Can’t you say three months before pregnancy?If you do n’t let it be for a reason, pregnant mothers need to pay more attention

Pregnancy and having children are a great event in life, but Xiao En heard that such a statement cannot be said in the first three months of pregnancy. I don’t know if you have heard of this.Is there any secret that there is nothing to sue in the first three months of pregnancy? Regarding this problem, Xiaobeter compiled the reasons why the first three months of pregnancy could not be said. Let’s take a look!

Reason 1: The first three months of pregnancy are a critical period for the fetus.

The reason for this is because the first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of fetal development, because 80%of the accident occurred three months before pregnancy.According to medical big data, more than 50%of fertilized eggs will not be born as cute babies after women’s conception is successful, but may go through biochemical pregnancy, abortion, fetal stop, fetal death and other circumstances.The cause of these situations is mostly related to chromosomes, so many couples will not mention it in the first three months, and hope that the fetus will share the joy of Huaibao after stability.

Reason two: The folk believes that the fetal emotional anger will affect the fetus.

There is such a statement in the people, especially the older generation. They think that pregnancy has a fetal god, that is, the gods attached to the soul of the fetus.Shenbaoyou’s fetus grew up safely and healthily in her mother’s belly.But if you are pregnant too early, you will make the fetal god angry, but it will hurt the child and keep the child from staying.

In addition, folk traditional customs include: pregnant women cannot move, can not climb high, can not use cutting knives, needle wires and hammers, cannot do heavy family matters, can not let people shoot back from behind, etc. These are to avoid violating fetal gods.Of course, this is just the views of the older generation, and it has not yet been scientifically confirmed.

Reason three: The stars are not disclosed.

As a public figure, their private life will always be dug by the paparazzi team. The entertainment often creates some things or rumors.The club will be at the door of the star and ask for a belly photo.In fact, the pressure of public opinion to face the stars is much greater than you think.If the fetus is not kept by accident, this incident is known by some black -hearted media, which may be rendered and will have a certain impact on the body and mind of the stars. Therefore, many stars are not disclosed.I will announce the good news with everyone.

Although the stars generally do not announce the news of their pregnancy, there are special cases. It will be announced in a generous one in less than 3 months. Like Matthew and the Li Zi couple, they will be announced very generously after pregnancy.Many celebrities disclose their news on Weibo. Some of them are generously acknowledged after being photographed by reporters, and some admit it at their wedding, just like Sun Yan.

If you do n’t want to make it public in the first three months of pregnancy, at least you need to inform your family and leaders. Why do you say that?

1. Be sure to tell your husband and family:

I do n’t need to say that I believe you must know why, or share joy, or this little life is accidentally coming, you need to discuss whether you have to stay with your husband and your family.When the month is big, go to make a decision, because the monthly may need to be induced, and the induction of labor hurts women very much, so we must communicate in time.

2. To explain with your leadership:

Many women in the workplace are very low -key after pregnancy, especially in the past three months. They are still unwilling to share with you. They are worried that the embryo is unstable and happy.However, the more at this time, the more you have to explain the situation with your leadership, make timely work adjustment, and spend the early stages of pregnancy, especially those women who do hard work, or women who are not very good.The situation occurred.

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