Chen Yanxi encountered abdominal pain and pain in abdominal pain.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Chen Yanxi appeared dizzy and abdomen pain at the anime festival on July 30. It almost almost called the ambulance to send it to the hospital, so that fans could not help but sweat.Baby!"

Any pain in pregnancy should be paid attention to ——

Abdominal pain should be pregnant and early late and late stages

If abdominal pain occurs during early pregnancy, three cases should be considered:

(1) Breakfast abortion, due to abdominal pain in uterine contraction, rest should be rest. If you combine vaginal bleeding, you should go to the hospital for a doctor for treatment in time.

(2) If there are ovarian tumors or chocolate cysts before pregnancy, you should consider whether there are ovarian cysts to reverse or tumor rupture cause pain. You should go to the hospital to see a doctor immediately.

(3) If the pain on the lower abdomen on the lower abdomen after pregnancy or accompanied by a small amount of vaginal bleeding, you should consider whether you are ectopic pregnancy, and you should immediately see the doctor to avoid delaying the condition.

Abdominal pain in the middle and late pregnancy should consider issues related to the placenta:

(1) Warm abortion and threatened premature birth. When there are contractions, the abdomen will feel tight and touch a hard ball in the abdomen. This is a contraction. If it is accompanied by pain, you should go to the hospital to ask the doctor to keep the fetus for treatment.

(2) Pregnancy hypertension syndrome or bumpy abdomen by external forces will occur early, and the placenta will be stripped early. The uterine continuous contraction is accompanied by abdominal pain, and the blood pressure decreases, sweaty, and then shock.Should go to the hospital immediately to save the life of maternal and baby.

(3) Because the cesarean section is conceived again, or there are scars in the uterus of pregnant women who have the history of uterine fibroid nucleus. When the uterus grows, the scar is not flexible, or the healing is not good.Blood pressure decreases, etc.Therefore, pay attention to the uterine incision during pregnancy, and go to the hospital in time if you have discomfort.

(4) Abdominal pain during pregnancy is accompanied by nausea. This pain starts in the umbilicus. It is the most important thing for the right abdomen and is accompanied by an elevation of blood. The appendicitis should be considered and should be treated in the hospital in time to avoid perforation and peritonitis.During pregnancy, due to the changes in the position of the appendix of the uterus, it is easy to misdiagnose, and you should be vigilant.

White -collar workers are more prone to back pain during pregnancy

Lunean, a Department of Women and Gynecology, Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital: Modern women are mostly professional women, and they still insist on in the workplace after pregnancy.As the month increases, pregnant mothers will often have back pain, especially pregnant women sitting in the office all day, which is more likely to have back pain.

Women who are often working often have a developed back muscles and can support the burden of the abdomen and lighter back pain. White -collar women who lack labor and exercise have weak lumbar muscles, difficult to bear load, excessive damage, and pain must be serious.Even after giving birth, there will be a disease of recurrent back pain.Generally speaking, pregnant mothers with weak constitution, slim body, and narrow pelvis; pregnant mothers who are working hard, need to mention things, and often bend over; pregnant mothers with twins or fetal developmentPregnant mothers can easily feel back pain.

If lumbar and back pain that starts to appear in the middle and late pregnancy, it is mostly a normal bone and ligament reaction during pregnancy. Don’t worry too much, even including the strong pubic bone combined separation pain.Pain -relieving drugs should not be used to relieve pain, cupping, plaster, etc., because the plaster often contains musk, which is not good for the fetus.However, conditioning can be performed in lifestyle.Rest properly, but not bed for a long time.It is particularly not lying on his back. The heavy uterus will compress the lower cavity vein and abdominal aorta, affect the blood flow, and cause the hypotension of the pregnant mother to have a sexual hypotension, reduce blood supply to the placenta, and even threaten the safety of the fetus in the fetus.At this time, try to lie as much as possible (it is best to lie on the left to increase the blood volume flowing to the placenta), put one or two pillows between the knees, and then put a pillow under your big belly.If the waist is trapped in a soft bed, you can try to put a rolling towel under the waist, or buy a long pillow.

Experimental data shows that when pregnant women sit on a chair, if the back of the chair is right, then the burden on their waist is almost equal to when standing, but if the back is tilted back to 20 degrees, and the waist is leaning, then the waist burdenIt can be halved.That is to say, if pregnant women can sit on the plane on the plane on the plane chair; or sit on the sofa, pad the waist pads, lean on the back of the sofa back to the back of the back, can reduce the burden on the waist muscles.relief the pain.Usually massage, hot compresses with hot water bottle, or hot water can reduce back pain. It can also use the belly to bring a part of the weight of the baby.

Toothache to do systematic treatment

According to the deputy chief physician of the Department of Stomatology of the Maternal and Child Branch of the People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province, after the women’s pregnancy, some changes will occur, such as the increase in the number of eating, the preference for sweet and sweet, etc.Diverse period of oral diseases.During the treatment of teeth such as tooth extraction, pain and other stimuli will occur. Some studies have found that these stimuli can easily induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and premature birth is prone to occurred in the late pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant women, especially the first three months and the last three months of pregnancy, should be cautious for the treatment of teeth. It is best to choose to treat dental disease before pregnancy.When pregnant women have toothache, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, otherwise they may have systemic symptoms due to delay treatment.

In order to not have a toothache influence of the fetus, it is determined that when you are pregnant, you should look at the dentist first and do dental treatment early.To do a thorough wash before pregnancy, you can remove the plaque existing in the mouth early, reduce the bad stimulation of the periodontal period, thereby effectively prevent the onset of gingivitis during pregnancy;System treatment.

Gettocks to supplement calcium

The confinement disease in the past is that the buttocks are painful after giving birth, or the heel pain and the headache. Professor Hu Mengcai, director of the Health Department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Henan Province, explained that a large part of the fact is that the calcium loss during pregnancy and lactation were lost during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Cause.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the calcium demand of mothers reaches 1300 mg to 1500 mg per day. Through dietary guidance and provides pregnant mothers with calcium milk powder, it can only reach an average of 800 mg per day. At least 500 mg of 500 mgThe difference needs to be provided by calcium supplements.

Everyone should pay attention to calcium supplementation that the amount of calcium recommendation of nutritional society refers to calcium elements, and the calcium content marked in many calcium instructions is the amount of calcium salt, and the content of calcium or each piece of calcium may only be 20-50mg per piece.Between the amount of 500mg elemental calcium that is supplemented daily is far different.In clinical practice, considering absorption and cost -effective, calcium carbonate is generally recommended.(Comprehensive from Zhejiang Internet Radio and Television Station, Health Times)

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