Catfish are delicious or not, 7 techniques to help you: 7 catfish breeding experience summarized by fish raising friends

I personally think that as a fish farmer, you must love fish and fish. If you do n’t have enough love for what you do, then you will lack the spirit of research.When things are made, the effects of goodness and badness are different.To Dali, how can agriculture give you a return if you don’t love agriculture.

I like to eat catfish, five or six catfish, fry it to crispy, and eat crispy.Especially the catfish raised in the rice fields are more fragrant.Another way to eat catfish is soup. Catfish tofu soup is white in color, rich in nutrition, and sweet.When her daughter -in -law is pregnant and she often drinks catfish soup, she can only eat the rest of the fish in the soup.

Catfish is also favored in the market. Consumers have seen its characteristics and delicious taste. Some people like not to stab.The few parts of catfish are mainly two ribs, but this part of the meat is too thin and too little, so the best way to eat is to eat crispy and eat directly, or stew into hot and sour mouth.

If you eat more people, there will be more people.The farmers are highly adaptable and easy to breed.If there are more people, there are more problems, because the environmental conditions of everyone are different, and the problems encountered in breeding are different.

In this article, I will combine my experience of breeding catfish with some fish farming veterans to share with you 7 catfish breeding skills for your reference and discussion.

What is a good variety of catfish.

Well -breaking is popular for excellent breeding varieties.Specifically, Liangye Catfish is a aquatic scientist who hybridize and choose catfish with different varieties and characteristics of catfish according to market demand and breeding needs. For example, our farmers need to grow fast and less sick.According to these two needs of farmers, the varieties of catfish we need are directed and hybridized.

Why choose good varieties.

The purpose of our fish farming is to increase yield and income.At present, the catfish market is basically stable, and the market price will not fluctuate greatly. Both sides are basically saturated and stable. Under such circumstances, only by reducing the cost of breeding and improving the efficiency of breeding can we get more benefits.How to reduce the cost of breeding and improve the efficiency of breeding? The use of good varieties is a good way.After specific breeding, good breed catfish has the characteristics of high feed conversion rate, strong disease resistance, and fast growth and development. These characteristics can help us reduce the cost of breeding and improve the efficiency of breeding.Assume that the breeding area is the same. At the same price, if our output is higher than others and the cost is lower than others, then we make money more than them.

What are the good breeds.

Such as heterogeneous silver, Peng Ze, high -yielding, Xiangyuna, Bai Yan, etc., have the characteristics of fast growth and strong disease resistance.

Catfish is a omnivorous fish. It can eat vegetable -based foods such as vegetable leaves, melon leaves, corn, wheat bran, aquatic grass, and also eat animal bait such as miscellaneous fish, snails, earthworms.The aquatic insects, floating plants, and floats in the water are also catfish food.The fish ponds for breeding of catfish should be kept in a "fat" state. There are many floats and floating animals in fertilizer water. Catfish can make full use of these foods to grow and develop, thereby reducing our feed costs.

Suppose we have to spend the same time to raise the catfish to 1 catties, so the feed feed fed with lean water ponds is more than the fat water.Fat water can help you save feed money.

Before putting the catfish seedlings, fertilize 5-7 days in advance to fertilize the water; after the seedlings are put, the water quality changes at any time. If the water is transparent and the water quality is thin, you must pursue it in time.Biococcal fertilizers can be used. These fertilizers are both fertilizer and water products.

Everyone who raises fish has discovered that fish should be tamed to feed.Some fish -raising friends whistle, or hit a few fingers, and patted their palms a few times, and the fish swim in to eat.The advantage of this is that one aspect enables each fish to eat bait, and on the other hand, we can observe the food and health of most fish in order to make adjustments to the breeding strategy.

Fish ponds are generally set up.Catfish is a bottom fish. To eat feed on the food table, you need to tame food.When buying catfish seedlings, ask the manufacturer if you have trained.However, most fish fry breeding venues may not have a food table. Although the fish fry has been tamed with food, it may not necessarily eat food to eat, so it still needs to be tamed. Moreover, the fry was changed from the original fish pond to another fish pond, and the environment changed the environment.The area of the fish pond is also larger, and it is necessary to adapt to the food environment by taming food.

The bait machine comes with the effect of food taming. Here we won’t say it.Within a week after the seedlings are put, the food table is the center of the center. Sprinkle the feast five meters away from the food table. When sprinkled the flavors, use a wooden stick to knock the bucket, pot and other utensils as a rhythm.EssenceThen, in the same way, sprinkle the food to the food table near 1 meter every 3 days until all the fry will swim to the food table to eat.

Catfish and carp have similar foods and living habits, but they are also different.The catfish seems to be more like a "small family jasper".One characteristic of catfish is that it eats less at a time.However, if the fish wants to grow, food is needed to give it energy. Moreover, they are always swimming, and they are consumed to consume energy and consume food. They need to replenish food.

According to the characteristics of catfish, we can use a small amount of feeding methods when feeding.The fish -raising can tell me that when he raised catfish, the fish fry had to feed 5 meals a day, and the fish had to feed 4 meals a day.

This article is recommended to apply all types of fish.

Generally, during the period of Qingming to the summer solstice, the temperature gradually increased, so everyone slowly started to put fish fry.Because there are differences in climate in various places, my suggestion is that the water temperature should be above 15 degrees Celsius when putting seedlings, and the seedlings are selected when the seedlings are continuously sunny and the water temperature is stable.The survival rate of seedlings in this way is high.

For the same type of fish, you need to put your feet at a time and avoid uniform specifications.I met a fish -raising friend. When he raised catfish, he put three seedlings in the fish pond in one and half a month before and after.Doing this is the time span of the front and rear seedlings, and the specifications of the fry are not neat; the other is to feed the feed that it will cause confusion due to the problem of fish specifications;Fish may bring germs.

It is recommended to buy enough when buying seedlings. If the number of seedlings in the fish seedlings is not enough, then buy the seedlings when the number of wishes is enough.

Pay attention to a problem here. We will be paired with catfish and grass carp. Do not put these fish at the same time as the catfish, because it will affect the food taming of catfish.Different varieties can be staggered when breeding. For example, dribbled fish and grass carp after opening from 1st to February.

This technique is told by fish farming. It is regularly replenished with calcium and vitamins for catfish. Catfish get sick and grow fast.

Everyone is familiar with vitamins, and vitamins used for water products can be mixed in feed to feed.

The problem of calcium supplementation is also very simple. Regular splashing of lime has the effect of calcium supplementation, because lime contains calcium, and splashing lime can also disinfect the water body to prevent diseases.Of course, you also need to buy calcium supplement products from fish pharmacies and mix it in the feed to feed, so the effect is better.

This suggestion is not suitable for the place where the fish ponds will freeze in winter.

In the south, the fish ponds in some places will not be frozen in winter, and the water temperature at noon can still be 5-8 ° C. At this time, the fish is not completely not eaten at all. When the water temperature is appropriate, they will also find food to eat.We also found that a friend’s fish was still very fat after a winter, while some friends were the opposite, and the fish was thin after winter.In addition to the problem of good and bad fatigue work in the fall, we recommend that fish raising friends combine their own local climate and give fish a small amount in winter, so that they can keep it.

If your local winter climatic conditions are good, you can operate this: It is almost a small amount of feeding during the sunny morning, and feeds high -quality concentrates.

In short, we pay more attention to targeted management according to the characteristics of catfish during breeding. We will find some ways ourselves, which will be better than others.

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