Check the fetal heart at 6 weeks of pregnancy, and then find that there is no fetal heart and a small fetal bud at 10 weeks of pregnancy. What is going on?

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Some netizens asked: At 6 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal heart is normal. When the amount of pregnancy is for 10 weeks, there is no fetal heart and small fetal buds. Is it determined that the fetus is stopped?If you do B -ultrasound in 10 weeks, it shows that there is no fetal heart and small fetal buds, and the fetus should be stopped.

Because by 10 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo should not be small. Compared with 6 weeks, the fetal buds should be larger; and there is a fetal heart in the past 6 weeks, indicating that the fetus develops very well 6 weeks ago, but now there is no 10 weeks now.The fetal heart, that should be that the fetus stops developing.It is recommended to consult a doctor, just respond to the doctor’s advice.

I have a friend that is like this. Going to a B -ultrasound for more than 7 weeks of pregnancy, everything is normal. After that, she has been working. Although there is an early pregnancy response, it is not very serious. When it is 8 or 9 weeks, the early pregnancy response is slowly slow.Without it, she thought it was the end of the early pregnancy response, and she was not too serious, and there was no other reaction during this time, storage of bleeding or abdominal pain.

After 12 weeks, when she went to the hospital for 12 weeks of delivery, she did a B -ultrasound. Dr. B -ultrasound told her that "the fetus was stopped", as if she had never thought that there would be a fetal stop, which was unacceptable.B -ultrasound said that according to the size of the embryo, it should be stopped in about 9 weeks.Later, the abortion surgery, the child who wanted it half a year later.

There is no way of stopping a fetal stop. There are many friends around you who have experienced an experience of stopping the fetus, but if you prepare for pregnancy for the second time, you will have no problem.As a result, female friends who have experienced fetal stops do not have to worry too much, which will not affect the next pregnancy.

The occurrence of fetal stops is mostly because the quality of the embryo itself is not good. It belongs to the natural process of "survival of the fittest". Most of them occur before 10 weeks of pregnancy, and most of them have no fetal heart.

If the fetal stop occurs, the doctor’s suggestion should be listened to the doctor’s abortion or artificial abortion according to the gestational week. If there is a drug abortion, you need to review it. If the flow is clean, it is necessary to do curettage.

Then you can do a small confinement. After the full moon, you can take good care of your body. You can prepare for pregnancy again after half a year. However, it is recommended to do pre -pregnancy examination before pregnancy to see if your physical condition is suitable for pregnancy. This is more conducive to breeding again.

Jingma said: In the background or message, you can receive the problems of consulting early pregnancy, HCG, fetal heart, etc. in the early pregnancy. Some are all right and some cases are really bad.In fact, early pregnancy is also a process of choice. Naturally, bad embryos will be eliminated. Female friends, don’t worry too much, too sad, and feel particularly unacceptable.Even if the embryo with poor quality is kept, it may be a "problematic" child in the future. At that time, it will be a big burden on children, parents, and the entire family.

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