Can’t the endometrium be pregnant?7 pregnant mothers share successful experiences and help you get pregnant!

Pregnancy is for granted for some people, and water is done; but for some other people, it is a matter of thinking and difficult.In the process of preparing for pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will experience a variety of obstacles, just like the Tang monk went to Xitian, and there are all kinds of "monsters and monsters" running out to make a monster, affecting the pregnant mother’s conception.Among them, the endometrium is thin, and it is a problem that many mothers will encounter. The endometrium is equivalent to the soil that grows in fertilized eggs. If the soil is too thin, the seeds will not be good to bed and it is not easy to develop.

Many pregnant mothers on the Internet shared that they were plagued by the endometrium. Once they couldn’t conceive their children, many mothers felt the same as the following pregnant mothers.The

@fu Huan 1988:

After I do laparoscopy, I have a thin endometrium, and I have failed in test tube transplants three times. The last blastocyst baby has been in conservation. I hope I am as happy as my kinship.The baby is a happy treasure mother

@A touch of smile 147:

I used to induce a child to have a child, then divorced, and then married for two years. Then I have no children. I ca n’t see it in our county for a year.Not good, the endometrium is thin, and then the case vacation is normal when I did not get married two years ago. After marrying the current husband, there is a sudden less holiday. Without any follicles, I also said that the possibility of the test tube was not high.What should I do if I’m so uncomfortable?

However, there are also some very optimistic and lucky pregnant mothers, saying that the endometrium is not a big deal.Starting from their own experience, they give the pregnant mother’s confidence and encouragement, and there are some scientific and folk "good pregnancy methods":

@: IVF

I am a thin endometrium, and I do n’t work after taking long endometrium. It is transplanted with IVF endometrium 6.5.

@象 The impressive name: let it go naturally

I was also thin endometrium at the time. The doctor said that I had to raise it for a year and adjusted my body to conceive. As a result, I went naturally, and I was pregnant for a month. My son was born, and the placenta naturally landed, so this is not absolute.

@27647388: let it go naturally

Don’t listen to the doctor’s nonsense, mine is only 5mm, so on.

@Mobile phone user 6660788006: Eat more black beans

Dear masters; eat more black beans: do not 20 capsules each time; start to eat one week on the third day after menstruation, at least many people around me eat the thin endometrium; and they are pregnant

@chen175293196: Eat more durian

You can eat more durian, I just eat durian supplement inner membrane.

@66557641: Eat more black beans+relaxation mood

Do n’t worry about pregnant mothers. After the menstrual menstruation is clean every week, you can eat black beans and cook water on the day. It is important to cook soup and cook water. I feel very important.Now that the baby is six months old [cute] [cute], I wish you a good pregnancy

@1 123011825: Drink soy milk+foot soaking feet

The endometrium passed by 7mm … the first biochemical.I didn’t want to go through for a long time.Drink soy milk, soak your feet, and then have it!The baby is just 14 months!

After watching the successful experience of these mothers, I believe that most pregnant mothers, like the growth king, are happy and pray for themselves.These mothers mentioned the "folk recipes" -eating black beans, drinking soy milk, soaking their feet, and maintaining a good mood, it does help relieve and improve the uterine environment, but everyone’s physical fitness is different. Before using the remedy, we stillTo understand the "thin endometrium" scientifically!

The thickness of the endometrium that is suitable for embryo is 8-14mm. If the endometrium of women is thin, it is difficult to survive when the embryo is bed, and women cannot get pregnant.

It is currently recognized that the thickness of the endometrium of follicles ≤7mm is considered to be thin endometrium.

1. Endocrine disorders

Many women’s uterine endometrium is thin because of severe endocrine disorders cause hormone imbalance in the body and cause the endometrium periodic changes.

2. Discorate damage to the endometrium

Flow scraping can make the endometrium thinner.Multiple drug flows or excessive abortion may cause thin uterine endometrium.Some patients did not have menstruation after finishing abortion surgery, which shows that the abortion surgery seriously hurts the endometrium.If the bottom layer is damaged, the consequences will be serious.

3. Uterine development deformity

The uterine developmental deformity is also a cause of thinning the endometrium, but it has been ignored for a long time. Some patients in clinical patients are not pear -shaped, or even slender strips.

Because the stimulation of estrogen can make the endometrium hyperplasia and thicker, it is prepared for pregnancy. In terms of thin conditioning methods of the endometrium, it should be determined according to the situation of female friends.

1. Age factors cause thin uterine endometrium

Due to the age of age, the menstrual flow is too small, which causes the endometrium to be too thin, and usually takes supplementary growth hormones to condition.

2. Hormone factors cause thin uterine endometrium

Due to the low hormone of female friends, the endometrium is too thin. Female friends should supplement estrogen on the 10th day of menstruation.

3. Lbality function causes thin uterine endometrium

If the luteal function is not enough, the endometrium is too thin, and supplement hormones according to the specific situation.

4. Endometrial injury leads to thin uterine endometrium

Due to endometrial adhesion and damage, the endometrium is too thin. Usually, only cold equipment under the laparoscopy under the uterine abdominal mirror should be taken in severe cases.

Women in endometrium are mainly beans, grains, and potatoes in their diet. They are thick and greasy, easy to stagnate, and eat less.Dry fruit is not taboo, you can eat at any time.Health and blood, walnuts are warm, jujube, longan nourish qi nourishing blood, which is more applicable.

You can eat more soybeans, black beans and soy products. Soybean contains natural estrogen and can supplement estrogen.In addition, you can also eat more meat such as mutton, black chicken, etc. It also has certain benefits.You can also eat more foods containing natural estrogen to supplement estrogen in diet.Suggestions for infertility or test tube transplantation are recommended daily, you can eat durian, grapefruit, deer paste, purple river car, snow clam, protein powder, bird’s nest, gelatin, black fungus, bee royal jelly, etc.

Here growing up a delicious food for everyone to improve the endometrium: rock sugar papaya stewed snow clams.

1. Raise the snow clam: Take 2g of snow clam oil, soak the warm water or cold water for more than 12 hours, until the hair is up.Remove the black fascia and wash it 2-3 times with cold water.After the snow clam oil is soaked, the color is white, swollen, soft and elastic.Note: In order to keep the nutritional ingredients of snow clams, do not soak the snow clam oil with boiling water. Be sure to use cold water or warm water.

2. Wash the skin of papaya (about one pound and a half), cut 2/5 of the top at the top, cut into a sawtooth, dig out the nuclear and cricket, and put the papaya into the stew pot.

3. Put snow clams, rock sugar, and water in papaya, cover, cover solid papaya with a toothpick, and simmer for an hour to stew.

Rock sugar papaya stewed snow clams are delicious and sweet, not only have beauty and beauty and nourishing effects, but also supplement estrogen, increase the thickness of the endometrium, and help women with thin uterine endometrium to give birth to babies, which is increasingly favored by female friends.However, because rock sugar papaya stewed snow clams contain pyrine hormones, it is advisable to take every 2-3 days, and it is not advisable to take too much.

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