Can’t you raise a cat when you are pregnant?Answer the 10 hidden dangers from the beginning of pregnancy

People usually feel that babies are fragile and need to be carefully taken care of. Therefore, the hair such as a cat is regarded as the enemy of the baby. After having a baby, the seven aunts and eight aunts have come to persuade you to send the cat away.

But for the shoveling officer who loves cats, cats are unbroken family members. Is it really impossible for babies and cats to coexist?

Gow -shaped worms can cause abnormal and miscarriage+pregnant mothers infection of Toxoplasma worms may not show symptoms, allowing Toxoplasma to become a big BOSS with stealth skills and crit attributes.

01. Is the infection of Toxoplasma serious?

Pregnant mothers are infected seriously.

If the pregnant mother is infected with a hormone, it can indeed be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta blood flow, causing abortion, premature birth, and abnormal tires; and the infection of adult bow -shaped worms does not show any specific symptoms, which causes families who are not prepared.Be surprised …

Therefore, what parents need not only know the words "bow -shaped worms"; more importantly, to know the "disease" of Toxoplasma, know how to find and prevent it!

Please take out the energy of one -tenth of the webbol gossip and take a good history of a bow.Picture from

02. Will a cat infected with a bow -shaped worm?

First of all, no cats may also get bow.The main way for human infection of Toxoplasma is to consume infected foods.

Secondly, if you want to infected the Toxoplasma infected from a cat, you need rigorous conditions: cats must be infected with worms and have been ovulation during ovulation, and there is no shovel or less than 1 to 5 days.The whole journey is lower than 55 ° C.

All rigorous conditions explanation: rumor: pregnancy = must be abandoned cat?If you really eat cat shit, you may not be infected with a bow -shaped worm!

03. Is there a 100%safe pregnancy method?


Check in advance, it is not expensive.

Cat: Blood; the result of the day or the next day; the price is 200-300.

People: blood drawing; the result of the entire set of production inspections occurred for 3 to 5 days; the price of single bowworm was about 100.

In case of worms, take medicine.

For people and cats, they have very mature drugs to inhibit the growth of hormone worms and treat toxoplasma infections (human: ethimine piopyrine or sulfine pyrine; cats: clinithromycin or sulfa; the medicine is not expensive).

Although there are various statistics called "XX region, 50/60/80%… people infected with bow -shaped worms", for adults who do not have any diseases, most of them do not need to take medicine to intervene in treatment.

Wash your hands frequently, don’t eat "expire"

Since the condition of the toxoplasma worms is harsh, the targeted prevention is good.

Do not eat raw meat to drink raw meat and drink raw water (the most important infection pathway is cut off);

During pregnancy, cats are completely indoor, don’t contact new cats anymore;

Specific mothers try not to shovel shovel by themselves. They need to wear gloves by themselves, and wash their hands after shovel;

When the cat pulled it, he shoveled it out. Before it was infected, he lost it out.

Method: How to keep cats away from the bow?

01. Is it true that babies have no nose hair?


About 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s hair follicles began to produce hair, and the nose hair follicles are no exception. Although the nose hair of the newborn is softer than adults, there are also.

02. Will cat hair be sucked into the lungs?


Because the nasal, bronchial, and bronchial mucosal epithelial cells all have cilia that are swinging rapidly in the pharynx, the nasal cavity can filter out 95 % of particles with a diameter of more than 15 μm in the nasal air (dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances).

Picture from: Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Patholo

As shown in Table 2, the diameter of the cat’s hair is 30 μm, which can be cleared in the nose.

03. Will the baby pant because of cat hair?

It is possible, but it is only a part of the cat’s hair allergy.

Low incidence

Picture from: 2014 "Urban 0 to 24 April April Active Infant Symptoms Symptoms of Epidemiological Symptoms"

It can be seen that even if the baby is allergic, the incidence of asthma is only 0.3%, not to mention it is not necessarily caused by cat hair.

Why do some babies allergic?

There must be two conditions for allergies: allergies and contact with allergens.

FEL D 1 protein is the main allergen on the cat, but if it is not a baby with allergies, even if it is exposed to allergens, there will be no allergic reactions.

And children’s allergies are largely genetically related.

According to a foreign study, only 12 % of children who have allergic diseases have no history of family allergies, 30 % ~ 50 % have a history of single -parent allergies, and 60 % to 80 % have the history of allergies of parents.

Allergens are ubiquitous in our lives. At present, there are thousands of species, such as common milk, eggs, grains, pollen, seafood, etc. are allergen. Cat hair is only one of thousands of allergens.It is impossible to avoid all allergens in life. If you suspect that your baby is allergic, the specific allergens will go to the hospital for investigation.

Each individual’s allergenic factors are also different. If you are a baby who is allergic to cat hair, you must avoid contact with cat hair, just like people who are allergic to seafood to avoid eating seafood.

01. What should I do if bacterial breeding?

Picture from Weibo

1. The air itself contains a lot of bacteria.

Not all types of bacteria will cause disease; and bacterial pathogens need to reach a certain concentration.

In 2006, the air survey of the two cities in the United States found that there were at least 1,800+ bacteria in the air; 15 years, a survey of indoor air sampling in Hangzhou, separated 152 species of identified bacteria.

2. Most cats infectious diseases are only transmitted to cats. Some of them can also prevent them in a simple way.

Cat caught disease: It was caused by bacteria of Bartonella Henselae, spread through the saliva and cat flea of the infected cats.

Cats raised indoors can greatly reduce the risk of CSD.Because most CSD cases are caused by contact with kittens under the age of one, people with low immune function should avoid this contact.

Salmonella poisoning: Salmonella is more common in the feces of cats with raw meat or wild birds and animals.

Therefore, the breeder can reduce the risk of Salmonella infection by raising cats in the room and feeding cooked or cat food, while wearing gloves and cleaning hands after cleaning.

Can parasites penetrate?

Picture from Weibo


First of all, we have not found a paper cited in this article that "sleep with cats to increase risk of illness".

At the same time, Toxoplasma is not a liquid, there is no way to "penetrate".If you want to infection, you can only eat eggs.

Can cat hair cause fetal changes?

Picture from Weibo

also can not.

Cat hair will not "penetrate".The only way it can enter the "human body" is to eat it (the respiratory tract is not good, look at the second part), and the digestive tract is discharged from chrysanthemum.It can’t even enter the uterus.

Will cats raise infertility?

Picture from Weibo

We did not find a cat raising and infertile family, and after abandoning the cat, we really became pregnant.But families who do not raise cats and unfortunately infertile should not be rare.

This is the only case we found the "real hammer", which caused a tragedy due to a cat.Figure Self: Zhen Huan Chuan

In fact, animal doctors have an average of more than 20 cases per day. The number of contacts with animals far exceeds the number of our families breeding!

Even such a high -frequency animal contact volume does not affect their healthy, lively, cute and beautiful baby ~

Dr. Liu Jun, the dean of the Najiaku Metropolis Surgery Center, had 4 cats and 1 dog at home; his wife also took a cat to take a cat to take a happy "big belly photo" during pregnancy.The son Niu Niu is healthy and cheerful, and the face value is super cute ~

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What do you think of pregnancy and abandoning cats?


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