Can’t you eat oranges and mango?Tell you one article!

Both oranges and mango are favorite fruits. They not only taste delicious, but also have a lot of benefits to the human body.However, some people think that oranges and mango cannot be eaten together.So, isn’t oranges and mango be correct together?

First of all, we need to understand the nutrients of oranges and mango.Orange is rich in vitamin C. It is an essential antioxidant for the human body, which helps improve immunity and protect skin health.Mango is a fruit rich in vitamin A, which helps to promote eye health and maintain skin health.

Secondly, there are certain differences in the digestive time of oranges and mangoes.The digestion of oranges is relatively fast, usually digestion within 15-30 minutes.The digestion time of mango is slower, usually 1-2 hours to complete. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the difference in digestion time when eating oranges and mango, it may cause food to accumulate in the stomach and cause pressure on the stomach.It even induced stomach problems.Therefore, in order to ensure the health of the stomach, it is best not to eat these two fruits in the same meal.

In general, oranges and mango cannot be eaten at the same time.You can choose appropriate edible methods according to your needs and digestive ability. If you have a good digestive ability, you can also eat with confidence.However, in order to ensure the healthy diet, it is recommended that you avoid eating too much oranges and mango at the same time in a meal.

In addition, different fruits have different nutrients, so in order to obtain more comprehensive nutrition, you should eat more different fruits in your diet.For example, you can eat different fruits a few times a day to obtain a variety of nutrition.

Finally, when eating fruits, you also need to pay attention to some other factors, such as seasonal and maturity of fruits.These factors will affect the nutritional ingredients and tastes of fruits, so they should be considered when eating fruits.

In short, the correct eating habits and methods are very important for maintaining your health.Therefore, we should pay attention to the diet structure and choose a diverse and balanced diet to ensure our health.

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