Characterist: "Obesity, gout, abortion"

Queen Annie, the volume of voices in the history of England, is very small. She seems to be a monarch who is the most disliked by the people.Why is it? Start with a square coffin.

Although Queen Anne was quite low -key during her lifetime, in 1714, her death still set off a stir in the UK.The focus of people’s attention quickly locked on the queen’s coffin.

Now, we can still see the key to the discussion of the country from the words of some witnesses.

"That coffin is almost square."

"Her body is bigger than the prince, she is fatter than her husband, like a bulky man."

"The coffin was brought to the Westminster Palace by a huge and strong chariot, with eight -headed purple Malaysia in front …"

"I don’t think she should be buried with other royal family, because there is no suitable place to put the coffin …"


It seems that Queen Annie has caused the ridicule and attacks of the domestic masses because of her obesity problems, so that after her death, this abuse is still endless.

In fact, this is just the poor British queen, the tip of the iceberg in the tragic rule.Because Annie has been destined to have unbearable fate since he ascended the throne.

In 1702, on March 8th, the weather was still good.Destiny sounded the most brilliant moment of Annie’s life.

She was holding her body and curled up on the specially designed Jiaozi, and her hands tremblingly supported the edge of the chair.The road from Westminster Concert to the Cathedral was only 400 feet (about 122 meters), but in her opinion, it was extremely difficult.

The gout has exhausted all Annie’s vitality, but the moment she took the crown, she insisted on the decentness of the British king.

"I know, my own feelings are the feelings of England, and I can guarantee you sincerely that seeking the happiness and prosperity of England must be my only task"

The ministers around me looked at her, and the sparse applause was loud without their own parties.In this way, after Mary and Elizabeth I, the third queen of the British Empire was officially born.

However, unlike the first two queen, Annie almost lived in pain.

She experienced 17 pregnancy, but had many miscarriage.These include six dead babies; two children who died after a few hours after birth; two had named Mary and Ann Sophia, and a 11 -year -old son, William Ge Ge,Duke Lost.

The terrible thing is that her peers did not show too much sympathy or care about Annie because of these experiences.On the contrary, they threw a very vicious ridicule to the queen.

For example, the Queen’s "Good Girlfriend" Duke of Malbuller Sarah has made an incredible comment on the friendship between them.She showed all her hostility to the queen with a portrait -according to Sarah, Annie’s painting on the painting was "miserable, dull, naive and rough and obese."

Of course, not only the Duke who is good at stabbing the knife.

Writer (British Hug party) Roger Coke once described her as a fat man with "abnormal", wearing "sour taste" on his face, "rosy and swollen", and blamed Anne’s weight on overeating and hot chocolate.Dalvation.

And another remarks of another Figgian party and politician John Clerk are even more sharp.He had two visits during the acute attack of the Queen’s gout.

He said in the biography that he was afraid of the "terrible" of Anne, the face of "red and spots", the "negligent clothes", "hate bandage" and "dirty breaking cloth" and were afraid, and asserted that Annie"It seems to be the most unbearable mortal he has ever seen in any circumstances."

He even declared: "When a poor, weak woman became one of the ruler of the world, it seemed to be upside down."

For Annie’s evaluation, later scholars and biographies seemed to learn from John Clack’s hatred. They not only described Annie’s obesity in the harsh language, but also described the embarrassing scene of her infertility.

For example, the Victorian Alexander Pope scholars described the queen as "ugly, obese, dirty, dull, greedy and dumped."

In 1848, female writer Agnes Strickland also wrote: "Few people can connect her like poetry through the round shape and bright skin tone through the portrait of Queen Anne."

For a while, it seemed that even the portrait portraits of the characters were not even the image of Queen Annie among later scholars.

Obviously, this impact is far -reaching and complicated.

Mark Kishlansky (Mark Kishlansky) described the queen as "no attractive" in its 1991 historical book "Penguin History of Britain", and laughed at her "insidious" and "taste" limited to gambling.And dining.

She is good at "losing pounds" on a set of tables and "increased" on another table.

Mark Kishniski said.

Annie’s latest biography writer Annie Sammertt described her as "disgusting" and added: "When Annie has lost her personal attractiveness since he ascended the throne," because she was "obese, rough",Make it complicated and clumsy. "

In addition, Elizabeth Lane Furdell also described the symptoms of Annie gout in 2001, including "huge swelling", "weird posture" and "bloating distortion".

Coldness is self -evident.

Many people think that the poor fertility of the Queen destroyed her figure.

As Anne Somerset said, "multiple pregnancy has obviously played a role in destroying her figure."

The word "abuse" repeatedly appeared in Ophelia Field’s "Favorite: Duke of Malbels Sarah", and he talked about Annie’s last time: "The body (49 years old) at the time of her death was already sufferingAfter 17 pregnancy and obese torture of her life, she has almost no friends or her family. "

Historical books in the 1930s began to appear reflection on Annie.They believe that Queen Anne’s body was "sacrificed" at the moment when he ruled the United Kingdom.

Just like Sellar and Yeatman in "The Queen of Annie": "Except" Dead ", Queen Annie is a great woman" and concluded that the British Hugeg party is the most orderly queen criticA category of people who are not tooth, they seem to think that the queen has never been real "living".

In popular culture, Queen Annie has not been treated like other British monarchs.

Because the contemporary people’s analysis, criticism and ridicule of her body have affected people’s judgment on her contribution.

In fact, Anne was the last British monarch who exercised the royal style.She even strokes the subjects with skin diseases by herself to bless the affected area to recover soon.

Her "unbearable, which has a lot to do with the political environment at the time.

Because Annie’s gout is the most horrible question of the public, and her opponents are most good at using those "sick, rotten images as a metaphor for the country’s political disease."

Starkey, a historian, believes that Queen Anne’s body has essentially destroyed her dominance: "Annie’s rule is a paradox, between public power and reputation and personal body weakness."

After Annie’s death, her autopsy was recorded in a document entitled "Observation of the Queen’s Body".

Ironically, the person who continued to attack Annie’s body during her lifetime, but had little observation of her corpse.Her doctor said: "We found a small umbilical hernia on her, she had a" too smooth "stomach, and" tender and fragile "liver and a small ulcer.

"But we can’t make any explanations again, because it is forbidden to conduct any other inspections except absolutely necessary inspections."

However, combined with contemporary historical works, it seems that in these 300 years, the "anatomy" of the Queen’s body did not stop as the doctor said, but it became more and more intense.

As for what Anne has experienced, what kind of queen she is, she still has no conclusion so far.

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