Checking time during pregnancy?What are the items in the inspection, the summary will be given to you

Regular check -up is very important for pregnant women to have a healthy baby.What are the time and items during pregnancy? Let’s learn about pregnancy examinations together.

Setting schedule during pregnancy

1, 12 weeks (three months) do the first pregnancy test:

Construction file: At this time, go to the hospital to establish a "pregnant woman’s health manual" file. The results of each pregnancy test will be recorded in the future for future reference.The inspection items mainly include: weight weight and blood pressure; doctors conduct consultation; B -ultrasound examination (mainly listening to fetal hearts, excluding ectopic pregnancy and calculating fetal size); urine testing; examination of other parts of the body; blood drawing; blood draw;Check the size of the uterus; the fetal neck is transparent with screening (mainly evaluating the possibility of the baby’s Chinatoplast syndrome).

2. The second birth checkup of 13-16 weeks

In contrast to the last inspection report, etc.

3. The third birth checkup of 17-20 week

Basic inspection: At this stage, it is mainly for some conventional basic routine inspections, but at this time, doing B -ultrasound can more accurately investigate the gender of the fetus.At this stage, pregnant women should pay attention to the balance of diet to avoid too much or insufficient weight gain; most pregnant women start to easily cramp legs at this stage, so they must replenish calcium iron in time; in order to make the pregnancy process smoothEssence

4, 24 weeks of the fourth birth checkup

Switching of gestational diabetes: Most of the gestational diabetes is done in the 24th week of pregnancy. The hospital will allow expectant mothers to drink 50 grams of glucose water first, and after one hour, a blood test will be performed.

Thaing is prone to occur after medium term. It is recommended to eat more iron -containing foods.Such as liver, spinach, raisins, oysters, eggs, etc.At the same time, pay attention to the situation of fetal movement. If you have time, you can record the number of times in detail for the reference of medical staff.

5. The fifth birth checkup of 25-28 weeks

Hepatitis B antigen, syphilis serum test, German measles: The most important thing at this stage is to check hepatitis B and syphilis for expectant mothers.Pregnant women should pay more attention to the intake of sugar and salt in diet.At the same time, we must learn more about pregnancy and production, and pay attention to the symptoms of bleeding and abdominal pain at any time, as well as early discovery of urgent premature birth.

6, 29-32 Sunday production inspection

The occurrence of lower limb edema, pre -eclampia, and premature premature birth: After 28 weeks of pregnancy, doctors will check the edema for expectant mothers.Because most of the preligaida will occur after 28 weeks of pregnancy, doctors usually use the value obtained by expectant mothers to measure blood pressure as the basis.In the case, expectant mothers must pay more attention to avoid the danger of eclampsia.

In addition, the expectant mother 周 37 weeks ago, it was particularly prevented of premature birth. If the pain exceeded 30 minutes and continued to increase, the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding or water out of the birth may enter the birth stage, and pregnant women must go to the hospital immediately.

7, 33-35 Week seventh production inspection

Ultrasonic (B -ultrasound) examination, assessing the weight of the fetus: After 30 weeks, the birth of the pregnant woman is checked once every 2 weeks.By 35 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers do a detailed ultrasonic examination to evaluate the weight and development of the fetus at that time (such as the fetus with pre -eclampsia, which will look more petite).Time weight.

Once the fetus is found, be sure to be sent to the hospital immediately.

In the late pregnancy, a continuous uterine contraction below ten minutes appeared, and pregnant women must judge whether it is a sign of labor. At this time, if accompanied by the insufficient sense of weight, the expectant mothers should add more nutrients;In diet, it is necessary to control slightly, so as not to be produced in cesarean section in the future, or in the production process, the fetal dystocia is needed.

At this time, we must start consulting the cesarean section with doctors, painless delivery and her husband’s delivery.Understand the environmental rooms, infant rooms and other environments; go through the procedures for maternity leave, carry a health card or a healthy manual of a healthy woman when going out; do appropriate exercise, such as walking.

8, 36 week’s eighth birth checkup

Prepare for production: Check it every week from 36 weeks, and do fetal surveillance each time.Start preparing something for production to avoid being too hurried and omitted that day.

As the fetal movement is becoming more and more frequent, expectant mothers should pay attention to the fetus and themselves at any time, so as not to be born in advance.

Ninth Maternal Inspection of 9, 37 Week Week

Pay attention to fetal movement: Understand what may be provided by the hospital and the items you need to bring, such as health care card; husband and wife ID card, quasi -student certificate, marriage certificate, money and so on.Learn about the production of production and practice appropriately.Keeping proper exercise and paying attention to diet, it is generally appropriate to eat less meals.

10, 38-42 week tenth production inspection

The fetal position is fixed, the fetal head is down, preparing for production, and considering the giving birth: starting from 38 weeks, the fetal position is fixed, the fetal head has been down, and the pelvic cavity is stuck. At this time, the expectant mother should have the psychology of preparing production at any time.Some expectant mothers still have no signs of production after 42 weeks, and they should consider letting doctors use oxytocin.

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