Catfish soup, trotter soup is the most useful?Regarding "milk", the mother should know a lot

In order to "make milk" earlier, the mother forced herself to drink strong catfish soup and trotter soup every day, because the older generation said that this is the most useful.

But is this really the case?What are the things that women need to know about "milk"?

How is breast milk formed

The formation of breast milk contains two processes: one is lactation and the other is milk.These two processes have begun during pregnancy.

When women are pregnant, their breasts become larger, because during pregnancy, the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the placenta can promote the growth and development of ovarian luteum and increase the estrogen.Affected by estrogen and progesterone, the gland and glandular ducts of breasts in the breast developed again, and these are preparing for postpartum secretion of milk.

After maternal delivery, the level of hormone in the body began to decline gradually.At this time, the brain will issue an instruction, which secretes prolactin by the "command", which causes the gonad of the maternal breast to secrete milk.At this time, the maternal breasts begin to swell, and it will feel painful if it is not discharged in time.

How to better "put milk"

For most women, postpartum secretion of lactation is a natural physiological process, and there is no need to adopt any special methods.For mothers with insufficient milk secretion, some measures can be taken appropriately to promote milk secretion.

The simplest and most effective way is to let the baby suck the mother’s nipples.You can suck within half an hour after your baby is born.When the child sucks the nipple, the mother’s prolactin increases, making the milk earlier and more secretion.

You can also use physical massage methods.You can apply the breast with a hot towel before massage, then hold the breast with one hand, and gently massage and pull the breasts gently from the roots of the breast towards the nipple.Breast massage can be performed during pregnancy. This can promote the circulation of breast blood, which is conducive to dredging the breast catheter and increasing the success rate of breastfeeding.

If the maternal is worried that he is not doing well, he can ask a professional prolactin to help.If you are still invalid after many attempts, you can use some drugs that promote lactation under the guidance of a doctor.

Finally, pay attention to adjusting diet, reasonable matching, balanced nutrition, and increasing nutritional intake of protein and vitamins.

In fact, as long as food has a certain "milk" effect, it is an important source of raw materials for maternal secretion of milk.Especially soup water is more helpful to lactation, especially those meat soups, chicken soup and fish soup rich in protein and fat.

However, it should be noted that although catfish soup and pork trotters soup can help drink more.Because these milky soups are relatively high in fat, and drinking too much will increase the fat content in the milk.In this way, it is easy to cause "blocking milk", inducing mastitis, and milk with high fat at the same time is not easy to be absorbed by the baby.

Therefore, the carp soup and trotters soup do not need to drink every day. Drink it 1 or 2 times a week. You can change it with other soup rotes, which is not easy to get tired.

What do you need to pay attention to when you "milk"

Note that the correct breastfeeding posture of breastfeeding is very important. It can not only avoid nipple injuries, but also help mothers secrete milk.When breastfeeding, be sure to let the baby put the entire nipple and areola in the mouth, helping the baby to suck hard to get more milk, and as the baby eats more, the greater the milk secretion will be.

Many novice mothers have incorrect breastfeeding, causing nipple injuries, inflammation, and even forced to stop breastfeeding.For a mother or baby in the long -toothed stage, the nipples can be used to relieve the pain caused by the baby’s sucking.

Note that the more times the number of breastfeeding is, the more the number of milk secreted by the maternal.For Baoma with insufficient milk secretion, it is recommended to increase the number of breastfeeding. It can allow the baby to suck once 1 to 2 hours and take about half an hour each time.

Pay attention to a reasonable diet.The quality of the maternal food will directly affect the quality of milk.Maternal foods should be diverse every day, so that they can take a variety of nutrients.In addition to adding staple foods, you also need to eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals.You also need to drink more bean products and milk to ensure the amount of calcium intake.Also drink more soup to ensure the secretion of milk.

Maternal women should adhere to such a diet principle: eat less meals, dry and sparse matching, vegetarian and vegetarian matching, and salty.

How to prevent milk return

Capture usually refers to the reduction of breastfeeding during breastfeeding after weaning.However, if the baby has a return milk back before weaning, Bao Ma has a headache.

So, how to prevent return milk?

The most effective way to prevent milk is to allow your baby to suck more, so as to promote milk secretion.If the baby is not around, or if it is inconvenient for breastfeeding for other reasons, you can use a breast pump to suck the milk.Do not let the breast rise, because the time is long, the secretion of milk will slowly decrease, and it is also easy to form a hard block, block the breast, and cause mastitis.

Bao Ma should pay attention to avoiding it during breastfeeding.Do not eat cold, spicy and irritating, too salty foods, and foods that can inhibit milk secretion, such as hawthorn, malt, ginseng, leeks, etc.

The moods of Baoma are equally important as sleep.Instead of mood and lack of sleep can affect appetite, lead to reduced intake of nutrients, reduced raw materials for milk, and milk secretion will be affected.

Every novice mother wants the baby to grow up healthy, and breast milk is the best source of nutrition for the baby.Because of this, the normal secretion of milk is particularly important. As long as you master the correct method, ensure that the intake is sufficiently impact, maintain a comfortable mood, and the secretion of milk can be more unobstructed.

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