Changsha 28 -year -old woman abdominal pain Emergency: The small head is revealed between her legs!She insisted that "I am not pregnant!"

Source | Xiaoxiang Morning News

Reporter | Liu Shuang Correspondent Wen Ya Lingwu

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At 16:20 on December 1st, a 120 emergency vehicle galloped and stopped at the door of the emergency department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province. The door opened, and a female Xiaoyuan (pseudonym) was lying on the flat car pushed by the medical staff.

"Doctor, my stomach hurts …", the nurse Luo Fengyuan immediately asked Xiaoyuan, "Are you pregnant? When is the last menstrual period?"Xiaoyuan’s last menstrual period was the end of February this year, and she resolutely denied that she was pregnant. Luo Fengyuan immediately informed Dr. Zhou Sisi and moved Xiaoyuan to the women’s examination room for her inspection.

As soon as Xiaoyuan’s pants were dropped, Zhou Sisi saw a round little head between his legs and drumming out, and quickly protected the pregnant woman’s perineal, and said to the nurse loudly: "Quick! Pregnant women are full, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.Inform the delivery room, quickly escort! "Nursing Luo Fengyuan immediately assisted the doctor to move Xiaoyuan to the flat car together, and called the delivery room to be prepared.

Subsequently, the medical staff in the emergency department quickly escorted Xiaoyuan to the delivery room.After 7 minutes, Xiaoyuan gave birth to a 3550g baby boy, and the mother and son were safe.

In the elevator, Xiaoyuan was still asking: "Doctor, are you sure there is a baby in my stomach?" During the process, she also emphasized that "Gong Han" could not get pregnant.Repeat verification from medical staff.

According to Xiaoyuan’s sister, every time she went to Xiaoyuan’s house, she felt that her belly was getting bigger. She repeatedly reminded her sister to check whether she was pregnant, but my sister said that she was just "gaining weight".Nothing for a birth check was done.

Since the afternoon of November 30, Xiaoyuan has irregular abdominal pain. On the morning of the 1st, a vaginal fluid appeared again. Until the afternoon abdominal pain intensified, her sister called the ambulance and then sent her to the hospital."The baby is born, there is no preparation, and the family doesn’t know what to do." Xiao Yuan’s sister said.

In this regard, Liu Su, director of the emergency department of the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded that women with sexual life during childbearing age have menstrual disorders and menopause, they must seek medical treatment in time to check whether they are pregnant.When the hospital needs to go to the hospital on time during pregnancy, when there are signs of production of red, water -breaking, and regular abdominal pain, pregnant women should go to the hospital for delivery as early as possible to avoid accidents.

Responsible editor: Guo Yiting

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