Chapter 30, the novel "Fate Is Lishes", are you pregnant?

In the evening, Susan was hot to eat the rest of the hot pot at noon. After the cold, boiled some porridge, it can be regarded as cleaning the battlefield.

Ready these, but Ji Ming got away, Susan didn’t care about him.

She was full and put the food on the table, thinking about when he got up when he got up.

In order not to affect his sleep, Susan had a low voice of the TV, holding the dog in the living room to dispel time.

It was not until 8 o’clock in the evening that Ji Mingyuan went downstairs and went to the kitchen to pick up a glass of water.

Susan originally wanted to remind him of porridge, but seeing that he raised his neck, a glass of water had bottomed out, and he didn’t breathe.

Ji Mingyuan looked at the table on the table, and then took a glass of water and went upstairs. He never came down again. It seemed that this was not eaten.

Susan didn’t say anything. It was his business or not to eat or not.

Until she was sleeping, the lamp of the study was lit, and she didn’t know what he was busy.

The day passed like this every day, and two people under the eaves had occasionally ate together.Each thing, each busy, has no communication, no communication, no intimacy.

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival has begun to make a lanterns in the mall, adding the atmosphere of the New Year. Even the streets are hung by the street, indicating that the new year is coming.

Ms. Su came over and called Susan, how did they go to her house or go to her mother -in -law’s house this year?

Susan was depressed, and she didn’t know this question. She had to ask Ji Mingyuan.

Recently, he seems to be busy. The projects in other places have stopped working in winter. There are still a bunch of miscellaneous things in Nancheng Corporation that need to be handled.

Susan is used to it. He does not cook for him at home, and he may not eat even if he does it at home.

Listening to the housekeeping door downstairs, Susan hurriedly hugged the dog out.

Ji Mingyuan had already entered the house. After changing her shoes, she came along the stairs. She saw that she stopped at the door and stopped, as if she knew that she had something to find him.

When Susan saw him up and asked, "My mother called and wanted to ask us how to pass the Spring Festival?" There were parents who had each other, communicated in advance, at least there was a arrangement.

Ji Mingyuan came directly, "It’s at home."

Susan didn’t understand what this meant, and asked, "When will your parents go to the New Year?"

It doesn’t matter, no matter what you want to play in the past, especially his father’s house, Susan has never been to.

Ji Mingyuan had crossed her into the house, and said, "I went to my mother for a meal at noon at noon, and the rest was fine."

Uh, Susan knew what he meant, hesitated, and felt that it was necessary to say it in advance, "My mother means, let’s go back to a meal on the second day of the year."This is a matter of course.

Ji Mingyuan did not oppose it, just a brief sentence, "Okay, I know." There was no following.

Susan now understands that when you communicate with him, he always speaks simple. He can never say two words if he can solve one word, as if he is worthwhile.

Ji Mingyuan was very busy, and men would not worry about those trivial things. Susan himself bought all the thoughts he could buy and prepared for the New Year.

She hung the buying lanterns on the balcony of the two houses in advance, and the family immediately had the taste of the New Year.

When Ji Mingyuan came back, he saw it, but he didn’t say anything. To put it plainly, everything in this room was worried and cared. He seemed to have never heard of it.

A few years ago, my mother -in -law sent a lot of fried foods, oil fragrance, oil cake, twist and the like.These things Susan also love to eat, but unfortunately I won’t do it. Now I can be full.

With the Li Bao, Susan quickly bought a few boxes of dried fruits and sent it over, so that the mother -in -law had no need to buy it in advance for the New Year.

The ritual exchanges, she still has this love. No matter what Ji Mingyuan is to her, she feels that her mother -in -law is pretty good to her, and she should do a little filial piety.

Susan was lying on the tiles like a hard -working bee, holding a cleaning ball in one hand, holding a rag in one hand, dragging those places in the corner, and wiping with a towel a little bit.

When she heard the dog yelled, she looked back and saw Ji Mingyuan standing at the stairs on the second floor, watching a little dull look downstairs.

Susan was inexplicable and stopped her movement, "What’s wrong? Is there anything?" He just cleaned here quietly. He didn’t make any movements. He should not quarrel with him.

At the end of that, Ji Mingyuan was obviously a little cramped, and quickly retracted his eyes, his eyes dodged, and he didn’t say anything. He turned into the bathroom.

What Susan didn’t know was that she lay on the ground and cleaned up, revealing half of the white and slender waist, and inadvertently dangled into someone’s eyes.It made him unable to look away for a while, and looked so stupidly, but after being caught by her, she immediately stunned.

Because Mother Ji called in advance, Susan passed with Ji Mingyuan early on the 30th day of the year.

The maids at home were already on vacation. Mother Ji personally cooked and panicked Susan to help.

If you should wash it, the mothers of the cut Ji are ready, so you can start cooking when your son and daughter -in -law entered the door.

Susan is naturally a chef, liberating Ji’s mother.Han Yufeng couldn’t get up, so he returned to the living room, and Ji Mingyuan, who was sitting there.

At the dining table, Mom’s mood seemed to be very good. Looking at Susan asked her, "Is there any movement?"

Susan was confused and looked at her confused.

Seeing Mother Ji, she sighed helplessly to explain, "Did I mean that you are pregnant?"

Susan made a big red face, and she married Ji Mingyuan half a year. There was no husband and wife between them at all. Where can she get pregnant?

Looking at her face, she bit her lips and didn’t speak. Mother Ji thought she was ashamed and turned the focus of attention to her son. "You have to work harder, I want to hug the grandson earlier."

Ji Mingyuan only cares about the vegetables, as if he did not hear it, and did not give her a little response at all.

This problem has passed like this. Fortunately, Ji Mingyuan, Susan felt that in the future, he did not dare to come more. In case Ji Mom asked such a question, he couldn’t respond.

With such a large house, an old man lives alone. In fact, according to Susan’s thoughts, you can stay together for the New Year.

But Ji Mingyuan didn’t have that plan, and she didn’t dare to make it. She was ready to go back with him after eating.

Mother Ji seemed to get used to this indifference of her son, and waved her hand, "Let’s go, be careful on the road." The sight fell on the TV and stopped looking at them.

Susan picked up his bag and went home with Ji Mingyuan.

It is now in the afternoon, and less than night, the sound of firecrackers, high or low, far, or near.Susan remembered that he seemed to forget to buy firecrackers.

The car is on the street, and the flow of people is not as many as before. The two are quiet and no one speaks.

In the 30th year of the year, Nancheng is accustomed to every year, and Susan is no exception. She puts on a pile of snacks and sat there to watch TV.

Ji Mingyuan never came down. She thought he was busy, and quietly went up to find that the door of the study was open, and the sound of playing the game came out.

For the first time, Susan discovered that people who seem to be old cadres would play games.

So the first Spring Festival after their marriage was Susan holding a dog to keep TV, and Ji Mingyuan stayed upstairs and spent the game upstairs.

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