". ThereforeCold, you can also make your skin better!However, it is worth noting that the mother who is more severe in the early stages of pregnancy should not drink lemonade, which will make the gastric acid excessive gastric vomiting, and it is not too late to drink it after pregnancy!

4. Incoccleing influenza vaccine during pregnancy

If the fever during the early pregnancy, the fever can easily affect the baby’s brain development. After the early pregnancy, the fever caused by a cold will not cause direct damage to the baby, but it will cause a great burden on Bao Ma’s body.The cold is very ill, so it is best to vaccinate the influenza vaccine before pregnancy.

If you really have a cold during pregnancy, keep your mood first, don’t be nervous. The first correct way to get a cold during pregnancy is to figure out the symptoms of a cold. What kind of cold belongs to?Hot water, the lemonade mentioned above also has a certain relief effect on a slight cold; if the cold is severe, and even accompanied by a fever, the method of physical cooling is first relieved.Under the guidance, do you use the medicine and what medicine to use, remember not to take the medicine yourself!

Women during pregnancy are more special. If they are sick, they will not only affect themselves, but also babies in the abdomen. If you find physical discomfort, you must seek medical treatment in time when you cannot consider.oh!

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