Case: Women and friends are drunk and find pregnancy afterwards.

Trust and loyalty in marriage: the necessary conditions for husband and wife to work together

Marriage is a sacred contract, which requires the husband and wife to work together to maintain.The establishment and development of feelings also require the sincere effort of both parties.However, in real life, some people continue to challenge the bottom line of marriage, because they cannot resist the temptation and make betrayal of marriage, but in the end, they are forgiven by each other.If you know the ending today, why should you be at the beginning?

The dilemma of a woman: who is pregnant but does not know who the child is

This is a story about Ms. Zhang and Mr. Yang.They used to be a couple, but chose to break up three years ago.Despite the divorce, they still live together.However, after a quarrel, Ms. Zhang moved home.Today, she finds that she is pregnant, but does not know who the child is.She hopes to recover this broken marriage, so she asked reporters for help.

The reporter sympathized with Ms. Zhang’s experience and accompanied her to find Mr. Yang.Although Ms. Zhang has moved out, she still has the keys of Mr. Yang’s house.However, Mr. Yang has gone to work.The reporter called Mr. Yang and told him the situation of Ms. Zhang.Mr. Yang was shocked after hearing it. He resolutely said that the child was not him. Ms. Zhang wanted to use other people’s children to restore feelings.

Why is Mr. Yang so sure that the child is not him?It turned out that he and Ms. Zhang had been separated for more than a year. Now that Ms. Zhang is pregnant, it is impossible to be his child.Ms. Zhang argued that the child was an IVF, but it was obviously lying.Mr. Yang said that he asked Ms. Zhang to live in her home because she had no home after divorce.Now, Ms. Zhang took a bite and made Mr. Yang very disappointed.

Under the questioning of the reporter, Ms. Zhang couldn’t tell himself.Mr. Yang speculated that Ms. Zhang may want a healthy child too much.

A losing control of control: chaos after drinking, the child’s father becomes a mystery

It turned out that when Ms. Zhang and Mr. Yang had no divorce, they had a son.However, because of a quarrel, the son fell from a height, which caused the lumbar spine to be damaged and life could not take care of himself.Ms. Zhang wanted a healthy child, but Mr. Yang rejected her request.This led to the contradiction between them and eventually going to divorce.

After the divorce, Ms. Zhang’s life lost control.She has a ambiguous relationship with many men so that she does not know who the child is.When the child was born, Mr. Yang contacted Ms. Zhang’s parents, hoping that they could take care of her.However, the two elderly people rejected on the grounds of physical discomfort.Even the medical expenses were helped by Mr. Yang.

After seeing the child’s eyebrows, Ms. Zhang said that she probably knew who the child’s biological father was.The object she doubts is a car driver Tan.They were just friends, but at a party, Ms. Zhang was drunk, and they had a relationship.However, when Ms. Zhang found Tan, his attitude became indifferent, indicating that Ms. Zhang’s private life was chaotic, and the child’s biological father could not be determined.

Nevertheless, Ms. Zhang still insists that the child is Tan.She said that if Tan did not marry herself, she would live with her children in the future.After mediation by a reporter, Tan agreed to pay the maintenance fee of 1,000 yuan per month.However, what problems can 1,000 yuan solve in real life?Ms. Zhang even considered sending her children to the welfare home, but she gave up the idea under the persuasion of the reporter.

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