Chinese couples have daughters when they are working in South Africa, but the skin color is getting darker when the children grow up

Recently, a divorce dispute in the Fuzhou Mayor of Fuzhou Province, Fuzhou Province, has attracted the attention of the majority of netizens, which is comparable to fantasy novels.

The protagonist of the incident is a Chinese couple.In 2016, the male lead Mr. Ding and the female lead Ms. Chen met in a blind date. The two felt good at each other. Soon after, they handled their marriage registration and were well -established.

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After marriage, they did not choose a honeymoon, but went to South Africa to work together to earn the first bucket of gold.

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The two lived in harmony and their feelings.In 2018, Mr. Ding and Ms. Chen ushered in their first son in South Africa. Both were very happy to celebrate the arrival of this little life together.

However, with the birth of the second daughter, the original happy life was completely torn.

In 2022, Ms. Chen was pregnant again.Soon after, the second daughter was born, and she was finally married into a "good" word for many years. Mr. Ding was naturally very happy.

However, excitedly disappeared after seeing her daughter’s appearance.Mr. Ding found that the appearance of his "daughter" is very different from ordinary Chinese children.

Along with the growth of her daughter, Mr. Ding and his family found that the daughter’s skin was extremely dark, and her hair was still in a small volume.This looks are neither like a father nor a mother, but a "mixed -race baby".

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Mr. Ding’s suspicion is increasing day by day. He hasn’t asked his wife.But every time, Ms. Chen used genetic mutations as a reason to stuff him.

Ms. Chen explained that because she was a child in South Africa, the husband and wife lived there, and the food and drinking were all foods in Africa, so they would definitely be affected.Even back, I gave you two children, but you doubt me?The two continued to quarrel.

Ms. Chen’s statement obviously could not dispel Mr. Ding’s doubts.So after discussing with his family, Mr. Ding took his daughter to secretly perform parent -child identification.

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Unsurprisingly, the identification results show that Ms. Chen is the biological mother of a baby girl, but Mr. Ding is not his father.

Faced with conclusive evidence, Ms. Chen finally couldn’t resist.And Mr. Ding was in a hurry to sue his wife to court.

During the court, Ms. Chen finally told the truth of the matter. She did derail, but it was not intentional.

According to Ms. Chen, when working in South Africa, once I was drunk, she did have a relationship with the local blacks.At that time, she thought that only one derailment would not have any impact, but I did not expect that this time, she was pregnant.

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This is not the most outrageous.During the court, Ms. Chen threw out another heavy bomb.

Ms. Chen said that during the process of checking the birth, she was unfortunately found out infected with AIDS.Because of fear of divorce, Ms. Chen did not dare to tell her husband.

The truth of this series undoubtedly brought a heavy blow to Mr. Ding.Fortunately, after Mr. Ding went to the hospital for examination, he found that he had not been infected with AIDS.

But this is the end, and the relationship between the two can no longer be repaired.Mr. Ding finally sued the court to divorce and asked his wife to compensate for mental loss.

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In the end, the two signed a divorce agreement.His son’s custody was returned to Mr. Ding, and his daughter naturally sentenced Ms. Chen.

In view of Ms. Chen’s physical and economic conditions, Mr. Ding voluntarily gave up a lawsuit request for mental loss compensation.

It was the end of peace, but the degree of dog blood still brought a great impact to netizens.

Netizens condemned Ms. Chen’s approach and attitude, and they were also upset for Mr. Ding. The most injured in the whole incident was that innocent mixed -race baby.

"Husband is very fortunate that he was not infected. This mixed -race doll itself is also innocent. This must be no longer in control. This woman is speechless. If she knows the infection, it is concealed."" I rely on horrible, this man is really benevolent. Fortunately, he was not infected. "" Fortunately, the man was not infected, otherwise it was seriously damaged by green, and he was really sad."How could a mixed race with black people thought that others could not see [hand]" "really reality is more dog -blooded."

There is nothing new under the sun.In fact, such dog blood incidents have been common abroad.

Thirty years ago, a British white couple Jim Lawton and Colette gave birth to a black baby girl Georgina Lawton.

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After the two took the child home, they immediately attracted a lot of criticism. The family and relatives and friends all questioned the child’s origin.

However, the child’s father Jim insisted that Georgina’s skin tone was so dark because his wife’s Colette family had black blood, which was generated inheritance.He also firmly believes that Georgina is a white man, but the skin is dark.

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Since the child’s father is so affirmative, it is naturally not easy to say anything.

Nevertheless, Georgina’s growth process is still discriminated against. Many people laughed at Georgina to be adopted. There are any unpleasant words that allow Georgina to live in the shadow.

In 2021, Georgina’s father Jim died, which also made Georgina decide to do DNA tests to solve the doubt of his life.

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Unexpectedly, the results of DNA showed that her biological father was not Jim. She took a report to ask her mother Colette.In the face of iron syndrome, Colette had to admit that he had a relationship with a black man in a bar in a bar when he was young.

Georgina was difficult to accept after learning the truth, and to endure the pain with her mother.

Adults often need children to bear.Georgina is lucky. She has a father who loves her than everything, and her parents have given her a complete home.

And what will Ms. Liu’s daughter face and where should she go?No answer …

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