Chronic pharyngitis, try not to eat chili

I ate a little bit of spicy vegetables tonight.At first I felt that the taste was not bad, but after a while, my throat was a little uncomfortable. I couldn’t eat chili.

Over the years, many people have liked to eat peppers.If you do n’t say others, let ’s say my grandson Mo Mo. He is only 7 years old this year, but he likes spicy food very early.For example, crayfish are full of red and hot, and I look a little scared, but he always eats and has a taste.

In fact, I am not a achievement without eating peppers. A long time ago, I could eat a little peppers.That was the mid -1980s. For some time, I worked with a few workers who lived in a single worker.Because one of them likes to eat chili, I follow him.Slowly, I started eating peppers little by little without eating chili.

At the same time, Sichuan cuisine entered Handan in that period, and my colleagues and friends would go to the Sichuan cuisine to taste fresh when they got together.Because I went more, I was a little addictive, and I was accustomed to it.It was only because of something later that I realized that I started eating chili, and my family did not eat chili.

That autumn, my mother and I and my sister took the train to return to my hometown in Gaoping, Shanxi.When we transferred to dinner at Xinxiang Station, I ordered a fish fragrant shredded pork.At that time, I just wanted my mother and my sister to eat some dishes that had not been made at home, but because I was so excited at the time, I didn’t realize that they never eat spicy food.

In this way, when I watched my mother and my sister eat vegetables with great interest, they said in unison.ah!I immediately reacted, but I just learned to eat spicy food, and my mother and my sister had never eaten spicy!

At that moment, I was embarrassed and quickly ordered a dish.I don’t know how the meal mother and my sister eat, but I remember that I gave my mother and my sister a plate that should not be ordered.

As far as I am concerned, for spicy, I ca n’t say it or do n’t I like it. I do n’t eat much anyway, I can just eat a little.Such a day lasted until about 2000.

During that time, I found that I often love cough, and the cause of coughing was that my throat was itchy.At first, I didn’t care about how to eat, how to drink, and how to drink.

In this way, I still cough.Later, under the intervention of my family, I went to the hospital.After examination, the doctor told me that I was suffering from chronic pharyngitis.That is, since then, I started not to eat chili.

After eating chili, the cough is a bit relieved, but the old problems of chronic pharyngitis have always existed.The main symptom is itchy throat. After eating chili, you feel that there is a foreign body in your throat. You must drink a lot of water or eat watermelon cream and the throat with slices to ease.

Chronic pharyngitis is really a stubborn, I think it will accompany me for a long time.It is very exciting that after I retire, because I have less entertainment, I do n’t eat work meals. Slowly, I found that my pharyngitis was basically cured.

Now, I have retired for 5 years.Because it was cooking by myself, it provided a strong guarantee for insisting not to eat chili, so my pharyngitis basically did not recur.It was only a little spicy when eating tonight, so that the throat was a little uncomfortable. It seems that this is really sloppy.

Judging from my personal experience, if you have chronic pharyngitis, try not to eat chili, and you must insist on not eating chili.

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