Colds and medicine during pregnancy affect the fetus?Career reminders: Skill at 2 points, rest assured to eat

Text 丨 Fulin Mummy

I believe that many Baoma has heard of this statement. You can’t take medicine during pregnancy. The medicine will have a great impact on the baby. You have to carry it hard when you have a cold!But the specific impact, what kind of medicine will affect, many Baoma is not very clear, now let’s solve these questions together!

Women are actually more prone to colds such as colds after pregnancy. This is because the mothers’ immune ability during pregnancy will decline. Therefore, many pregnant mothers have experienced cold symptoms during the baby.

Do you want to take medicine if you have a cold? In fact, you need to distinguish it from two angles. One is the nature of a cold, and the other is the pregnancy period.

1. Distinguish between ordinary colds and popular colds

The temperature changes in the autumn and winter seasons, and many people will have cold symptoms. Pregnant women will become thick, edema, congestion, and congestion due to nasal, pharynx, trachea and other respiratory tract mucosa.

However, Baoma wants to distinguish whether she has a cold or influenza.If it is only mild symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing, Baoma does not need to take medicine, just let you rest.If the symptoms are serious and symptoms such as fever occur, Baoma cannot resist at home. It is best to go to the hospital to see a doctor, so that the doctor can make targeted treatment according to his own situation.

Second, distinguish early pregnancy, second trimester, and late pregnancy

In addition, in different periods of pregnancy, different treatment should be made after a cold.

Early pregnancy:

You must not take medicine after pregnancy, and more often refers to the early pregnancy. At this time, the fetus in the stomach is in a critical period for organ development. The drugs will have a certain impact on the baby.

In the middle of pregnancy:

After the critical period of the first three months, the baby is more stable in the mother’s belly, but Baoma still cannot take it lightly.When the drugs must be used with caution, these medicines will be damaged to the baby’s auditory nerves, so it is best for Baoma to not take cold medicines that are always prepared at home, which may contain these ingredients.

Late pregnancy:

In the third trimester, there are not so many taboos after pregnant women have a cold, but some antibiotic drugs are still disabled.

In the end, what pregnant mothers need to do more to prevent colds in daily life.

To keep the air flow in the room, we must keep warm in dressing. At the same time, pay attention to rest and exercise to enhance their resistance. During the flu, it is best for pregnant mothers to go to a place where there are many people.Pay attention to keeping the distance, and at the same time, pay attention to maintaining your good living environment, and strive to be invaded by a cold during pregnancy!

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